you watch me light cigarette after cigarette, and my fingers
leave bloody prints on your cheeks (i pretend not to care).

you slur your words, the reality is that you will
commit suicide with alcohol and i will stand by and watch you.

---your mouth is heavy on mine, and you bite harder than usual,
the blue & red lightbulbs are bare and my eyes burn. the world
is non-existent in your room, and angles sharply toward my knees
when i step outside.

i shake you off like yesterdays hangover,
and his knee is between my thighs
when i remember i forgot to call you back.

(the music in my head drowns out your sad eyes
and quiet voice. i hand you another beer)

a/n: two in one night. wow. shitty, yeah, i apologize. i went to long without putting pen to paper. i swear, i'm not really this fucking callous.