Since the first Vampire's origin is well-known, much information about Vampires, in general, has been recorded in various books and scrolls for the later generations. Many of these scholarly resources have been destroyed over time, due to age and fires, etc. However, a studious young Vampire managed to collect approximately one hundred manuscripts, some of which date back to the height of the Roman Empire.

Vampires do not have wings and cannot fly, despite the many myths and legends that say otherwise. However, if a Vampire stands at the top of any type of structure and jumps off, they will be able to glide gracefully down and will land unharmed. Many Humans still don't understand how exactly they have the ability to accomplish this, and some scientists have claimed that the bone structure of Vampires is somehow different than that of Humans and that when they land, they somehow don't weigh as much and therefore cannot be injured. But not many people have trusted to that belief. If Vampires jump or run in any direction they will go farther and faster than a normal Human. Vampires also have incredible hearing. Their hearing is about four times better than that of a Human.

Vampires need blood to survive; they are physically unable to eat normal food, but they do not necessarily have to drink human blood--animal blood works just as well. Upon drinking any form of blood, a 'movie' of all of the person/animal's actions (its entire lifetime) is played inside the Vampire's mind. These are called 'Blood Memories,' and most Vampires use this to their advantage, merely tasting their victim's blood just to receive this information. When a Vampire drinks blood of any kind, their eyes change from their normal colour to either a much brighter or much darker shade, depending on their original colour; bright green eyes will change to emerald green, golden eyes will change to dark brown, dark blue will change to a shade of lighter blue, etc. This warns other Vampires, and Humans, as well, that a Vampire is more attentive and is more likely to overreact, or react emotionally, at that current point in time.

Vampires cannot be in sunlight. If they are exposed to sunlight at any point, their skin begins to burn and they have a slow and painful death unless something is immediately done. Garlic, crucifixes, and holy water only harm very young Vampires who have not yet built up an immunity to such things. If a Vampire is stabbed with a wooden stake they will die within a matter of minutes unless the stake is removed and the Vampire is old enough to heal itself in time. The older a Vampire gets, the stronger, wiser and harder to kill they become.

Vampires live to be at least several hundred years old, most reaching the age of five hundred, but one was known to reach nearly seven hundred. Once they reach twenty years old or so, only the Vampire's knowledge grows; the Vampire's body will continue looking young until the Vampire's death. A Vampire death is an important, yet sad, occasion. The Vampire, especially if it's male, must name an heir before he/she withers away. If he/she fails to name an heir, at least some form of fighting to determine who would be the new head of the household will take place. When a Vampire reaches that point in their life when it's time for them to go, they can feel it. All at once the physical age, that has been held back for so many years, finally catches up to them and they grow old and die within a matter of days.

To be a Vampire, you are either born into a Vampiric family (both your parents are Vampires) or a Vampire turns you. Obviously, if a Vampire sucks out all of your blood (or at least nearly all of it) you will die, but if a Vampire bites you and decides to turn you, you will become a Vampire within several hours.

Whether you are a good vampire or a bad Vampire depends on two things: which kind of Vampire turns you, and your own natural tendencies. If a bad Vampire turns a human who is normally more docile and kind, that human will keep their original traits, but will have enormous mood swings and will have more violent/evil tendencies and thoughts than they would have had before being turned. They can, however, learn to control their violent urges and subdue the evil thoughts. If a good Vampire turns a human who is normally more violent or angry, that human will also keep his/her original traits, but will have moments of serenity where they might have otherwise been throwing things at someone. If a good Vampire turns a human who is normally more docile and kind, that person turns into the best type of Vampire possible: a calmer, nice type, who rarely (if ever) will get angry or needlessly violent. If a bad Vampire turns a human who is normally more violent or angry, that person is one that you would never want to meet on a dark night.

But, just because some Vampires are more kind or compassionate, does not mean they cannot fight when they have to. Often times, it's the calmer Vampires who fight the fiercest.

Emanuel Drake was the very first Vampire. No one is sure where exactly he came from. Some say that he was always there, others say that he just appeared one day and still others say that he was the ghost of some murdered man come back to haunt everyone. No one is absolutely sure how Emanuel became a Vampire, either. Legends say that Emanuel's brother tried to make an agreement with the Devil and that God intervened. Emanuel's brother was put to death and the entire Drake family was cursed with having to live in the dark and drinking blood to survive.

Emanuel had only two children, a set of boy/girl twins, by an unnamed woman. These children were both born as Vampires but that was the only thing about them that was similar. The girl, Devi, was nearly perfect in her father's eyes. She always tried to be kind. She hardly ever complained and always smiled sweetly at everyone. The boy, Petre, was beyond the opposite. He hated his sister, his parents and all other people, unless they could further his own well-being. He was a constant source of malevolent pranks.

Devi and Petre never got along and, because of that, they led very different lives. Devi stayed at Emanuel's house for the rest of her lifetime, and even after Emanuel's death. The Drake Mansion became the house that Devi's descendants inherited. Petre left his father's house at the age of twelve and was never heard from again. His descendants and Devi's constantly fought for generations, until one Vampire was able to unite them for a time.

Martyn Valentius was partial to neither side of the family. He was the twelfth descendant of Devi, and yet, a large group Petre's descendants never hated him for it. Martyn was not perfect, by any means, but neither was he inherently evil, either. Devi's descendants listened to him because he was their own flesh and blood and Petre's descendants felt as though he was one of them because he had been bitten by one of them and often acted more like Petre because of that. After year's of hard work and patience, Martyn was finally able to form a slightly unsteady treaty between Devi and Petre's descendants and for a span of about one hundred years, there was peace between both sides.

That peace was shattered when Martyn was suddenly murdered by one of Petre's descendants, a hundred-year-old Vampire named Sebastian Hollingswirth. Both sides of the Vampiric family were immediately swept up into battle against each other once again. Petre's side fighting for absolute power and domination; Devi's side fighting to vanquish the evil and regain peace.

One can only hope that Devi's side will win.

-V. M.