"Where Did I Go?"

Where did I go?
down to the celler,
deep in the earth.
where the roots spread,
fingers reaching through the soil

the roots of the trees come to find me,
even if I run,
down into this filthy world,
of dingy glass jars and lordly spiders
Spiderweb kingdoms reign here,
and the peasants,
the flies
do not seek an audience with the nobles,
but flee it in terror.

I too flee,
but it is not the spiders I fear,
It is myself, and the dark energies,
hatred and lust and despair and pride
all follow me from sun to cellar.

I've found no solice here,
no comfort, no joy, no hope,
but rather I've buried myself,
in a tomb fit for kings,

Where the jars of old fruit
hold court with the spying trees,
Where I learn to be a corpse,
Where I learn to be a dead man,
deep in the earth, buried in a cellar.