The Plug

One evening, a little boy was on a walk on a path in the woods just outside of his home. He was about to head back home from his day of chasing bugs and making forts, when a shiny pebble on the ground winked at him from the corner of his eye. He stooped down to look at it. The boy couldn't place a color to it, as it seemed to change in the sunset, fading between blue and violet. His mother would love it, so he tried to pick it up. It wouldn't budge.

He dug a small moat around it with his tiny fingers and tried to pry it out again. He pulled, and tugged, and kicked, and even scraped, but the tiny rock barely seemed to shift. He dug deeper, trying to find its bottom. He discovered a thin, golden chain connected to this strange pebble.

With all of his strength, he yanked at the chain. With a sick, suction-like pop, the pebble came loose and the boy fell backwards. Before he had any time to admire his new prize, a hollow sound seemed to echo from where the stone came from. The miniscule scar that remained where it was pulled began to get wider; the indent began to sink, like a heavy weight placed on nylon. There was no bottom to this, only a growing black hole.

The ground began to sink beneath the boy's feet, as if being pulled toward the hole. He began to run back to his house, frightened. The trees began to lean and creak, as if they were wire to a magnet. The grass he was running on began to fly past like a treadmill on full-speed.

His eyes watered from the intense wind rushing past him, the pebble still clutched firmly in his hand. Before he could even get up to the back door, his own house rushed past; the entire neighborhood followed behind. Every single house was sucked down this drain, one by one.

No matter how fast the boy ran he seemed to remain stationary, as if the pull had no effect on him. He watched the roads and rivers consumed as easily as string to a vacuum. Oceans and deserts whirled down into this drain until there was no land or water left. Standing upon nothingness, the blue skies and clouds were ripped from above.

The scared little boy was suspended in space, only distinguishing the hole as being the darkest dot he saw. Soon, stars began to rush towards him; the drain was ripping the canvas of space and time, pulling it into its enigma.

Life and light were no more, as the boy floated into nothingness, the drain still below him. He had pulled the plug to existence.

It was only the boy and the pebble, and there was no more.