Hypocrisy scares people, but no matter how hard you try to not be one, you are. To hate hypocrites is to hate yourself. You hate yourself, and you are weak.

Each time someone says they don't like hypocrites, I cannot help but get angry. Is not by existing, is that not a part of your own hypocrisy? When you see someone who does not practice what they preach, and you see someone else who suffers from the exact same hypocrisy as yourself. That person could be thinking the same thing about you: "That person is not generous…" you think, only to go home to your air-conditioned, three-story house, with your Playstation, Plasma TV, as you sit down atop your warm bed listening to music on your Ipod. That is not selfishness, though; it is just luck. You just happened to be born into life, to explore, to work to earn some lasting effect for yourself in this life just so you won't be a mindless statistic when you die. Some don't even worry about reputation; all they want is to be happy. Don't we all? There is no one in this world that has done anything without thinking of themselves.

Hypocrisy is always with you. You can be someone whose girlfriend dumped you, car got totaled, house burned down, and job got lost. Your can be in the worst position imaginable, but you're here. You're not dead. You weren't in the house when it was burning, and surely a new job can redeem yourself. Think about it. If you died in the fire, you would not get another chance. Someone on the other hemisphere of the earth could die in a fire. You got a chance to keep going, and still you could say your life sucks.

By existing on this Earth, we are all subject to our own hypocrisy. Go to church on Sunday. Go to a funeral. Go to anywhere that you can mourn for someone's passing life. We are all people, and no amount of prayer will bring someone back to life. It's absolute. You are in a position to be on the passing's footing. You can kill yourself, but the good souls who watch from the afterlife will not return. All you can do is keep going. But with that you may speak of horrific things the person did: they hunted, they borrowed something and not return it, they drank, they had a bad relationship. But they are dead, and therefore you are automatically superior. By being on the Earth, you got a chance someone else did not, and you are not practicing the mourning spiritual sanctuary that you speak.

You are not unique, even if you say so. There's 100 other people saying that they're unique.

You are not the worst. You're alive.

With this essay, surely the world thinks I am harsh, stupid, and/or someone who has no clue what the world knows. I am therefore a hypocrite. Go ahead and say it. With it this essay is true.

This entire essay has been written by a hypocrite, because I'm not scared of the truth.