Sunset, After Sunset, Descents, or Nightfall

No flowered fields beckon me on,

No stars above guide my wearied feet.

A gentle murmur of dark thought is all I carry

As I stumble down this abandoned road.

I'm waiting for a song.

All I need is a song,

A song to guide me home.

My hands, my bloodstained hands,

Speak of the death I've left in my wake,

Nails pierce the beauty of eternity,

Nightfall pierces the beauty of the sun.

This starless evening, this desolate field,

This empty road, they whisper,

Calling me down…

I'm waiting for a song,

A call of music to fill the air,

Drowning the warring noise in my head,

A song to lure me home.

A descent is the easier thing by far,

Down, down, down,

to honeycombed tombs and cobwebbed sorrow.

The heart of a murderer, I've carefully sought,

But what I want, what I await is a song,

A song to call me home.