hold on

i smear my mouth blood
along your chapped and faded lips.
clown mascara the deadly nightshade
that haunted your shaky breaths.
"hold on, baby," i light a cigarette and
push the trolley with my gold-painted foot
((midas ain't got nothin' on this gal)).
i place your mouth on mine
with neuro-surgical care and once we're
properly aligned ((you a sub and me
sprawled languidly across)) i breathe
my cancer into your lungs.
"hold on, baby," now we've lost
our balancing act and we're rolling down
the gutter grass and thorns are sticking
in my belly ((they scar the womb
which would never be plowed by you))
and i'm holding your hair and shrieking
shriekingSHRIEKING as your eyes melt
beneath the cooling air.
"hold on, baby," we spin vitriolic on
rusted playground metal, shooting for the
daffodils in the middle of the night.
the stars publish public kisses of fraternization
and wink something awful wickedwicked.
"hold on, baby," now we're splitting apart
our stitches stretching and fraying from
shoulder to shoulder and heart to fist. i know
this lollipop ride would come to an end
and inside i feel you slipping down ice cakes.
you pluck arm hairs and i smoke
the impossible and let my fingers
do all the talking. but now, now
we are giggling under pink dental flourescence
and the scalpels are flying ad we're shrieKING
&bleeding&giggling&we go around and around
in lopsided circles on stained linoleum floors
and then:

"hold on, baby,
just hold on".