Victoria pulled the small diary from her desk drawer, and opened it to the first page.

Dear Diary,

I guess I'll start this diary by telling you what my name is. It is Victoria Corinne Larson. There's an interesting story behind my first name. You see I have three older brothers, well four if you count my twin brother, Davide, but he's only three minutes older. My mother always wanted a baby girl…

She paused to grab a tissue. She sniffed and blinked at the tears that were flooding her eyes.

, but she kept having sons. That, of course, was fine with my dad, although he does love 'his girl' now that he has me! Finally she gave birth to twins, one of which was me! She and my father had always agreed that he would name any boys they had, and she would name any girls they had. So my mother got to name me. She chose Victoria, because it was close to the word 'victory', and she considered it a great victory to have a baby girl.

She dropped the diary and fell onto her bed. She cried into the pillow, so her brothers wouldn't hear her. If they did, they would surely come and try to comfort her, but all she wanted right now was to be alone. Finally, she wiped her face and picked up the small book again.

Then Corinne, my middle name, was for her cousin, who she had been very close with. And that's the story of my name! 

Now I guess I'll tell you my brothers, because even though they aggravate me at times, I love them sooooooo much! The oldest is Marc, he's three years older than me and he's the protector of the family, than there's Jack, who's the thinker, he's two years older than me, then Trent, who's one year older than me and the family pest, and finally Davide, who's three minutes older than me. He and I are extremely close. We love being together and share similar tastes.

Victoria shut the diary then. She didn't want to read anymore. She had sounded so happy then; that she almost couldn't bear to face the reality of now. A knock sounded on her door and she mumbled, "Come in."

Davide slipped inside and closed the door. "Hi."


There wasn't a need to say anything else. They understood each other perfectly and could sit forever without talking. And right now, neither of them knew what to say.

I've had this idea in my head for a while, but wasn't planning on writing it until I finished my other stories. Now, I've decided to write this prologue and see if anyone likes it, although I probably won't continue it until I finish at least one of my other stories (unless this gets a lot of review, which I don't think will happen, but who knows?). So, if you'd like to read more, soon, please review:)