Puppet Master

You're a blade

Cutting so deep

Into my skin

Make me bleed

Your smile lashes out

Breaks me down

And I can't breathe

Your words, your song

A leering trap

To get me in your reach

Pulling me ever so closely

Carefully, so you know

I trust you

This game continues

You control the strings

I am your puppet now

So come, lets put on a show

You'll make me dance

You'll make me swing

And I will listen

As you sing

These beautiful lies

I want to hear

The empty words, mean nothing to you

And everything to me

No longer free

Your perfect sin

A play toy, until you get bored

You steal my want,

Need to escape

Leading me on

This path of nothing

That will come

To the break down

This broken heart

This bleeding chest

What innocence do I have left

This fading soul

Under your control

And here I sit

For you my puppet master