The Star Saga: A Wished Fate

Vol. 2, Chapter 7

A Little Surprise

Ryo sat wide awake that night, wondering how Izumi was, looking out into the sky. He was sitting on the railing of his balcony, his fingers nervously tapping the concrete. The lights of the city combined with the black sky were beautiful, there was nothing like this in his world, and even though he saw it every night, it still took his breath away.

Ressu was in the livingroom sitting on the carpet nibbling on graham crackers and making happy munching sounds. He stood, brushed the crumbs off of him and floated over to Ryo. "What's wrong?" He landed on Ryo's head.

"Nothing." Ryo sighed.

"Yes there is!" Ressu hopped up and down. "Tell me! Tell me!"

"Well," Ryo hesitated and then continued, knowing he could tell his little friend anything. "I'm just worried about Izumi, that's all. Being a Seeker is dangerous."

Ressu floated around to face Ryo. "Don't worry. She'll be ok."

Ryo nodded and smiled a little. Ressu was right, if the girl was powerful enough to summon the Sword of the Stars, she had enough power to face anything. He hoped. His head dipped weakly. He was tired, he had barely slept lately, and that made his disguise weak. His demon's eyes flashed for a few seconds and shadows of wings showed against the wall. He shook his head and they vanished. He had to relax, Izumi would be fine.

Izumi woke to her cell phone ringing that morning. She groaned and crawled out of bed to get it from her purse. "Hello?" She was instantly woken up when she heard Ryo's voice. "Hi!" She said happily.

"Hey, Izumi." Ryo said on the other side. "You're good I hope."

Izumi nodded even though he couldn't see her. "Yeah, why do you ask? Are you?"

"I was just wondering, and I'm fine." Ryo promised. "I was wondering if you wanted to hang out today?"

Izumi looked out the window, it was a gorgeous Saturday morning. "Sure." She replied. "I heard the art museum has a new exhibit, want to do that?"

Ryo smiled, he wasn't as into art as she was, but he only wanted to watch over her. "Alright, cool."

Izumi jumped to her feet and walked over to her closet. "Ok, I'll be there in an hour."

Izumi met Ryo at his door a little while later. Together they walked to the museum, which wasn't too far from the residential area of the city. It was a modern looking building with ancient architectural details. They walked the quiet halls together, Ryo kept having to adjust his backpack, it seemed heavier than it had when he left. They decided to pack a picnic lunch to take to the park after browsing the art.

They were in the modern sculpture exhibit when Ryo's backpack started to twitch. Ryo irked and threw it off, looking inside. He gasped in horror.

Izumi looked over from a green blob of clay. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing!" Ryo said quickly, noticing the people staring at him/ He took Izumi by the hand and dashed away. They stopped at a open janitor's closet. He shoved her in and closed the door behind them.

A old woman looked over at them as they slipped in and shook her head in shock. "This generation!" She tutted.

"What's wrong?" Izumi whispered.

"Ressu's here!" Ryo whispered back, opening the bag. The little creature floated out, stuffing his face with a sandwich. "Ressu! What are you doing here?!"

"I wanted to come!" Ressu whined.

Izumi shook her head. "How can something so small fit so much?"

Ryo sighed. "I don't know."

Ressu continued to hum as he filled his face.

"Come on, get back in there." Ryo held open the bag.

"Yeah," Izumi added. "Don't do that again, we could get caught!"

Ryo adjusted his backpack. "I guess I owe you lunch now." He laughed as they opened the door.

Izumi laughed too. "It doesn't matter, come on there's more I wanted to see--"

There was a bunch of people in the hall, staring at them with mixed expressions of awe, disgust and shock.

Both of them went red. "Oh no, its not what you think!" Izumi protested.

Ryo just laughed meekly, took Izumi by the hand and dashed off. They turned three corners and ended up in a abandoned hallway of old medieval paintings and engravings.

Izumi shook her head in disbelief. "That wasn't good."

Ryo laughed. "Well at least we didn't know any of them."

Izumi nodded and her eyes wandered around the hall. She looked at the painting beside them and started to laugh. "Hey Ryo come and look at this." She said, pointing.

Ryo looked and then growled a little. "Hey that's not funny!" The painting was titled "A Demon Festival" and depicted thirteen ugly creatures dancing around a fire of bones and souls. "That is highly offensive!"

Izumi noticed his eyes flash. "I was just joking, Ryo." She tried to calm him down.

"Who does that artist think he is?" Ryo growled. "Not much of one either, if he paints like that." There was a shadow of wings against the wall beside him and a little mist around his body, like he was going to transform.

Izumi gasped, touching his shoulders. "Ryo! Calm down, you're changing."

Ryo gasped, he hadn't even realized that his anger had triggered his transformation. He fell to his knees trying to get control over his emotions again. "Ah, I'm so far in." He said, his claws digging into his palms.

"Come on, Ryo." Izumi tried to comfort him. "You really need anger management classes." She tried to joke to make him happier, but failed.

"Oh shut up." Ryo hissed. He irked and put his hands over his mouth, he didn't even sound human anymore.

Izumi hugged him tightly, trying to calm him down. "Just relax Ryo, you can't change here."

Ryo's backpacked wiggled with protesting the zipper that was shutting the creature in. Ressu could sense the demon power and was getting worried. But Ryo's shoulders finally relaxed and he wasn't so tense. The shadows disappeared an he slumped against the wall.

"Ryo?" Izumi whispered.

The demon opened his eyes, they were human once again. "Sorry, I'm just so tired, I'm having trouble keeping my disguise up as it is." He apologized. He looked paler and exhausted.

Izumi helped him up and took the backpack, telling Ressu to be still for a little while longer. "Come on Ryo, we have to get you home."

Izumi sat at her desk, trying to get homework done before school tomorrow. She had stayed with Ryo all day again today, but they just went to the park. Ryo was still very tired and even though she tried to convince him that she would be ok, he wouldn't sleep. He said it was his duty to protect her. The girl thought it was worrying too much, but she trusted his judgement.

Izumi was snapped awake from her thoughts by a huge crack of thunder and rain pounding against her window. She squeaked and looked out her window. The storm had come out of no where. She struggled to close and lock her window against the wind.

No sooner than she had sat back down, her cell phone started ringing. "Hello?"

Ryo's voice was on the other end. "Izumi, there's a guardian nearby."

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