Nightmare Express

It was quiet, the sounding of the train's whistle in the distance disturbing breaking it up momentarily. Too quiet, indeed, to be natural. The train in the distance was not ordinary. It was a nightmare, vaporizing whatever it touched and dispersing its particles through the air willy-nilly. We had seen it coming, circular paths tracing out an avenue of where it had been making its tracks.

There were only a handful of us left now, in the last refuge. Anything metal had been stripped and cast into the wake of destruction, owing to the insurmountable attraction it held with the train. We waited, silently enjoying the last bit of music anyone would hear again: a hymn in praise to a God who seemingly abandoned us.

I still had one friend left in the city, he stood with me. Minutes passed by like hours; which passed as if they were days. By now we could hear the screeching of the wheels upon the self-made road. It was coming quicker now, alive with the sense that we were its last prey. Our miniscule combine was doomed to oblivion with the first touch of the rail on our territory.

The ring around the building had become smaller, any more so and we would begin fading. My comrade knew this, and not wanting to wait for his demise, went out from me to destroy himself. I called to him to come back, that maybe we would be saved. It did not stop him. He posed himself near the moving creature, poised to touch and disintegrate. There he moaned ruefully at what our civilization had become.

This monster, this living machine, had wiped out our grand city and absorbed its life like a sponge. The malevolent red eyes on the engine gazed menacingly at my comrade. I begged him to come back, but he replied only by forcing his demise. In that instant, I too became doomed to die the same death. What had I to live for? My family, friends, allies… everything was gone.

The next circuit was complete, the rails beginning to destroy the last of our refuge. Its eye, unmoving and unblinking, seemed transfixed on my person. The rest of those who had taken shelter here congregated in the center in an attempt to postpone their deaths for maybe minutes longer. The music had not ceased, but now played a mournful melody in a slow tempo. It would end soon, along with the life of the musician sadly enough. Then there would be silence.

We could see it turning for the center, intent on wiping every last vestige of life from the planet. We were all that was left now, and would not survive. The human race was dead with us. Nothing could stop the extinction of our people, helpless in our fear of annihilation. And then as we watched our oncoming doom, we died; quietly without a fight.