They say envy is green,

But I see it in ruby red,

Against pale white skin;

Stinging to match the thoughts in my head.

Darkness all round,

Can't seem to open my eyes.

You, the only focused sight,

Whispering to me your sweet, seductive lies.

The blade swipes and swipes across again,

Leaves a bloody trail in its path

That your fingers lightly follow.

The only sound, echoing, your laugh.

You provide all the pain

All the pain I should ever know,

But your imperfections are oh so perfect;

You are far too good to let go.

This addiction's got too strong of a hold,

My pain is your pleasure is mine.

So just one more hit, one more taste of you,

I promise, no more, I swear I'm fine,

As long as I can see you

Reflected in the weeping cuts and tears.

My love, my happiness, my downfall,

Fill me with adoration and fear.

Envy, green like your eyes,

Red like my sick little secret.

Only we know, only I understand,

Promise me baby, say you can keep it.

The silver blade,

The ivory skin,

The crimson tears that fall

From your emerald sin.

Oh, envy.