Move these limbs of broken doll

This danse macabre most foul and whole

Wrapped within these spindly limbs

Twirl and spin to untimely end

The music plays of screech and wails

Yet, stop do not for fear to fail

These steps that take you round the room

Make you dizzy, like to swoon

Falter steps turn trips to stumble

Staring wide-eyed people mumble

Pointing laughing ostracized

No one hears these pain-filled cries

Run now, blind with fears

Drowning under salt-drenched tears

Fall now and stand in dark

Memories etched, white and stark

Bring forth the pain to soul and heart

Weary, worn, fall apart

Sit you now as vision shatters

Sobbing loud as beliefs do shatter

And now this danse has come to end

Your heart your soul, no chance to mend

This rhyming danse of twisted tongue

Halt has come, your end be done