The Old Family Photo

In this Family

There's a Daddy

Daddy has Parkinson's

It makes his hands shake

He has to take a lot of pills

Daddy has cancer

It makes his back break

And when he goes off his steroids

He starts yelling

In this Family

There's a Mommy

Mommy has Lyme Disease

It makes her whole body ache

She lies on the couch a lot

Mommy has a neurological disorder

It makes her body quake

She has crying fits and breakdowns

She starts throwing stuff

In this Family

There's a Grandma

Grandma has too many years

It makes her voice crack

She says things that are inappropriate

Grandma has a fish

It swims on its back

Probably it won't live through the night

She's going to cry

In this Family

There's a Sister

Sister has a fiancé

It makes her act like a snob

She treats us like we don't count

Sister has law school

It makes her need a job

She never has time for us anymore

Even when we break down

In this Family

There's a Me

I have no Daddy

I have no Mommy

I have no Grandma

I have no Sister

I have no Love

I have no Home

I have no Family

AN: Inspired by Pink's "Family Portrait," those really cheesy kids' books, and my life at the moment. Hope you like. Love? Hate? Review!