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The tears threatened to come out, but she wasn't about to surrender. It was all due to him. It was the same him that she claimed to love up until a minute ago. How? How could this be happening? It was happening all too fast and Bethany couldn't control it any longer, she let the warm tear fall out of her chocolate brown eyes.

"You're an evil basterd." Bethany whispered to herself, yet loud enough to let her ex-boyfriend hear. He quickly whipped around, seeing Bethany's red face with tears streaming from her beautiful eyes.

"Bethany…?" Thomas questioned, already knowing the horrible answer.

He said he loved me, but I was so damn foolish. I was so damn stupid, he's Thomas. He never changes; he just gets better at lying. How could I have thought he would be the one for me? So damn foolish, he knew it too. He knew I would fall for him; he knew I would just stand there and love him. That's what he wanted this whole time, and I let him get what he wanted. The thoughts filled Bethany's mind and left her weak. What else was I suppose to expect? I really should have known I can't trust this…this…pig. He's too much of a jerk. I can't believe this. I fell for him, once again and got my heart broken, once again. How could I be so foolish? I know. Who am I kidding? I know. He made my friends love him, my brother already did. He's so handsome and polite; he said things that made me melt into his arms, like he wanted me too. It's just so hard to believe, it's so hard to believe that I believed his lies, his "I love you Bethany." Disgusting, that's what this is, disgusting.

"I can't believe I thought you changed. We're over, and don't come back to me this time." Bethany shortly replied as she turned around to walk down the empty hallway. School just ended for her, and it seemed as if her life had too.

"Bethany! Wait, please…it wasn't- you have to listen- wait!" Thomas yelled as he left the innocent junior at her locker and ran after his ex-girlfriend. He knew this was coming but couldn't stop himself. Damn it, damn it. I can't believe this. Thomas's thoughts ran across him and flew away as he chased Bethany, who was now running away from him.


"Damn, Kelly's fuckin' leash on you." Ken joked as he received a chuckle from his best friend, Justin.

"Shut up man. She's doesn't have a fuckin' leash on me-"

"She's got you calling her everyday and barely allowing you to talk to any girl, or any guy that she thinks is gay." Justin felt heat run across his cheeks.

"Hey, she let me talk to you." Justin replied with a smirk.

"What does that- HEY? I am not gay, get it-whoa!" A girl ran past Ken and shoved his shoulder. Her silky black hair whipped him on his cheek as she mumbled a soft 'sorry'.

"Who the hell was that?" Ken asked Justin, who was thinking the same thing.

"Who knows? It's probably jus-"Just then a tall guy pushed Justin out of the way. Justin recognized him immediately, it was Thomas Tang. He was one of Justin's friends, the one he says hi to every so often to remain in his throne.

"What the fuck was that?"

"Who knows? If it has anything to do with Tom it'll be all over school tomorrow."

"Yeah, but really- no respect these days." Ken amused his friend as they walked out to their cars. Justin and Ken waved to various directions as their names were called. They barely knew half the people, but were trying to be polite. Nobody likes jerks and with their social status, they couldn't handle being called a jerk.

"I'll see you later man. Have fun with Hell- I mean Kell-y."

"That comment was retarded, even for you. I'll see you later." They went their separate ways as Ken walked over to his glistening red car and Justin to his black one. The engine started itself as he pressed the simple button on his key.

He walked over to see a girl crouched by the wheel of his left wheel.

"Excuse me…" Justin said as he tried to take a good look at this familiar face.

"Huh? - Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sit here." Bethany replied as she stood up and tried to hide her red eyes.

"Are you okay?" Justin wondered.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I'm sorry."

"It's alright, really. Were you that girl that was running away from-?"

"Yeah, I guess I should go." Bethany interrupted as she attempted to walk away.

"You need a ride home?"

"No thanks." Bethany replied shortly.

"Come on, it's the least you can do for almost running over my friend and sitting on my car." Justin smirked.

"I was not sitting on your car; I was sitting beside it, and no thanks."

"Okay, now I'm insisting. Come on, it's no trouble."

"I barely know you, I don't think I should."

"I think you-"

"Come on!" Bethany yelped as she ran over to the passenger's side and sat in the nicely leathered car. Justin turned to his side to see Tom, looking for something…or someone.

Justin quickly opened the door and sat in as he turned the key in the ignition. He swung his backpack into the back seat as he comforted himself in his car. He slid on his seatbelt and began to reverse the car. Tom stood there, still searching until he saw Bethany's face in Justin's car driving away.

"Thanks." Bethany whispered soon after they got on the main road of busy China.

"No biggie, I don't see a lot of girls running away from Tom very often."

"I never really thought I'd be one of them, I knew, I just never really admitted it…" Bethany replied more to herself then to answer Justin.

"What? I don't get what you're saying."

"Never mind, can you drop me off at that bus stop over there?" Bethany pointed to a bus stop filled with people on the corner.

"No, just tell me where you live. I can drop you off."

"No, it's alright. The bus stop is fine." Bethany argued.

"I'm serious; just tell me where you live."

"I'm serious too; just drop me off at the bus stop." Justin turned onto a less busy street and drove beyond the people until he was in a small parking lot. Bethany couldn't help but ask, but Justin constantly ignored her questions with a smirk.

Why does he keep smirking? Does he think that's attractive? Damn him, it is. I wish he would stop; I can't stand this guy…ugh! He's worse then…Thomas. A single tear left Bethany's eyes and rolled off her smooth cheek and onto her plain green shirt. Justin saw the single tear and wanted to wipe it off, but he couldn't. He didn't even know her name.

"What's your name?" Justin asked nonchalantly.

"Bethany." Bethany was surprised, beyond surprised. This guy just asked me what my name was. He really doesn't get any smarter then this does he?

"Pretty name, I'm Justin."

"No shit…" Bethany whispered to herself, allowing Justin to slightly hear. "Right, nice to meet you…" Bethany replied with a fake grin.

"So you gonna tell me where you live yet?"

"Actually, I'm waiting for you to tell me where we are and why we're here."

"Well, we're in an empty parking lot and I'm waiting for you to tell me where you live."

"Hmm, could have fooled me. I thought you were just waiting to rape me." Bethany replied seriously.

"I'll just wait."

"Well, I can wait too."

"Then you do that."

"I will!" Ten minutes past. Justin just sat there, staring out the window and Bethany did the same. The sweet melody of Fur Elise came into the empty car and Bethany reached into her deep black skirt pocket. She took one look at the phone and answered it immediately.


"Bethany, where are you? Are you getting raped or something?" Her brother replied with a joking tone.

"Yeah, it hurts. Help me, please." Bethany replied sarcastically, receiving a confused look from Justin.

"Where are you, seriously?"

"Justin Zhang kidnapped me and I'm gonna die soon." Justin turned his entire body over to Bethany who didn't dare look anywhere but outside the window. There was no response coming from the other side of the phone. "If you're still talking to me and not calling 999 then you're the worst brother ever." Bethany replied.

"Justin Zhang? What the hell are you doing with him?" Mark asked.

"Um…I'll tell you when I get home." Bethany's eyes immediately dropped, forming a grimace.

"When is that exactly?"

"I don't know… he wouldn't let me out of the car."

"Then get him to drop your ass home."

"I don't want him to know where we live! He'll stalk me or something!" Justin's eyes laughed and he chuckled as he heard her answer. Bethany turned to Justin and glared deep into his hazel eyes.

"Bethany, get your ass back here or I'm sending out a swat team."

"Ha-Ha. I'll be home in a bit." Bethany hung up her cell phone and turned to Justin who still had the same laughing eyes.

"You ready to tell me where you live so I can stalk you?"

"Don't kid about that, I've had guys climb up my window before, very creepy."

"Don't worry about me. Now where are we going?"

"…your place…"


"Just go." Without another question Justin started the car and with confused expressions drove back to his place. The car was filled with Justin's voice, and only his. His badgering questions were unanswered by the mystery girl who sat next to him.

She's certainly cute. I don't think I've ever met another girl like her; she's got a cute thing about her. No, not cute. It's more like a beautiful then anything. I don't' even know if I can call her hot, she doesn't have that kind of…effect, I guess you could call. She's more of a cutesy goody-two shoes type of girl. That's a change from what I usually like…Oh shit. I have to call Kelly.

"So…are you stalking me now or what?" Justin asked as they approached the large apartment building.

"Or what, I live here too." Justin stopped in his tracks while Bethany walked over to the door and smiled at the doorman who instantly recognized her and opened the door. Justin caught up with her and slipped through the door after saying a quick hello to the doorman. Bethany escaped Justin as she entered an elevator. Justin waited impatiently as the same elevator came down, empty.

He walked into the empty elevator and pressed the dim button, number 21 and waited as the elevator slowly began its journey to his bitter home. He got off the elevator, thinking of Bethany.

"Mark! Mark, open this goddamn door! I forgot my keys!" Justin looked up at her voice and saw Bethany at the familiar door across from his.

"You're my neighbor?" Bethany turned around instantly to Justin's surprised features and her eyes went wide.

"Oh my fuckin' god…You really don't remember me." Bethany replied shockingly.

"Remember you? I just met you!" Justin replied sharply.

"I swear you grow stupider and stupider each time I talk to you. I hope it's not contagious or something." Bethany remarked.

"You really shouldn't swear, makes a cute girl a bitch."

"Shut the fuck up- MARK! OPEN THIS GOD DAMN DOOR!" Bethany yelled. The door opened wide to a guy's back. Bethany followed and shut the door on Justin.


"You idiot, you left me out there to rot with that bigger idiot." Bethany yelped as she stormed into her room.

"You wanna stop insulting me and tell me what the hell's wrong with you? Why were you getting a ride from Justin? What happened to Tom? And why-" Mark stopped instantly as he saw his younger sister's grimace at the mention of Tom.

"He…he…didn't have time to drive me home today." Bethany lied as she faked a smile.

"Hey, what's wrong? I know you're lying so don't even try."

"How can I? You practically read my mind." Mark laughed as he sat next to Bethany and placed one of his arms around her shoulders.

"You sure you want to know? It might ruin you and Tom's friendship." Mark thought for a second then nodded, not really sure of what to say. "It's not a big deal. I had to go get my backpack since I forgot. He said he needed to get something from his too so we split up. I finished first so I began walking over to his locker and I saw something…I wasn't suppose to see." Bethany ended.

"What did you see…?" Mark asked hesitantly.

"Just…these two people making out," Bethany replied, looking down at her soft pale hands.

"Who were these people Beth?" Mark asked with an anger tone in his voice.

"This junior and …T-T-Tom…" Bethany stuttered but managed to say his name with a mere sob. Mark's hold gripped her small shoulders tighter.

I can't believe this. That…son of a bitch, I'm gonna beat his face in. He thought just because I wasn't in that damn high school anymore he could just hurt my baby sister like that? No way, I don't think so. He's gonna get it, he's gonna regret it. Mark thought to himself as he looked into his baby sister's teary eyes.

"It's okay, I'll handle it." Mark whispered.

"Please don't, don't hurt him."

"I told him. I told him that if he tried this shit with you I would break his neck."


"Beth, lemme handle it okay? How about you shower and we'll watch a movie or something." Mark replied, hoping to cheer his sweet sister up.

"Sure." Bethany answered as she stood up. "Mark?" Mark looked up. "Ice cream would be awesome." Bethany smiled and Mark nodded in agreement.


Mark stood up and walked out of Bethany's room in silence, still infuriated. He walked over to his shoes and slipped on his sneakers before grabbing a sweatshirt and his keys. He trudged over to the door and locked it before leaving. To his surprise Justin was leaving too.

"Hey!" Mark yelled to Justin as he began to catch up with him, who was nearly in the elevator.

"Hey Mark. I thought you were away at college?"

"They're giving out breaks like crazy this year, lucky me." Mark replied coolly.

"Why are you here? You live here?"

"Yeah, family does anyways."

"Huh. Didn't know that, I didn't know a lot of people lived in this building…"

"You mean my sister?" Justin's eyebrows went up with curiosity. "Bethany…"

"She's your sister? I didn't even know you had a sister!" Justin yelled.

"Yeah, we never really mentioned it at school; she didn't want to be known as Mark's baby sister."

"Damn, with your popularity I figured she would."

"She said she would rather be herself then Mark's little sister. But, I'd kill for her."

"Who wouldn't for their baby sister? She was crying today, don't know why though. She's pretty stubborn."

"I know. I'm gonna kill him."

"Who're you killing? I can always help." Justin smiled and Mark chuckled, knowing Justin had no idea who it was that he wanted to kill. This little pussy wants to hurt Tom? Yeah right, Justin will probably just suck up to him, afraid he'll lose his social status.



"Tom." The elevator bell rung and Mark stepped out after saying a short good bye. Justin, who was bewildered at what was going on, followed him.

"What do you mean by Tom? What's he got to do with Bethany?"

"I'm guessing Tom didn't tell anyone." Justin shook his head no and Mark continued on as they stepped out into the cool air.

"He and Beth were going out. He kissed some other girl and she saw it."

"Shit, that's why he was chasing her like hell today…"

"Yeah, and that's why I'm gonna chase him like hell tomorrow, I'm squashing his little ass into the ground."

"Whoa, bit drastic huh?"

"Didn't you just offer to help me kill him?"

"He's one of my friends! I can't just go around killing people, especially not my friends."

"Whatever man, this has nothing to do with you anyways. I gotta go… ice cream for Beth." Mark waved a short good bye and headed into the dark night as Justin turned the other way.


Justin sat in his car as he thought about what was happening.

What the hell kind of day was this? I see a girl who I haven't seen in almost 5 years and I remember that she lives next to me. She's changed so god damn much too! I still remember in 7th grade when she had big ass glasses and huge braces. I was always nice to her, but how did she turn into that? But then I find out she has a brother who was basically king of our school, yet nobody even knew her name. Then she's apparently Tom's ex-girlfriend? What's with his girl and popularity? Man, I can't imagine being her right now. I'd sure as hell feel like shit.

Justin started his car and gently strode out of the parking garage and into the busy streets. His speed increased as the time lessened.

"Shit, Kelly's gonna kill me for being late." Justin said to himself as his speed increased to 25 mph over the speed limit. Five short minutes later he arrived, late, at his dear girlfriend's apartment building. He ran up to the intercom and buzzed the apartment number.

"HELLO?" Justin squinched at Kelly's loud mother's voice.

"Hello Ms. Hung, its Justin. Is Kelly ready? I'm here to pick her up."


"Okay then."


"I SAID OKAY." Justin yelled back into the intercom, receiving a look of concern from an elderly lady walking into the building. At that same moment Kelly was walking down from the elevator and managed to somehow push the elderly lady away when standing a foot away.

"Justin! You're late, but I forgive you." Kelly remarked as she held Justin's neck, practically begging for a kiss. Justin gave her a small peck and grabbed her hand, leading her the way to his car. Justin opened the door for Kelly and rushed over to the driver's seat. He quickly started the car as he sat. The ride was pretty silent until,

"Justin baby, I heard the worst thing about you! I mean it's obviously a lie or some sort of evil rumor, but Stephanie did tell me, and she's my BFF. So I can't just lay it off. Anyways, she told me that she saw that freak of a "girl", Bethany, get in your car!

"I know it's a complete lie, but I promised Stephanie I would look into it. I would have just slapped her or something, but I wanted to make sure before I did. I wouldn't want to go slapping random people. So, just tell me that she's a complete liar and my mind will be at ease."

"I can't."

"…can't what?"

"I can't tell you that she's a complete liar, unless you want me to lie."

"NO! Never, but…why can't you tell me she's a liar…"

"She…didn't lie?" Justin stated obviously.

"So…lemme get this straight. You had another girl in your car?" Kelly asked with anger engraved in her tone.

"Yeah, she's my neighbor and I just dropped her off. It wasn't that big of a deal."

"REALLY…" Kelly replied with a slight anger giggle. Justin nodded as he pulled the car into another lane. "Did you two do anything?" If it had been any other girl, any other person in fact, Justin would have started laughing or yelling.

But this was Kelly; he's been with her for almost 7 months and knew she was super jealous so he decided to just answer with, "No."

"Really…I don't know…" Kelly murmured to herself, but loud enough to fulfill her intentions of letting Justin overhear.

"Kelly, I don't want to go over this again." Justin clearly replied.

Ten seconds, that's all. I give her ten seconds before she totally flips out. Justin joked to himself.

"GO OVER what?" Kelly responded as if reflex. "You know Justin; no other girl could really handle you. You're just too much sometimes. I mean- do your really think I don't know you're cheating on me? It's not like it's unusual but what can I say? I just wish you would change, I have feelings too." Justin's grip to the steering wheel tightened and his fists became a slight white.

"You didn't just say that Kelly."

"What do you mean I didn't just say that? I just did and you can't say a thing about it so shut-"

"Shut the fuck up, I'm tired of you."

"TIRED OF ME? What the hell was that suppose to mean?"

"I mean- I'm tired of you and your jealous ways. You think I'm cheating on you all the time when I see you making out with guys in front of me. Don't think I haven't seen. The only reason I've stayed with you for these past few months is … I really don't know why I stayed with you. But you're just too … too much."

"Who do you think you are? You basterd! You…damn cheating mother fucker! I can't believe this; you think you can break up with me? I don't think so. You're right- we are over and now you can have your god damn loser of a girl. Drive me home."

"I'll drive you to the bus stop." Justin replied, receiving the open and stunned mouth of Kelly.

"W-What…? Don't be so cruel!" Kelly yelped, hoping for the better. Justin pulled over to the sidewalk where there were a crowd of people waiting for the bus. Kelly turned to Justin, begging with her seductive, contact wearing gray eyes. Justin ignored her and patiently waited for Kelly to get out. Kelly, who was infuriated with the twist in things left with a growl and stood next to the large crowd of people.


"Finally, I've been waiting for- Mark…what did you do…?" Bethany asked with concern.

"I bought you some ice cream." Mark replied with a smile.

"I MEAN what happened to your lip?" Bethany stood up from where you was sitting on the couch and walked over to her big brother. She gasped at the sight of blood that slightly dripped from his lip.

"I ran into a couple of people."

"Please, please don't tell me you did something you're gonna regret."

"I sure as hell won't regret it, that's for sure." Bethany let out a small groan before walking into their kitchen. She grabbed a small white towel and drizzle some water on it. She walked back over to her brother who was now sitting on the couch and slowly, but gently wiped the blood away. They continued their night as planned with a movie and loads of ice cream that was melting in Bethany's warm hands.

As the night proceeded the horrid memories and hurt of Tom began to fade away. Bethany could laugh and smile without a concern, until she realized she was single and would grimace once more.

"Why'd you hit him?" Bethany asked once the credits came.

"I didn't mean to hit him. He was with a couple of his friends and I just wanted to know what was going on. I got kinda mad once he said how you were getting kinda boring so I just hit him. Then he hit back."

"Boring…" Bethany looked down, still remembering that night she could only look back on now. Did he think I was boring then? Hm, did he only stay with me because I promised him I would sleep with him when I was ready? Why? Why was I such an idiot to give away my virginity to him? He didn't deserve it, not if he was gonna sleep with every other girl in the school.

"Let's not talk about if you were boring or not okay? Wanna watch another movie or something?"

"Nah, I'm kinda tired. I'll see you in the morning okay?" Mark nodded in agreement and Bethany bent down to kiss him on the cheek good night, a daily routine. She slipped into her bed and wondered what she did to deserve such a horrible feeling that was growing inside of her.

Did I do something so horrible that I deserve to be hurt like this?

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