It was 8:38 on a Monday night
when my stomach dropped out.
'Crazy boys, honest boys...'

Gone; a light gone dark,
a window drawn over.
'...and I had to see them hurt. Again.'

A story half-finished,
a child half-grown.
'And it's not even midday.'

A moonlit cathedral,
A strength, a perseverance,
A golden bird,
But this time she didn't leave her feathers.

'Fly free, Firebird.'

Tonight, one of the best things ever written was removed from the site. It's vaguely pathetic how much I care about it. All quotes © to JC Jaquez and are taken from heart. I hope you have a good life, too, and... if you can, please, for your fans... publish that work of art so we can all buy it.