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Mornings, she decided, sucked. She barely made it out of bed she was so tired. Seriously, why did school have to give so much homework? Like she didn't have enough to do, living with her perverted nut- job of a grandfather who swore he was a samurai from the meji era?

She was a Murai, a good, semi rich girl. She lived alone in a nice home with a maid and her grandfather. Life should be easy right? Wrong! Her grandfather was a crazy old pervert whose idea of advice was telling her to get married and give him great grand babies! Nice advice right? And her maid, Kiko, as nice and as kind as she was she was lazy as hell.

Sighing, she got up. Already knowing that her grandfather would be wandering around the house blind looking for his glasses. Why? Because that was what her grandfather did every morning.

Slipping on her school uniform she quickly brushed her hair into a small pony tail and walked out.

As she did every morning she pause at the picture of her parents hanging on the stair way wall and smiled. Giving a slight bow and murmuring good morning she continued down the stair to the living room. And just as she knew, there was her grandfather feeling up the furniture for his glasses. He paused in his search when he heard her approach and glanced in her direction. His old chapped lips puckering as he squinted. "Sasami, is that you?"

She chuckled, strolling into the room easily, she bent over the coffee table and picked up her grandfathers round rimmed glasses. "I'm here, and here are your glasses, gramdpa." She handed her grandfather his glasses, sighing. "You know you really should be careful with those and stop misplacing them."

"I didn't misplace them." Her grandfather huffed. "I just couldn't find them for a moment. They just.."

"Got away? Ran away? The air took them? Kiko, was trying to seduce you? Granpa I've heard all your excuses before."

"Nonsense.." Her grandfather snorted. "I've got more." He slipped on his glasses and looked around. "Speaking of which, where is our hot little Kiko?"

Sasami rolled her eyes. "Far away from you, and hopefully getting farther you old pervert."

"Oh where did that respect for the elderly go?" Her grandfather sighed dramatically.

"It left the building the minute I met you grandpa." She chuckled. Just wait till Kiko comes back, she'll make you breakfast. But I've got to go to school." She swung her bag over her shoulder and gave her grandfather a quick peck on the cheek. "I'll see you later, try to behave."

"Be- Behave?!" Her grandfather sputtered, watching his granddaughter run our the front door. "Why of all the- I do to behave! I'm a samurai! I have discipline and years of experience and.." His mind wondered off as he glanced out the window at a beautiful woman in a red dress. Slight droll formed, spilling down his chin. Cackling he ran out the door and launched at the woman. "Don't worry honey!! I'm coming!!!"

Across the street, Kiko pulled up in a red minivan. Her sweat dropped as she watched her employer scare and anger the hell out of some pretty woman in red by chasing her down the street. Kiko's sweat dropped. It was hard to believe that her employer was actually a very wise man when he wasn't acting like a perverted nut case. She frowned realizing that she may have to chase down the old man and then go clean. She hated cleaning. "Kuso.." She murmured.

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