Chapter Two

As soon as the youth had been allowed to leave, he headed for the nearest bar. The owner, who was a good friend of his, ignored the fact that the youth was underage.

"So, wha's yer trouble this evenin', Paul?"

Paul looked up from his drink, eyeing the owner as if seeing him for the first time. "What makes you think I'm having trouble with something?"

The owner shrugged and sat down on the barstool on Paul's right. Before he responded to Paul's question, he called to a young man who was serving a drink at a nearby table.

"Oi, Trevor! When yer done over there can ye take over things behind tha bar fer me?"

Trevor looked up from the customer and nodded once.

"Alrigh', Paul, tell me wha's botherin' ye."

Paul looked confused, his youthful face clearly showing his puzzlement. "How did you know that something was up, Zach? I haven't said a word to anyone."

"And that's exactly my point, Paul." Zach smiled, "Yer always talkin' an' makin' jokes of some kind or other, so when yere suddenly silen', tha' tells me tha' somethin' didnae quite go yer way today. Am Ah righ'?"

Paul nodded and stared at his glass again.

"Well, come on." Zach pressed, "Tell me wha' 'appened, Paul, ye know tha' ye can trus' me."

So Paul related to Zach everything that had gone on in Caleb's study, only leaving out Caleb and Darrien's names, as they had never been told to him.

"So, yer tellin' me tha' these people jus' wanted information abou' Evangeline?"

Paul nodded.

"Do ye 'ave any idea why, Paul, did they tell ye anythin' abou' why they were askin' ye abou' 'er?"

"The only reason I could think up would be that they want to harm her in some way, but I have no idea why. It doesn't make any sense to me."

Zach thought for a moment, all the information about Evangeline swirling around in his mind. "Everythin' Ah know abou' Evangeline is from wha' ye've tol' me, Paul, so obviously Ah donae know 'er as well as ye do an' Ah probably never will. Considering tha circumstances, Ah think tha' tha bes' thing a' tha momen' would be ta warn Evangeline tha' some danger migh' be comin' 'er way. She'll probably appreciate tha warning an' ye will have been able ta play a par' in keepin' 'er safe."

Paul stared at Zach for a moment, before the full impact of the words hit him like a thunderbolt.

"Of course!" He spluttered, leaping to his feet and completely forgetting about his drink. "Why didn't I think about that before? For all I know there could be some hired assassin sneaking up on Evangeline's home right now. I have to go warn her!"

Paul was about to rush headlong out the door, but Zach's hand on his arm made him stop.

"Be careful, Paul." The bar owner cautioned. "Like Ah said before, Ah know hardly anythin' abou' Evangeline, bu' Ah 'ave heard tha' she is quite tha resilient woman. Take some time ta cover yer back trail; it willnae be too much ta do. Ye wouldnae wan' ta be tha one ta lead a killer ta Evangeline's very doorstep, would ye, now?"

"You're right, yet again, Zach. Thank you for your help."

"Ah'm 'ere whenever ye need me, Paul."

Paul managed a slight smile before vanishing into the night.

As soon as Paul left the bar, Zach pulled a cellphone out of his pocket. He dialed in a number and waited somewhat impatiently for someone on the other end to answer. The phone rang for the third time and finally Zach heard a deep male voice.


"Hey, Val, this is Zach."

"Hi Zach, what's going on?"

"Nothin' much really, except tha' Ah go' a lead on Evangeline."

"Really? That's funny, so do I."

"Do ye think we have tha same one, Val?"

"Could be possible. You want to come over with your brothers and talk?"

"Ah'd love to. 'ow does twenty minutes sound?"

"Sounds fine, Zach, you know where to find me."

"Aye, twenty minutes it is. See ye then, cousin."

"Alright. Bye."

"Bye, Val."

Zachariah Night hung up his phone and put it back in his pocket. He smiled at himself and got all his brothers' attention, motioning them behind the bar. Once all six Night brothers were together, Zach informed them of his plans.

"Vladimir, Trevor an' Francis are going ta 'ave ta stay 'ere this time. Mos' of our customers come in later, as ye all know, an' Ah know it'll take three of ye ta run this place with tha big crowds we ge'. Aleister, Desmond, ye two are goin' ta come along with me. We're goin' over ta tha Mortensen's place ta compare stories. Ah tol' Val we'd be there in twenty minutes an' tha' was abou' five minutes ago, so we need ta leave now if we're ta ge' there on time. Any questions?"

Trevor nodded. "Why am I always left behind?"

Zach smiled, "Maybe it's because ye run this place bes' of all of us an' Ah know it'll be in good hands while Ah'm gone fer a couple hours. An' besides, we'll tell ye everythin' when we ge' back, Ah promise."

"He's right, Trev." Vladimir spoke up. "You do run this place really well and you always get to hear the details of everything that happens."

Trevor looked unimpressed.

"Ah'll tell ye wha', Trev." Zach put his arm around his younger brother's shoulders. "If'n it's any consolation, ye can come along fer tha nex' five times a' leas'. 'ow does tha' sound?"

"That sounds great, Zach. Now you go on and meet with Val. Just be sure to say hello to our cousins for me."

"Will do, Trev." Zach said heartily, "Will do."