I shifted in my sleep and frowned as my arm grazed something. Something warm. My first thoughts ran something like, 'holy shit I've fucked Scott', but then I realized that I'd not returned back to his place after collapsing on the beach. I slowly opened my eyes and found I was facing away from whomever was in bed with me. I turned over warily and sighed in annoyance. I had slept with Leif again? It came as a shock when I remembered him finding me on the beach and helping me up into a house, I must have taken a shower because I smelt like soap and Leif had so generously given me a random shirt to wear. I frowned down at the writing. Behind Crimson Eyes? Who the fuck were they?

I looked back at Leif and growled. He'd taken advantage of me while I was obviously drunk? He didn't have a shirt on and although the sheet was pulled up to his mid-waist, I was placing bets that he was completely bare.

"Wake up, you prick," I swore, shoving the sleeping teen roughly.

He awoke with a start and started rubbing his eyes. "Sen? Thank God, I was so worried about you!" He pushed himself into a slouched sitting position.

I frowned angrily. "Worried? What'd you do? Fuck me while I was sleeping or something?"

Leif straightened. "What? We didn't have sex."

"Yeah? Then why is my entire body aching and why are we in bed together and why the fuck don't I know where I am!"

Leif sneered and politely told me to shut up. "This is Ryder's house," he added.

"Ryder Conrad?" I gaped, what the eff had I done last night?

"Yeah. I found you passed out on the beach. You were soaked, crying and I'm pretty sure you had a concussion."

My hand flew to my temple and I touched it gently. "What?" I asked him softly, though I'd heard every word.

"Yeah, I'm sorry for caring," he spat, throwing the sheet in my face and leaving the bed. He was wearing some black shorts, Dickies I think they called them.

"Oh," I said, holding the sheet in my hands. I stared down at it and tried recalling all of last night's events. "Why was I passed out on the beach?"

Leif had been heading for the door, but he stopped at my question. "You said Scott tried to scr- you guys had a fight."

"What were you going to say?" I demanded. I was hesitant to get out of the bed in case the shirt was too small. "Tell me."

"I don't know, I was going to say screaming match," he said quickly, not meeting my eyes.

I frowned and thought hard. I remembered Isabelle interrupting my drinking to tell me Scott was in a fight, I'd followed her … I frowned deeper and scried my memory, I hadn't drunk that much had I? Scott had won the fight and yeah, we'd fought … but then he –

"He tried to sleep with me, didn't he?" I asked sadly, my mind suddenly remembering everything. It was as if a sheet was lifted off my memory, at least, until I'd fell onto the sand. I had been crying and my arm was throbbing from when I'd landed on it, I must have given up and lay down to cry in the sand.

Leif looked uncomfortable, but he came to my side of the bed and sat down on the edge. "You said that, last night," he told me.

"Thanks for not telling me, moron!" I said to him, shoving him roughly. The force of it pushed him off the edge and he fell to the ground with a thump.

"What else could I have done?" he bristled, rising to his feet ungracefully. "I couldn't just come out and say, 'hey Sen, you're boyfriend tried raping you!'"

I reeled back slightly at his mockery. "Why did you bring me here?"

Leif placed his hands on his hips, his leanness accentuated by his 'v' muscle. "You wanted me to leave you in the sand? Of course I had to bring you up here. Your, um, dress is in the bathroom over there, drying."

I followed his eyes and nodded at the open door. "Well, what happened? Why did I wake up this morning with you in my bed?"

"Actually, it was my bed originally," Leif stated. "But you had a bath to clean the sand off then I put you to bed and you were sorta … well, er, crying to me about Scott and hating him and I was trying to talk to you to get your mind off it." He smiled warmly at me. "You really do like Grey's Anatomy, don't you? You wouldn't shut up about it last night."

I scoffed. "It's a good show. And you watch it too, mister!"

Leif nodded. "I won't deny it."

I gave him a small smile and sighed. "You still didn't answer my question."

"Oh, yeah? Well, by the time you fell asleep it was almost three in the morning and I was too lazy to find a couch to sleep on."

I stretched my upper back and nodded. "Ok, I believe you."

"Tough if you didn't," Leif retorted, crossing his arms.

I sniggered a curse at him and swung my legs over the side. The shirt seemed to be big enough and when I cautiously stood I was glad to see it fell to almost my mid-thigh.

"Who's the fat ass who wears this shirt?" I snorted, twisting to inspect if it full covered my backside.

"I do," Leif responded, he sounded angry.

"Gee, sorry," I said insincerely. I headed into the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror. Oh, God, I looked hideous. Luckily I'd had the common sense to wash my makeup off last night.

I found my dress hanging over the shower door so I retrieved it. I threw off the shirt, not caring if Leif saw or not, and tugged my dress back on. Ironically it was shorter than the shirt Leif had leant me. When I re-entered the bedroom Leif was waiting, he also had changed. A tight tartan shirt in reds, browns and pink paired off with some skinny leg jeans.

"You feeling ok?" he asked upon seeing my mangled expression.

"Yeah, but your fashion sense apparently isn't," I retorted, throwing his shirt onto the bed and looking at him accusingly. "So, I'm in Ryder's house. What am I supposed to do now? Escape out the window? He'll freak when he finds out I'm here."

"He knows you're here," came Leif's reply, as he swept over to pick up his t-shirt. "Remind me to burn this," he joked.

"Ryder knows I'm here? I'm surprised I still have hair," I said, running my hands through its length to check it was all there.

"Ryder helped me last night, Sen," Leif said softly. He put the t-shirt into a bag and zipped it up. "He was up here before, breakfast should be ready by now."

"Breakfast?" I asked. "I really must have a bad concussion, then. You did just tell me that I'm having breakfast here in Ryder's house, with you and probably all your friends, right?"

"You certainly aren't going back to Scott's place to have it," Leif said sharply.

"What? Why? Did he say something?" I asked, worried. How was I going to get home? Or my stuff back? Toby was going to freaking flip!

"No. But after what you said last night, I don't think you should go near him again," Leif suggested.

"Who do you think you are? My boyfriend?"

"No, he's too busy trying to force sex out of you," Leif spat at me. "Funny," he mused, "that I got to fuck you without a relationship and he can't."

"Fuck off, Leif," I growled.

"Why are you even dating him? You told me you hated him last night, in fact, I'm pretty sure you said loathed," Leif jeered, throwing a victorious smirk my way.

"That's none of your God damn business! I was drunk last night, I probably over-reacted." I smooth my expression with my hands and looked at him expectantly. "Can we eat now? I just want to get out of here."

"Fine. I'll probably have a spare seat, so you can come in my car," Leif sighed, leading the way down to the kitchen.

The place looked pretty clean, despite there being a party last night. There were people leaving as we breached the foyer, each of them watching me curiously. I must have looked like a circus pony, a blonde girl in a white dress amidst a crowd of dark haired, dark cloth wearing freaks. There were voices coming from our left and upon drawing closer I found myself in Ryder's kitchen. Ryder himself was facing the stove, bragging about a girl he'd screwed last night. Emily, the girl who hung in our crowd ages ago was seated at the kitchen island, rolling her eyes at Ryder's story. Jacob, oh, Indy he called himself, was hovering in the fridge, that ugly girl Sid was listening to Ryder and much to my disgust, the blonde girl Leif had been with at the mall was there as well.

She noticed us first, a smile appearing when she saw Leif then darkening when she spotted me behind him. "Leif," she said sourly, not taking her glare off of me.

Everyone stopped what they were doing to look at us. Sid threw me an evil look before quickly darting her eyes from Leif to the blonde girl. Ha, jealous whore. Indy waved at me cheerily and I slowly waved back.

"You're feeling better, then?" Emily asked me, forced kindness evident in her tone.

"Um, yeah, thanks," I said, watching the floor. Granite? Nice.

"Sienna, you know everyone here except Felicity I guess?" Leif asked me. He gestured to the blonde girl, "Felicity, Sienna, Sienna, Felicity."

Felicity gave me a half-assed smile before turning her attention to Leif. "I couldn't find you this morning."

"Yeah, sorry, I fell asleep," he said quickly, walking over to her and taking up a seat between her and Sid.

"You thirsty, Vanity Fair?" Indy asked randomly. When I said nothing he said my name.

"Sorry?" I asked.

"I asked if you were thirsty?" Indy repeated for me, waving a bottle of orange juice in his hand.

"Oh, um, thanks," I told him.

"You called her Vanity Fair?" Sid asked. "What's up with that?"

"It's my nickname for her," Indy told everyone, opening a cupboard to retrieve glasses. "Der."

"You're as bad as Leif," I said. "He calls me –"

"Bitch isn't a nickname, Sienna," Leif interrupted me.

I frowned and looked at him, I had meant him calling me 'Sen'. As I opened my mouth to say so, Leif shot me a look. I understood, slightly, and said nothing.

"I was joking," I amended, the rest of the group eyeing us curiously.

"I'm hungry!" Indy complained loudly, stamping his foot. He turned to Ryder and pouted. "Is breakfast ready yet?"

I hadn't realized how hungry I was until Ryder threw some bacon onto the heated pan. The smell drifted around me and I inhaled deeply. When Indy took up a seat I suddenly felt highly awkward. What on earth was I doing standing here? In Ryder's kitchen of all places! It was either that or be in Scott's presence, the thought made me twinge, so far Leif and his friends had done nothing but be kind to me. Sid was damaging my retinas by being ugly but that couldn't be helped.

"You can sit next to me," the purple haired Emily said.

"Thanks Emily," I told her, moving around to take up a seat.

"Emily?" Indy asked, surprised. "Oh, man, when was the last time you were called that?"

I frowned, confused. "That is your name, right?"

She nodded. "I've not gone by that name since before high school."

"Then what do you go by?" I half-scoffed.

"Vogue," she replied.

Indy suddenly started laughing. "I'm so clever! You're Vogue, and you're Vanity Fair!" he said to us both, pointing from across the island. "I'll have to name everyone else!" He turned to Felicity and nodded, "you can be Cosmopolitan! And Sid, you can be," he paused to scratch his chin.

"Cleo?" she supplied eagerly.

"No, I was thinking more so like, Hustler," Indy gasped, clapping his hands to mouth and laughing.

Sid glowered menacingly while the rest of us broke into a fit of giggles. I caught sight of Leif to my right and noticed him laughing in earnest, dimples forming near the corners of his mouth. I bit my lip and looked down at the bench top. Whatever this flutter that erupted in my chest was, I wanted it to stop.

"Fuck you, Indy," Sid said unkindly.

"He was only joking," Leif told her, sticking up for his friend. I noticed with disdain that he had slung his arm low around Felicity's waist.

They seemed to be close, their body language certainly suggested it. Both their feet were facing each other and I couldn't help but observe Leif lean forward whenever Felicity opened her mouth. Surely he was just using her to make me jealous. I couldn't blame him, after all, I guess a girl pining for you is better than one who knows she's got you, so she slackens her interest. Odd, I could have sworn that Leif's opinion didn't matter to me. Then why was I so incensed with watching ever move he and Felicity made.

"It was highly uncalled for," Sid spoke up, catching my attention.

"Whatever, who cares? It was funny," Leif replied.

"You're my hoes, I'll give out names to whom I choose!" Indy declared in a manner that would befit a king.

"Grow up," Sid snickered, obviously still hurt from his comment.

"You can call your business Tabloid, or something, seeing as we're all titled after mag's. You going to charge enough for tricks, Indy?" Felicity questioned, raising an eyebrow.

Leif laughed into her neck and kissed her jaw. My own tightened as I watched her angle her head to grant him better access. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, or should I say, what I was desperate to watch. Looking away quickly I caught sight of Ryder placing down a large plate of cooked bacon. When I raised my head and smiled he simply nodded back, before wiping his hands on his black jeans.

"All right, we're going to eat then piss off out of here," he informed us all. He snatched up some bacon and waved it around, glancing at our surroundings as he did so. "We have to clean up too."

"Then maybe not flicking bacon juice everywhere would be a start." Felicity suggested dryly.

I turned my attention back to her and felt a frown slip onto my face when Leif kissed her cheek playfully.

"Already standing up to my friends? I think I better watch myself," he said in a mocked tone.

Felicity scrunched her nose at him and placed a hand on his jaw. "Poor baby? Your manhood is threatened already?" I forced a smile on my face when her eyes met mine over his turned shoulder. She slapped a smirk onto her face before reaching up to kiss Leif firmly.

I wanted to barf in disgust but Ryder beat me to it. "My kitchen isn't a porno set," he told them, throwing a piece of bacon at the kissing couple.

Leif pulled away from her and tossed the offending piece back at his friend. Indy broke into a contagious fit of giggles and grabbed the bowl, quickly dunking in his hand and joining in. Vogue let out a small squeal and leapt up from her seat, fleeing the kitchen and taking Felicity with her. I followed their tracks, needing an empty to room to clear my head of the conflicting thoughts raging inside of it. I remembered the way up to the room I'd woken up in so I ducked up the stairs.

Once inside I fled to the bathroom, desperate to wipe the scowl of my face. Why should I even care that Leif and Felicity were an item? I was dating Scott, though that seemed over now, so I shouldn't have even been second thinking their romance. I shook my head and faced my reflection in the mirror. Even though I was tired I didn't look too bad. I felt slightly out of place in my current outfit in daylight, but that couldn't be helped.

Without warning I suddenly started crying. I sunk to the bathroom floor and pulled my knees up to my chest, my lip ringing with pain as I bit down on it, urging myself to stop crying. I didn't even know why I was crying? It most certainly wasn't over Leif being with that skinny moron, or even about what had happened last night. I just cried, the silent sobs racking my body into shakes. I buried my head in my hands and tried to inhale some carbon dioxide, praying it would slow my breathing enough for me to calm down.

"Oh, God," I whimpered to myself, raising my head to stare blurry eyed at the wall. What the fuck was happening with me?


He found her in the bathroom, sitting numb against the bathtub, her eyes bloodshot and staring into nothing.

"Everything ok with you?" Leif asked, pausing at the door.

Sienna looked up at him and nodded once. "I just needed to some space," she filled in after a stretch of silence.

"Oh. Well, we've cleaned and I'm about to hit the road," Leif told her. "You're welcome to come in my car."

"And watch you and Felicity fuck each other in the front seat? I don't think so," she said sarcastically, rising to her feet and checking her appearance.

"Huh?" Leif asked, annoyed. "Where'd that come from?"

"Where'd what come from, Leif?" she asked, her voice revealing a hidden strain upon her body.

"The Felicity comment. Does she bother you?"

"Why would she?" Sienna demanded, meeting his eyes in the mirror. "What sort of question was that?"

"I don't know, maybe the same as yours," Leif retorted, suddenly angry. What right did she have to make a comment about his relationship with Felicity? "Come on, Sen, what's wrong?"

She turned and placed her hands on her hips. "For starters? You calling me Sen. Why did you deny it downstairs before?"

Leif gave her a lopsided shrug. "My friends don't need to know everything that passes between us. They don't know we've slept together, and they're not going to. Me calling you Sen doesn't need to be known either."

"So it's a name you can call me so I don't feel like a whore," she said wryly, twisting her lips into a snarled smile.

"What? Not at all," Leif amended. "Sen, why are you jumping down my throat? After everything I've done for you, I'd think yo-"

"Oh shut up, Leif," she interrupted him angrily. "I don't want to listen to you reciting the woes of having to rescue me. You could have easily left me on that beach."

She brushed past him into the bedroom and started searching for her heels.

"What sort of human being would do that?" he asked her quietly, still facing the bathroom.

He heard her stop searching for her shoes and move closer. "I'm surprised you didn't."

Leif turned to see her standing mere inches away from him. He could smell the soap he'd given her to wash herself, he could see the faint traces of freckles dashed across her nose and could see the gold flecks in her eyes. Her collar bones seemed to jump from her chest unsubtly and the shape of her breasts under the tight dress made him become all too aware of the reaction below his belt.

"Sen –" he started but she silenced him with her own demand.

"Kiss me."

"What?" he asked her, pained at the suggestion.

"Kiss me," she repeated again, moving close enough for him to feel her body heat.

Her eyelids had dropped and the dark lashes fanned out seductively. Was there anything unattractive about the girl? Apart from her attitude on occasion, of course.

"Fine," Leif submitted, clasping his hand around her neck and pulling her lips to his.

He kissed her passionately and with a zest that bordered on possessive. The feeling of her lips moving against his own was almost too much, the press of her body against him almost improper. Their attraction was so alarming that Leif didn't even register the location they were in. He pushed Sienna onto the bed and climbed on top of her, his fingertips dancing up her thighs. She whimpered into his mouth and arched her back, her breasts pushing firmly on his chest. He cursed in the kiss and attacked her neck, ignoring the logic of leaving her skin free from marks.

"Stop," Sienna breathed hoarsely, gaining sense to push Leif off her. He moved away enough so that their legs were still intertwined; only their torsos lay side by side on the mattress. "Someone could easily walk in," she reminded him.

Leif wanted to growl when she pulled herself from his hold. "It was your idea," he said curtly. He slid off the bed and pointed to beside his duffel bag. "Your shoes are there."

"Thanks," she said, noticing.

Leif pushed himself up and off the bed, burying his hands in his front pockets as he did so. Sienna was so calm, so collected, if he had have woken up in a house full of preps he would have freaked. She seemed to be taking it all in her stride.

"I'm going downstairs, take your time, I'll wait for you," he said warmly, walking to the doorway and pausing. "I won't leave you here and I won't let you go home with him."

Him. Scott.

Sienna opened her mouth to say something but shook her head instead. "I'll have to face him sooner or later."

"Then I'll be there with you," Leif growled, taking a long stride in her direction. "You can't keep dating him, Sienna."

She met his gaze defiantly. "You think I don't know that? I was the one he tried abusing, after all."

Leif threw his hands into the air and vacated the room, taking the stairs two at a time. His friends were clustered in the foyer, all more than likely waiting for him.

"Took you long enough," Sid sneered, crossing her arms and eyeing him up and down.

"We couldn't find her shoes," Leif lied, crossing the ground to stand next to Felicity. When he went to place his arm around her she moved away, insisting that she wanted Vogue to take her home. "What?" Leif asked, confused. "But I brought you up here."

"I know," the blonde said coolly. "But Vogue lives closer to me than you do."

"Yeah, but, Felicity, it's logic I take you home," Leif told her. He couldn't understand why she would want Vogue to take her home?

"Felicity, I have to take Indy home too, so, maybe going with Leif would be a good idea," Vogue suggested slowly, nodding to herself. "Come on, you'll have more to talk about with Leif than you and I would."

The group focused its attention on Felicity as she made up her mind and begrudgingly said she'd go home with Leif. He felt relieved, though part of him had jumped before at the prospect of being with only Sienna on the drive home. Speaking of which she'd chosen that moment to descend the stairs, her shoes clasped firmly in her left hand. She'd managed to tease her blonde hair into loose waves and the way it framed her face made Leif's breath catch. Her looks were so intimidating that he asked himself why she would ever look twice at him.

Ryder said something in the background and Leif shook himself free of his gaze. He gently gripped Felicity's hand and the group left the house, Ryder locking the doors behind them.

Katie and Michael had rented a car for Katie, so her old car was given to Leif to grant him some freedom. As it was he was saving up his money to buy an Impala from one of his friends at the gas station. It was a good few years old, but looked great. He almost felt like the Supernatural boys when he took it for a spin last week. Leif was taking both Felicity and Sienna home, the trouble was who he'd take home first. Technically he should have dropped Sienna off first, then drove to the other side of town to drop off his date but logically, he lived right around the corner from Sienna.

The drive up had gone by so quickly, he and Felicity had had the chance to talk and really get to know each other. It had given him the opportunity to see what a fantastic person she really was. The drive home was taking longer than Leif thought humanly possible. Sienna was in the backseat and wasn't talking, Felicity was replying to his questions as monosyllabic as possible.

"Here we are," he finally breathed, pulling up in front of a house. "You got your shoes, Sienna?"

"You're dropping me home first?" she asked, realizing they had stopped in front of her place. "But you live just around the corner."

"I know," Leif said. He nodded at her door. "I better run to drop Felicity home, she's got work tomorrow."

"Fine. Bye," Sienna said ungraciously. She slammed the door and stalked up to her house, leaving Leif and Felicity sitting in an awkward silence.

When he arrived at her place he killed the engine and smiled at her. "I'm really sorry, about the weekend," he said to her, fiddling with his fingers.

She waved a hand dismissively. "Don't worry about it. I can have fun at a party without you." She pushed open her door and glanced back at him. "I suppose you want to come in, then."

"Sure," Leif answered, pocketing the keys.

He followed her up to the front door and took in the surroundings. She lived in a nice area, though from what she'd told him the agency was looking for a new place for her. No one seemed to be home as she led him upstairs and to a room so tiny it was like a closet.

"Here we are," she said, throwing her bag onto the bed and turning. She had a small desk with a beat up looking laptop sitting on top. Her bed was a single and had she have tried to fit anything else in the room, she would have been disappointed.

Her walls were a deep peach color but she'd posted so many posters and paintings up that you could barely tell.

"This is cute," Leif told her, leaning forward to inspect a collaboration of random drawings.

"Leif," she said firmly, causing him to turn. "Kiss me."

Ignoring the strange sense of déjà vu in his senses, Leif frowned. "What?"

"Kiss me," she repeated, reaching to grab his belt buckle.

She didn't give him time to respond as she leapt for his lips, her own gripping them tight. Leif shrugged mentally and kissed her back, his hands tightly grabbing her waist. She was being really enthusiastic, her lips tugging and her teeth nipping at his bottom lip. Her tongue slid into his mouth aggressively, both battling for dominance as she guided him back onto her bed. Leif tore his lips away from hers and trailed kisses down her neck to her exposed collarbones. She was wearing a tank top so he pushed aside a strap impatiently allowing himself to kiss the exposed flesh.

Her hands that were gripping his belt buckle suddenly came alive, her nimble fingers unlocking the catch and pulling at his belt insistently.

"Felicity," he whispered, rolling themselves onto his back. "Leave it o-"

"Shh," she whispered, sitting up straight and grinding her hips into his. Leif's eyes fluttered closed as the sensation. He felt the belt be tugged free of his jeans and opened his eyes to see her fingers deftly undoing his button.

"Stop," he growled, reaching up to grab her arms. "Leave it, Felicity," he said firmly.

She stopped her actions and gazed into his eyes. "Why?"


"Don't you think I'm pretty enough to have sex with?" she asked him, her eyes widening to a puppy dog look.

"Of course I do," Leif said, releasing her arms and propping himself up on his elbows. "But I also think you're too young."

"I've had sex before," she said, defensive. "So it's not going to be bad, or anything."

"I know it won't be," Leif told her. "But I can't have sex with you now."

Her expression darkened. "Is that because you're too busy fucking Sienna?" She roughly pushed herself off of him.


"I saw you two together!" she accused, turning and pointing her finger at him. "I saw you two making out on that bed and I know you slept with her last night!"

Leif shook his head. "We shared a bed last night Felicity, that's all."

"Then why were you kissing her this morning?"

"Because she kissed me first!" Leif argued. "I didn't want to kiss her!"

"Then why didn't you push her away!" the fifteen year old demanded.

"I was shocked!" He rose to his feet and drew Felicity into a hug. "I really like you, Felicity. I'm not going to be going around kissing other girls."

"I really like you too, Leif," she murmured into his chest. "I really, really, really like you."

"Me too," he replied, aware of the lie slipping from his tongue. "I really, really, really like you too."

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