Makes my cherry pop. oneshot of smutty smutty smutty yaoi

Dear Everyone-who-reads-this,

This fic comes from severe sexual frustration, as well as to try and inspire my own lovely Candyman to give me some rough, hard, deliciously painful (yet perversely overdue) 'sugar.'




The bar was permeated with the thick, dry scent of smoke rising off of the ashy tips from cigarettes of all brands. There were chairs and tables scattered everywhere, as this was a popular bar. There was a small stage, more often than not used for small burlesque comedy acts--that night being no different. Only this night was much more crowded, because everyone knew the boy that they were going to see.

The lights dimmed, and over the hoots and hollers, the lights went up on two girls and the boy, all with their backs facing the audience. The two slightly further upstage were blonde and had long hair pinned up, while the one in the middle had strawberry red hair, which was short and curly. They all wore identical outfits of small black corsets, short black shorts, and fingerless white gloves that covered up to their elbows, the edges lined with black lact. The two blondes wore white heels, while the redhead wore black heels.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the smooth, deep bass cooed over the microphone. The pianist took the cigarette out from between his dark lips to speak clearer, grinning from beneath his dark hat. "Miss Candy and her Sugarcubes!"

The three snapped into poses; the blonde on the left thrust her arm straight out to the left, the right blonde to the right, and Candy himself did a juice-box; one arm rested on his head with his hand hanging off, while the other pointed straight up with his hand down. The dark, quick sound of a tom drum summoned them to attention.

"Tarzan and Jane were swinging on a vine!" the drummer called. The musicians all clapped with him, and the trio bounced softly.

"Candyman, Candyman!"

"Sipping from a bottle of vodka double wine!"

A spotlight turned onto Candy, and he turned his head sideways, revealing rosy cheeks and painted red lips, and light red-brown eyes surrounded by thick black makeup.

"Sweet-" -the girls beside her posed as he whispered the words- "-Sugar-" -another pose- "-Candyman!"

They all turned suddenly, and the band started playing like there was no tomorrow. Horns were screetching, and the thick bass line cut through as much as the slapping of the drums. Candy smiled sexily as he danced; he was born for this. He winked at the men in the audience, who seemed desperate to catch his eye for more than a moment, but he knew better than to allow that. It took the fun out of the chase.

But there was once that his eyes lingered; a tall, dark man stood in the back, not smiling nor frowning; just watching. And he gave him his best pearl white smile, so glittery it challenged the shine of the pearls on his ears.

"I met him out for dinner on a Friday Night,

He really had me working up my appetite!"

He slowly took off one glove during the next verse, while the two behind her continued to sway back and forth, singing loudly. He ran his fingers over her bare arm sensually.

"He had tattoos up and down his arm,

There's nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm!"

They all hooked their fingers into their shorts, grinding their hips into the air slowly and suddenly. The men went crazy. Candy allowed his mind to wander, eyes flickering to the man. Anyone who had bothered to look might have seen him wink.

"He's a one stop shop, makes my panties drop,

He's a sweet talkin sugar coated candy man!

A sweet talkin sugar coated candy man!"

Candy hurried up the stairs of his apartment complex, throwing his clothes this way and that, eager to relieve the hot tension below. Behind him, the dark man followed, eyes filled with fire. Being so tiny and petite, Candy was easily overtaken by the larger man, who pressed him against the railing of the apartment, completely intent on having his way with the small boy right then and there. His hips thrust against the small, make-up-less boy, who chuckled, arching against him.

"Not here," he whispered sexily, licking his way up the man's neck. "Someone will hear."

"How mugh higher?" the man growled, and Candy laughed, sucking on the man's ear.

"Almost there, okay?" he breathed, and the man grabbed Candy roughly by the arm, dragging him downstairs. Candy only found it more stimulating.

"Where are we going?"

"My place. We won't get caught, and we can do whatever we want."

There was an edge in his voice that made Candy get even harder.

"Ooo yeah..."

Candy grinned as his eyes traveled back to the man, waiting in the back for him to finish the act, so that he could finish with the problem in his pants.

He leaned forward, catching a rose offered to him between his teeth as his hands found the man's neck. He acted surprised and delighted as others joined him, wishing attention from the boy that they thought was a girl. Candy giggled playfully and shook his finger at them all, standing back up. The blondes were touching themselves in ways that didn't seem very appropriate for public eyes, their movements completely in sync.

"He took me to the Spider Club at Hollywood and Vine,

We drank champagne and we danced all night,

We shook the paparazzi for a big surprise,

The gossip tonight will be tomorrow's headline..."

The pair hopped into the taxi, panting and out of breath. The man pulled Candy onto his lap, gripping his thighs. Candy leaned forward, sucking on his neck roughly.

"23 Oak street," he growled at the taxi-driver, who looked extremely turned on by Candy's whimpers as she ground her hips into his, suckling on his neck. "Fast."

"Y-Yes sir," the man ground out, eyes flickering in the mirror to watch. Candy laughed at the feeling of eyes on them both.

"He likes watching," he whimpered, and the man thrust his hips upwards, causing Candy to gasp and jerk upwards slightly in a way that, from a mirror's point of view, might have looked a lot like a deep penetration. The man's eyes widened and he looked away, and Candy giggled and arched backwards, moaning hotly. The driver almost drove into a pole, and Candy realized that the man was stiffening even more beneath him.

"Voyerism turn you on?"

"I just like that noise you make," he muttered, and ran his fingers under Candy's thin shirt. Candy meweled in delight a second time, nipples hardening like pebbles beneath the man's warm hands.

"He's a one stop shop, make my cherry pop

He's a sweet talkin sugar coated candy man.

Oooh yea!

A sweet talkin sugar coated candy man!"

The three broke out into scat, perfectly in unison with their movements. The microphone tasted like Candy's lipgloss, and his pants were so tight he was sure that everyone might see what he really was. Lucky for him, though, he was good at hiding his little problem. He continued to dance with the girls, stopping, and fanned himself excitedly. The girls followed, but more choreographed than his actions.

"Well by not I'm getting all bothered and hot,

When he kissed my mouth he really hit the spot!"

"More, ah!! Yea, right there, suck right there! Ah!"

The driver slammed on the breaks, and even Candy could see with a disgusted look that he had one hand down his pants and was pumping himself like he was in complete privacy. The man pulled his lips back from Candy's neck (which he had been sucking on) reached an arm past Candy and opened the door, pushing the poor boy out onto the gravel. He glared at the driver, and left without paying. The driver didn't seem to mind, and had barely finished squirting all over himself when he noticed he didn't have his money. Hurridly, though, he drove away, not wanting to get in trouble should the people decide to call his boss.

The man scooped Candy up, and Candy immediatly attatched himself to the man, legs wrapping around his waist as he blindly pushed his way towards the door. Candy had never been in such a large lawn before.

"Fuck it!"

He threw Candy off of him, pushing the small boy onto the grass. Candy groaned lightly and looked back up to him; he was pulling his slightly wet pants down, revealing his huge dick, which was coated in precum. Candy was about to protest--they were outside, people would see and hear, it was indecent--but all thoughts were lost when the man pulled him up by the hips, flipped him onto his knees, and tore off his shorts. In one swift movement, he was slamming into Candy, who barely had time to prepare.

The pain was the most beautiful he had ever felt--the man was a jackhammer, smashing against his ass as if there was no other purpose to life. He gripped the grass, shrieking each time the man's enormous dick hit a certain spot in him. His pace increased to one so fast, Candy could only let out short cries, and otherwise lost himself in the agonizingly sexy pain he felt. The man burst like a faucet on full blast inside of him, and the feeling of being so completely filled made Candy start to cream all over the lawn.

"He had lips like sugar cane,

Good things come to boys who wait!"

Again, the music stopped, save for some clapping and the toms. The trio swayed back and forth again, as the drummer shouted from his place behind the brass instruments.

"Tarzan and Jane were swingin' on a vine!"

"Candy man, Candy man," the three cooed.

"Sipping from a bottle of vodka double wine!"

"Candy man, candy man!"

Candy dropped down onto his belly, and the girls behind him sat down, back to back. He slithered forward, winking sexily at everyone he made eye contact with.

"Sweet, sugar, candy man!" he whispered hotly, and the first girl sang alone.

"He's a one stop, gotcha hot, making all the panties drop!"

They had barely made it through the door before the man was rock-hard again, and demanding attention. Candy giggled as he ran through the door, onto the stairs, and slipped one leg over the railing, sexily grinding his hips against the pole.

"Be kinky with me after, okay?" he cooed and sat down, and before he could say another word, the man's cock was thrust mercilessly down Candy's throat.

"Sweet sugar candy man!"

Candy, now on his back, arched upwards on the stage, and men reached forward, dollars in their hand. He giggled and licked the hand of one person, nibbling on his thumb as he took the money. The hands shook with their dollars more eagerly. The first blonde got onto her knees, and the second blonde joined her, spreading their legs towards their audience.

"He's a one stop, got me hot, making my uh pop!"

Candy tried to swallow every bit of spunk from the man, but his load was so big that some spilled out onto his face. The man huffed only a moment, and needed to only look at Candy's jizz-covered lips to get hard again.

"You'll be the death of me, fucking Candy," he groaned, and Candy giggled as he wiped his face. He pulled himself onto the railing, so his ass was hanging over the edge and his own dick was just to the side, so he wouldn't hurt himself.

"I always wanted to try his," he giggled, and stiffened when the man got behind him, lube-less and harder than ever. "Fucked on a slippery uphill slant...I bet it'll feel good-AHH!"

He arched upwards as he was slammed into yet again, and gravity pulled him down more, so both groaned at how deep he had gotten. He rocked back and forth, pushing Candy up and down the stairway, while Candy revelled in the helpless, intensely vulnerable feeling. It just made him all the more horny, and he encouraged the man with his moans.

"Sweet sugar candy man!"

He gasped as someone touched him on his upper thigh, and sat up, much to the protests of those around him. He shook his finger right in the man's face as he whispered the words, and joined in the singing.

"He's a one stop, get it while it's hot, baby don't stop!"

"Sweet-" -his eyes locked with the man's, who watched with a dead look in his eyes, - "-sugar-" he wrapped his arms around himself and the girls stood. His wink made them all swoon, and his pink tongue poked out from his candy-red lips. "Candy man..."

"He got those lips like sugar cane,

Good things come for boys who wait!

The man came even harder this time, and this time pressed himself against Candy's back, sighing as he deflated enough to pull out from his rear. Candy was still gasping in agonizing pleasure, his own mess sprawled out all over the bottom stairs.

"Sorry," he muttered with a grin, and the man glared at him with firey, horny eyes. His words stirred warmth into Candy's belly.

"You will be."

"He's a one stop shop with a real big egh!

He's a sweet talkin sugar coated candy man!

A sweet talkin sugar coated candy man!

A sweet talkin sugar coated candy man!

A sweet talkin sugar coated candy man!

Candy man, Candy man,

Candy man, Candy man..."

Candy's long, belted note startled the man; he could see that. He threw his head back, revealing his neck, and he knew that any groan, any moan, any mewl from his lips would cause the man to go wild for him, (though right then and there it was shocking him that a boy could sing like that). It had certainly worked its magic the night before, and the night before that, and the night before that...

The trio continued to chant in their harmony, "Candy man, Candy man..."

"Tarzan and Jane swingin on a vine!" the drummer called, and the three started back to their original spots on stage.

"Tarzan and Jane swingin on a vine!" the audience repeated.

"Sippin from a bottle of vodka double wine!"

"Sippin from a bottle of vodka double wine!"

The three started to turn again.

"Jane lost her grip and down she fell!"

"Jane lost her grip and down she fell!"

Candy didn't remember much of what happened next--it was all a jumble of vodka and hormones. All he knew was that when he woke up, he was alone, with a very sore ass, and in a stranger's bed. He found himself the energy to get up, and took the liberty of bathing himself (he smelled like sex horribly), and put on his clothes from the night before.

He got downstairs to the smell of bacon and eggs, and grinned sheepishly as his belly grumbled. The man heard it and turned, eyes raking over his form.

"I put clothes on the drawer, you know. Didn't think you'd want to run home in clothes like that."

"Oh, thanks," he muttered, and was about to turn and go back upstairs, but stopped himself. He grinned at the man.

"What's your name, anyway?"

He didn't answer at first, but finally turned with a most mischevious grin.

"It starts with a 'T,'" he said mysteriously, and Candy raised an eyebrow.

"Any way I can pursuade you to give me the other letters?"

"Not right now," he answered simply. "You'll get one every morning that you wake up in my house. I warn you, though, I have a very long name."

Candy's grin widened even more.

"Squared herself away as she let out a yell!"

"Squared herself away as she let out a yell!"

The trio were back in their original positions, and the men cheered loudly in appreciation for the show. The lights went out, and the three headed backstage without another word.

"Lollie, wasn't that great?!" the first girl cried, and the second squealed with her.

"You were so great, Bon-Bon!!"

"Not as good as Lollie, my little sex-fiend!"

"Rawr!" Bonnie giggled and captured the other girl in a hot kiss, smushing her against the walls and pressing their hips together. Candy rolled his eyes as they moaned together, grating their hips together like there was no one watching.

A hand shot out and grasped Candy by the arm, and Candy giggled.

"Why, if it isn't Tobias A-n-t-o-n-blank," Candy pouted, and those firey eyes glared at him.

"You've almost got my full name," he muttered, running his fingertips down Candy's single gloved arm. Candy shuddered beneath him. "What ever will we do then?"

Candy pouted, but suddenly grinned as a wicked idea popped into his head.

"You know, Candy is only my stage name..."