Blush Burned &

I dumb down the bright lights with our first clumsy kiss,
Playing up the kaleidoscope in your eyes.
Who would've thought it'd end up like this?

Swooning and dining to your colourful ease,
Bunched up and sticking to your sticky tape lines of prose.
Holding down your pretty little mewls of please.

Gently tuck me into your pocketbook cemetery,
Where the stars gurgle when they hit the right spot.
It's just like you to deliriously keep me.

With tiny hands I reach out for you,
Bumbling down a path you just couldn't see.
And here I'm hoping you enjoy the view.

We like to think we've lost our way,
But we look back and forget to smooth the wrinkles of our past.
Drinking back the demons of our rave.

I'm not going to let it all fall apart,
And have it cover us with its fickle rain.
Instead I'll blow it up with my heart.

You're always full of moments in your beautiful skin,
And I'll marry it with a confiscated kiss of your palm.
While our tan lines make up the ring.

We're back and coming out of this place,
Anxious and eager little love birds around our heads.
I never pick at the fake.

The same way that it's always been you and me, too,
Clenched onto the faith that all of this needs to last.
I woke up to the thought of writing about you.

I'm thumbing through and picking apart your pictures,
Tantalizing over the idea of being stuck to who you are.
And overanalyzing your string of words.

I walk into all the famous doors constantly,
Tripping over your assumptions and predictions of life.
Just don't worry too much about me.

I've been told I do some really idiotic things,
But you aren't one of them.
I drew you a heart.