A Look at My Heart

I feel so lost when you're not here

I'd give anything to have you near

When you're gone, something's missing, a part of me

I want to live life with you, care- and worry-free

Though, most times, dreams don't come true

I go to sleep, always dreaming of you

I dream of the future, it's never alarming

I believe I've found my own Prince Charming

I want to spend my lifetime with you

And I know, in my heart, you want this, too

So, please, stop worrying, don't be concerned

To trust each other; it's a thing we have learned

I wrote this for you, to show how I feel

There's nothing at all that I want to conceal

This is for you, only you, my handsome sweetheart

This is my honest rhyme. A look at my heart.

-Written July 3rd, 2007