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A 19 Hour Reverie

I did not sleep the night before,
Studying behind my door-
For Euro history, up all day,
Pwned the essay, 'tleast I'll say.

Slumbered I from 4PM-
Nineteen hours to 'leven AM.
Doth I swim in reddish hue,
Drifting id with not a clue.

Camera poised and I unseen,
Hiding in a trench of green.
Photographing beasts of lore-
While rescuing my paramour.

Whisperers with tonguing scorch
Refuging beneath the porch.
Stacked above the dusty sky,
A man of many hats walks by.

Rusty green and bowlers blue
Chrome fedoras, bonnets too.
I knew this man without a face,
Sheathing 'neath the hats' embrace.

Deja vu to roads unknown,
The mountain crater, dire tone.
Castaway to islets wood,
Circling where the fateful should.

To an entrance, bloodied swell,
An Aphrodite above a hotel.
Evading protests of minority's loathe,
Spiraling down, the three of us both.

Questing for gifts of perilous funds,
Black-bagging treasures never won.
Passing the signs at dangerous speeds,
Never a worry beyond my own pleads.

Awaken my eyes from taints of cold,
Dampening neck, to be so bold.
A dream, a dream this all had been,
…Jesus fuck, cat's drooling again.

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