I spared a quick glance at the monotonous red building before me, sighed, and then flicked my eyes back to my reflection. My right eyebrow looked different, obviously the incompetent girl at the hair salon didn't know how to employ a proper wax. I quickly reapplied my lip-gloss before slipping out from my brothers' car. Snapping my compact mirror shut I did a quick people scan. Another year. My last year. Students had flocked and settled in the front quad, no doubt discussing the trivial events of their pitiful summer.

"Toby," I questioned, looking over my shoulder to find my brother hunched in his back seat.

"Just a minute," he called back. Things were being pulled up and thrown aside. I'd never seen him so long in a backseat without a girl in it. Will wonders never cease?

"Toby," I repeated more firmly, "I'm not going to stand around here and wait forever."

"Ok, hold on!"

I tapped my foot impatiently. Urgh, I really should have worn heels with my skinnies, the polka dot flats on my feet seemed a bit lame. There was probably time to race to the local mall and pick up a new pair, I looked at my watch, maybe not, it was only fifteen minutes until school started.

"All right, I'm ready," came Toby's voice to my right.

I spared him a glance before double taking at his hands. "Your phone?" I questioned, raising my poor, massacred eyebrow.

"Of course," Toby nodded, his brown eyes meeting mine.

"Of course," I replied sweetly, sarcasm evident in my tone.

"How can I go throughout the day without it on me?" Toby began; we started our saunter for the front door. "Look, two missed calls already. People are going to think I'm dead!"

I raised my eyebrows and muttered 'shame'. My eyes were skimming over everyone. Still the same students, the same couples and the same dramas. This school needed a kick. Something interesting had to happen this year, it was, after all, to be me and Toby's last. A girl called out to my twin brother and he waved back half-heartedly.

"Oh God, I stupidly gave her my number at a party," he informed me, ducking his head. "I didn't realize til afterwards that she came here."

"Idiot," I sniggered. At least I wasn't stupid enough to do something like that.

"Shut up, Sienna," Toby whined. We cracked identical smiles and with a style that we'd perfected we flicked that stray piece of hair out from our face.

That's when I saw him.

His tall, lean figure was hugged by a tight black band t-shirt and it succeeded in making him look even leaner. His toned arms were carelessly swinging by his side, slightly scraping the tight black jeans that wrapped his legs.

"Oh, God," I breathed, slowing in my tracks.

His head was bent, his dark hair obscuring his face. If it were to raise and see me I'd have those dark eyes penetrating my own, that mouth twitching in a way he made sexy. Even with his hair styled like a mop I recognized him. I closed my eyes briefly and it all came rushing back to me. The little smiles across the table, the way his foot accidentally touched mine. More horrifically the way our mouths had met with such a fiery passion it had made me gasp for breath. It had never crossed my mind as we had our way with each other that he would have been searching for a new school. Then again, we didn't really have a conversation flowing between those minute pauses for air.

"What?" Toby asked me, he slowed too and upon seeing the stranger frowned. "Hey, wasn't he –"

"You know what, Toby," I interrupted, "let's stop by my locker quickly, I think I left my sunglasses in them from last time."

I quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him after. If Toby could recognize him in the attire he'd dressed himself in then it was a sure thing that he'd recognize us. I had hoped that I might have been mistaken; he did look a lot different in a suit than he did today.

I exhaled dramatically and slowed my pace. God, how awkward this was going to be. My mind drifted as we made our way to my locker. The hallways were packed and we were mauled a hundred times over before we finally reached the steel gray tins that represent lockers.

"Fans and well wishers," I sniggered, still clasping Toby's arm firmly.

"Sienna, seriously, let go," Toby laughed. I obliged and he rubbed his wrist mockingly. "What was that about?"

"I'm in a hurry," I lied, dialling my code and swinging forth my locker door. Of course it was empty but it didn't stop me from feigning a look of surprise. "Oh, dear. They must be at home." I pouted momentarily and shrugged. "Oh well."

Toby frowned but shrugged along with me. "Come on, everyone will be outside."

We manoeuvred ourselves through the crowd with ease until Toby was shoved roughly to one side.

"Fuck off, Ryder!" he snarled, raising a fist at the resident 'Emo' of our school.

Ryder flicked aside his fringe and glared daggers. "Fuck you, Lovell."

"Learn how to style your hair, Ryder," I commented dryly. "That little red streak is so old. Didn't your sister buy last month's Vogue?." I stopped and mouthed 'oh' as Ryder's face darkened considerably. "Oops," I simpered.

Around me people started giggling. Toby's jaw had dropped considerably before it broke out into loud, contagious laughter.

"You're going to go fucking down, bitch," Ryder threatened me, advancing slightly.

Toby skipped in front, pushing his chest and glaring down at him. At 6'4" he easily towered over Ryder's simple 6'1". "Watch where you're going, emo."

Everyone around us started laughing at the jest and Ryder's face darkened still.

"Yeah, don't go slitting your wrists on us all!" someone in the crowd jeered.

The shadow on Ryder's face vanished and he paled slightly. "Cunts," he sniggered before pushing past people to escape our torment.

Toby sneered an insult back before turning to me and nodding. "Well that was fun. Shall we go?"

I grinned widely. "We are so bad!"

My twin looked sideways innocently. "Who? Us? Why I never!"

I hit him playfully on the shoulder we made our way to the usual congregation. Our friends were there and they all called out greetings. We sat in the room that was made for us and started trading stories of what had happened from yesterday til today.

I observed Toby didn't forget to leave out Ryder and our little incident and soon enough everyone was laughing and sniggering at the black-obsessed teenager.

"Anyway," Josh, our cousin, began, "guys, I'm heading up to our cabin this weekend, want to come?"

"Sure," Toby and I chorused. "We can blow off Friday then," Toby suggested. "Have a long weekend up there."

"No way!" Isabelle chimed. "I'm going too and I don't want to miss out because I'll have cheerleading practice on Friday."

I mentally rolled my eyes. "Isabelle, it's one practice. You know you're on the team anyway."

She straightened up indignantly. "As cheerleading Captain it is my duty to be there for practice. And technically, it is tryouts too … I suppose." She swung her head towards Josh. "And it is your duty as my boyfriend to be there for me. I need your support baby," she whined, caressing his upper thigh.

"Ok, ok baby, I'll be there for you. We can go up on Saturday morning," Josh conceded.

"Whipped," I muttered to Toby.

He chuckled and Isabelle glared at us. "Something funny?"

"No," he said. "Not at all."

She frowned and looked up at Josh. "Baby, they're mocking me."

"Huh?" Josh asked, breaking out of a trance. "No, no they weren't. They're just Tobes and Sienna. Ignore them." He patted her reassuringly on her knee and that seemed to placate her.

"You know," I said, rising to my feet. "I really have some pre-school stuff to organize. I'll see you all in class."

I waved and turned on my heel. I wasn't going to let a little up-snot bitch like Isabelle ruin my weekend. Convincing Principle Matthews to tell Isabelle to move tryouts to Thursday would be no trouble. A little brown nosing and sweet-talking later would see us having a drunken stupor of a weekend. I rummaged through my bag to find my lip-gloss; I had to look the part of a princess to be a princess. Had I been busy watching where I was going I would have probably avoided the Principle's office. Shame my looks were so important to someone with my social status. I entered the room; too busy fixing my blonde hair in my compact mirror to see that her waiting room had another occupant.

I snapped the mirror shut then gasped in shock. There he was, in all his cockiness, leaning against the wall as if he owned the school. I noted with disdain that the dirty red converse on his feet were the same he'd worn the last time we'd … ah … met.

"Oh," he said roughly, his voice scratchy from the overload of cigarette's to his system. "It's you."

I glared in defiance. "And?" I made a deliberate show of looking him up and down before very clearly curling my lip in disgust. "Wow, you really do dress like a pig, don't you?"

He laughed and I cringed as it sent shivers down my spine. "You know, I thought you were dressed a tad inappropriately last time but, whoa, you sure do know how to shock 'em."

My hands rose to my hips and I sniggered. "You didn't complain at the wedding."

"Neither did you."

It was so immediate that I reeled back. His dark eyes hadn't once left my face but already I felt violated. He was able to take me in with one simple gaze, and frankly, it was getting me flustered.

"Why are you here?" I demanded, moving closer.

He shrugged and looked over at the empty reception desk. "I was told to come to the office to get a time table but," he nodded over in the direction he was looking, "obviously no one is here yet to give it to me."

"No, I mean, what are you doing here?"

"Here? Oh, at this school?" he reiterated, pushing himself off the wall with his shoulder. "Why not? It's not like you asked." He paused and looked at me thoughtfully. "In fact, you didn't really ask to do anything, did you? Quite dominating actually."

"Ok!" I said quickly, holding up my hands. "Stop right there!" I took in a breath and composed myself. "Look, um, …-"

"Leif," he filled in.

"Leif," I repeated, tasting the name on my tongue. "Ok, look Leif. Here, at this school, we don't talk to each other. We don't associate and we certainly do not sleep together." I nodded my head once to confirm my point. "We do not exist. It will be me, and my popular friends and you, trying to fit in with whatever losers here will accept you. Ok?" I finished sweetly. Honestly, trying to explain something like that to uncool people was like trying to explain Calculus to first graders.

Leif crossed his arms and cocked his head to one side. "What would make you think I'd even associate myself with you, anyway, Sienna?"

I laughed out loud. "Who wouldn't?" He raised an eyebrow and I frowned. "That's retriricol."

"You mean 'rhetorical', right?" he corrected smugly.

A faint blush arose in my cheeks. "No. Maybe. Maybe not. Wait! You remembered my name?"

Leif nodded. "Yes, I'm surprised you didn't mine, you were moaning it loudly enough."

I blushed even deeper but before I could reply the secretary finally popped back into the room. "Sorry guys, post-holiday bowel troubles," she informed.

"Ok, ew," I breathed. "You know what, not even a long weekend is worth this." Without waiting anyone's reply I slipped from the office, feeling strongly overcome by my encounter with Leif, the new kid, my previous one night stand.


Leif nodded along with the Principle's lecture. He'd heard it all before, so many times and it was always the same. He accepted his new timetable with a nod and listened again as Matthew's went over disciplinary actions taken against students who disobeyed the school law.

"Yes, ma'am," Leif replied in tone.

"Right, you can leave," she told him, waving her hand at the door and turning back to her computer. No doubt making a note of him as a potential troublemaker.

Leif waltzed into the corridor and headed for the cafeteria, where he was supposed to meet his guide. On his way he passed the girl's bathrooms, but not before a similarly dressed girl to he opened the door. The strong scent of pot hit his nose and he inhaled deeply.

"Hey," he said, grabbing her attention.

She had awful black hair with at least three inches of blonde roots showing through. Her face was slightly puggy but she smelt like pot, and to Leif, nothing was better than getting hooked up to a supplier.

"Yes?" she asked, batting her eyelids.

Leif ducked an eyebrow slightly, was she trying to hit on him? "Um, hey, you smell like pot? You've got some then?"

She narrowed her eyes. "Why? Who are you?"

"I'm Leif, I'm the new kid," he told her, extending his hand.

She shook it cautiously and introduced herself. "Sid."

"Cool, Sid. So, have you got any? I've got money," Leif assured her, reaching for his back pocket.

"You're new here, you said?"


"Then follow me. I'll introduce you to my friends. We always have pot, if that's what you're after." She ducked her head in a seductive manner and Leif stifled a laugh.

"Thanks. I'm supposed to meet my guide for the school though," he informed her, pointing somewhat in the direction of the cafeteria.

"Oh, you really want some air-hear bimbo showing you around while popping gum from her mouth?" Sid questioned.

"Oh, no?"

"Good, then follow me. Come on," she cajoled, "you're only missing," she scooted closer and looked at his timetable, "maths."

"Point taken," Leif laughed. He followed her out to the side of the main hall. No windows faced in this direction so the chances of being spotted seemed thin.

She brought him 'round the corner to a spot which he smelt before he reached. Stale tobacco and fresh weed ignited his senses and he let a grin creep on his face. There was about seven of them lounging around. Two other girls, the rest guys, none of whom seemed bothered that they were missing out on their first day back.

"Oi," Sid said, to which they all looked up. "This is Leif." That said she chose a spot beside a purple haired girl. "Sit down," she assured him.

"K," Leif said. "Hey." A shaggy brown haired punk made room for him and he fell into place. One by one they recited their names and Leif nodded at each.

"So," Ryder sniggered. "Tell us about yourself."

Leif opened his mouth and started off. He couldn't help wondering, however, if it had have been Sienna who would have been showing him around the school.

Gee, well, where to start? First off, I've been working on this for so long. When I first started off ATY I had so many different things I wanted to cover, well, different lives I wanted people to lead. Obviously there are some dramatic changes to this revised version of ATY.

While I was re-writing the original I found myself veering in such a different direction that I couldn't wait to actually release it. Yes, I realize that this idea has probably been done before and I have not meant to copy anyone's idea. But any writer should know that once an idea wants to get out, you have to get it out.

Anyway, obvious changes are that Sienna is in the cool crowd and Leif is now the new kid. Ryder, Toby, Josh and yes, even Scott will be in this story. But their roles with be played differently. It's going to be the preps as the goodies and the Goths/Emos/Scenies as the bad guys in this story. You'll see how Leif will fit in with it all.

Note to readers, if you haven't read ATY I suggest you go again and read it, it'll probably be better than this one … perhaps.

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