June 19, 2008: A note from the ErrorAuthor

Okay so the general consensus is that I do a rewrite of A Softer Sin. Now, for those who weren't here for the notes I originally had up this is going to be a little bit confusing. Here we go- everybody ready?

The original story A Softer Sin was started in Feb. 2006. Since it was first attempt at a novel-length piece, it- predictably- fell flat. I rewrote it in 2007, liked it, but didn't like the frustration of having tried to force two of my characters into roles they weren't meant for. So, basically what I'm saying is: I've rewritten it for a third time with different characters and a different setting. Thus, pretty much a different story- but! Its fresh, so I can work with it and mould it how I want. With the old piece, it was like trying to shape hardened clay already.

So, without further explanation: I give you all the new and improved 'A Softer Sin'.



A Softer Sin

There are many things a Criminal Psychologist with a big mouth should be doing with his time- being manhandled by a deranged inmate is not one of them. When his new problem takes a disturbing interest in him outside of his job, he isn't a happy camper MxM