Chapter 10-

Tory slowly ran her hands along the thin blanket. It was a perfect weave, unlike the tangled mess her life had become. When had things started to go so wrong?

She sighed and carefully stood. She still had difficulty getting around the house, even in her own bedroom.

"Tory?" a hesitant voice spoke from the doorway.

"Davide, come in."

She heard his footsteps before the squeak of her desk chair alerted her to his position.

"Marc explained why Portia's here."

Tory frowned and averted her face from her twin's gaze. "I'm not a baby. I don't need someone to watch over me constantly." She argued angrily.

"She won't watch over you constantly. She'll teach you how to regain your life," Davide continued cautiously.

Tory whirled and glared in the general direction of her brother. "I'm blind, Davide!!" she shrieked. "I can't regain my life! I should've died in that crash."

"But you didn't," he replied calmly. "God has a purpose for your life still, Tory, but you have to do what you can to bring it about."

She wilted under her brother's words.

"Tory, what happened to your faith?" he whispered as he moved to sit beside her on the bed.

"I don't know." She replied. "I guess I lost it along with my sight."

"Tory, don't shut God out." Davide said in a quiet voice. "After Mom died and your accident, I allowed bitterness to take over my life, but I was reading my Bible trying to figure things out, and I found a verse. 'Though sorrow may endure for the night, joy comes in the morning.' We just have to find that joy, Tory."

"I don't know how, Davide," she cried softly. "I'm so scared and lost.

"Let Portia teach you," Davide urged. "Let her help you. You won't feel so lost and afraid if you are better able to care for yourself."

She lifted her head and stared sightlessly at her brother's face. "Do you really think so?" she asked.

"Yes, Tory, I do. I was mad at Marc. He shouldn't have sprung the idea on you, but slowly I realized that it was the right thing to do, even if he went about it the wrong way. He loves you, Tory. We all do."

Fresh tears began to slip from Tory's pale face. These tears weren't of bitterness or fear they were tears of hope. "I love you too, Davide."


I'm terribly sorry for ending this so suddenly, and so shortly. I don't think I am able to continue writing this to the degree it should be written. Perhaps I will rewrite sometime in the future, but right now I just can't write this. Thanks so much to all my faithful reviewers. You'll never know how much I appreciated your words. Any reviews would be greatly appreciated.

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