The tears rolled down her soft cheeks, leaving her falling to the ground. Bethany couldn't take the shock from Thomas, her ex-boyfriend. Thomas tried to lift her back up to his level to calm her down. It seemed impossible how much Bethany loved him but instead was just stabbed in the back from him.

"I'm sorry Beth." Thomas tried to sooth her with his soft voice.

"You're not sorry, you son of a bitch." Bethany held her face in her hands and ran down the long deserted hallway. Justin was coming out of the gym from basketball practice when Bethany ran into the most popular guy in school.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Bethany looked up with her red eyes and saw who she just bumped into, Justin Zhang.

"It's alright, are you okay?" Justin looked at her with his sweet brown eyes. He turned his head to try to get a better view, but her hands covered her face and it didn't seem possible. Bethany ran away as she heard Thomas's voice and steps approach her.

"Bethany!" Thomas's voice echoed through the deep hallway. Justin saw Thomas come through, Justin recognized him from his Math class.

"Hey, what's going on?" Justin stopped Thomas with one hand on his chest. Thomas pushed his hand off and started to chase after Bethany again. Justin never heard of such a beautiful name, Bethany. He decided that it was just another couple that had problems and that it wasn't his business and walked to his car. The red car's paint glared at him when he walked to it. People from all over were calling his name or waved, even when he hadn't the closest idea who they were. As he walked over to his car a girl was sitting on it, lying on his front wheel.

"Excuse me, what are you doing…?" The girl was the one he saw run down the hallway before, what was her name again Justin thought.

"Oh, sorry; I didn't mean to lie on your car." Bethany's make-up was ruined and she looked like a mess. Thomas was supposed to drive her home, like every other day they stayed after school. Today was different, too different. They weren't a couple anymore; she didn't feel safe or able to get a ride from him anymore.

"Hey, are you okay? I saw you running down the hallway." Justin knelt down and sat next to her. His voice was full of comfort and sincerity.

"I'm fine, I mean, who wouldn't be after their boyfriend just broke up with them?" Bethany's sarcasm blended in with her sobs. Justin's eyes were filled with pity; he placed his arm around hers.

"Do you need a ride? I can drive you home"

"No thanks"

"You sure? You don't look like you have another ride…" Justin asked her again making sure she would be safe. He may not have known her, but she had suffered enough for one day. Without her answer Justin lifted her up and opened the passenger seat. He got into the driver's seat and buckled his seatbelt.

"Seatbelt?" Justin asked, which was a bit more like a command.

"I'm fine, and I don't really need your concern or your ride." Bethany began to open the door when Justin held her arm. He looked into her hazel eyes and never saw anything more beautiful.

"Please, let me?" Justin asked. Bethany got back into the car when she saw Thomas running towards them. She got in quickly and put on her seatbelt.

"Okay, let's go." Bethany said quickly, only wanting to never see or confront Thomas again. Justin heard her tone and looked up to Thomas running towards them. He started the car and backed up then started for the exit of the school. When they were on the main road Justin looked at Bethany and smiled.

"So, you gonna tell me where you live?" Bethany turned to his kind face and hair of only perfection.

"Actually, you can let me off at the bus stop on the next street. I can get home on the bus. But thanks anyways." Justin's eyebrows rose since he had never been rejected before; he was too handsome and dreamy to girls.

"I can give you a ride, it doesn't matter. I mean, you're already in the car."

"Maybe, but I barely even know you Justin"

"You know my name."

"Maybe, but think about it. What girl that goes to our school doesn't know your name?"

"Well, that counts as knowing me. So, I get to give you a ride." Bethany gave him a smirked and Justin's smile that any girl would melt for came out.

"Even if you think that means I know you, I still don't want to a ride from you." Justin looked at her since the insult had just confused him and hurt him.

"No offence." Bethany finally said noticing Justin's expression.

"Listen, I'm not letting you off anywhere other than your house so I will park right there unless you tell me where you live." Justin pointed to a nearby parking lot and started to drive towards it.

"Do you really think that that would make me tell you where I live?" "Yeah I do. If you really can't stand me that much then you couldn't stand me for more than 10 minutes." Justin smiled at Bethany as he took the keys out of his ignition. Once the music stopped and the engine's roar came to a halt Bethany knew that he meant business.

"Ugh. Fine!" Bethany told him her address and Justin was surprised since her house was right next to his but he never even met her before. When he was in elementary school the girl who lived next to him was a total geek. This girl was the opposite.

"You live right next to me"

"I can't believe you really don't remember me you jerk"

"Hey! You said you didn't even know me"

"Well, I can't believe you actually believe me. I've lived next to you for 17 and half years and you don't even know my name?" Bethany's braids were becoming loose and she took the band off, leaving her hair shatter across her chest. Justin's eyes were wide and took one more look at her.

"Wait, Bethie?"

"I can't believe you don't remember me! My window is right next to yours and you still don't remember me? Whatever, can you just bring me home?" Bethany looked at the window and Justin's whole body came to a halt and slowly began to function again. He took his keys and started the car again. The ride was silent until they reached their house. Bethany opened the door and while walking out she said a 'Thank you' and walked to her door. Justin back out of her driveway and went to his. That night he looked out his window and saw Bethany sitting next to her bed staring at a picture, he thought it must have been her ex boyfriend. He noticed that her window had a balcony like his. He hopped over to her balcony and knocked on the window. Bethany's eyes were red and then startled. She looked at the window and saw Justin. She walked over and unlocked the window to let him in.

"What are you doing?"

"You looked sad; I wanted to come to cheer you up"

"We don't talk for 6 years and now you come?"

"I'm sorry. So, who was that guy you were running away from?"
"How is that any of your business?"

"Well, I helped you escape him"

"So? It doesn't mean that you get to come to my room and ask about him"

"Fine, but are you okay"

"I'm fine; now please, leave." Bethany pointed to the window and Justin walked to the window. He hopped up on the edge of the balcony and jumped over to his. Their houses were so close he didn't even have to jump. That night, Justin got a call from his girlfriend and they were having another fight, as usual.

The conversation
Justin: I didn't kiss another girl!
Kelly: Marissa told Julie that told Sam that called me and said that you had another girl in your car and that you guys left school together!
Justin: She's my neighbor. She needed a ride home and I gave it to her.
Kelly: Don't lie to me Justin.
Justin: I'M NOT! Why do you think I'm always fooling around with another girl?
Kelly: Maybe because you usually are!
Justin: WE BROKE UP AND I WAS ON A DATE WITH HER! It was one time and we weren't even a couple!
Kelly: We were SOOOO together.
Justin: You're a fucking crazy bitch.
Kelly: and you're a loser without a girlfriend, we're over.


Justin dropped his phone on his bed and fell back on it. Bethany could hear the whole conversation in her room. She wanted to go over just like he did to her. She decided not to since she just made a point by them not knowing each other. The next morning Justin saw Bethany waiting for the bus in the cold air. He stopped near her and rolled down the window.

"You want a ride now."

"Fine, but only because I can't feel my right hand." Justin laughed and unlocked the door for her. She got in and rubbed her hands together for warmth. There was no conversation in the car. Justin could barely take his eyes off of Bethany.

She had that cute Chinese girl look, not that Chinese whore look like the rest of the sluts at school. Even in uniforms the girls found a way to be sluts, but other than those girls there were the geeky ones. They usually would ward off guys that were at least half decent. Justin usually was with the sluts since he's so popular and the sluts were too. When they arrived Justin began to get out of the car when Bethany just sat in the car.

"Are you going to get out?" Justin looked into the car watching Bethany sitting still.

"I don't want to be seen with you, no offence. It's just we're not people who usually would even talk to each other. I'll come out as soon as you walk away."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes. Now, go!" Bethany shooed him off. Justin was snickering but was confused at the fact that she didn't want to be seen with the more popular guy in school. Other girls would have begged to just stand a foot away from him when Bethany told him to go away.

Conversation with Justin and Ken

Ken: You guys broke up… again?

Justin: Yeah, that bitch is fucking crazy.

Ken: Yeah… but she's so fucking hot…

Justin: Hah. You can have her.

Ken: So who are you gonna go after now?

Justin: I don't know… I know I can have anyone but uhh

Ken: You can not get every girl in this school

Justin: Who are you kidding?

Ken: Oh yeah? Let's have a little bet.

Justin: Alright, what is it?

Ken: I choose a girl and you have to get her to be your girlfriend

Justin: That's it? Go Ahead. Loser goes to school with only boxers.

Ken: You got a deal! Ken walked around with Justin looking at every available girl. Bethany walked up and Ken checked her out and thought she would probably say yes in an instant. Justin saw Bethany come up and he waved but she ignored him.

"Bethany!" Bethany looked at Justin with a 'Why are you talking to me?' look. Ken knew who he would choose. He looked at Justin and brought him to one of the lockers on the side.



"That girl, who ever she was. She's who I choose."

"Are you kidding me? She doesn't even want to be seen with me."

"Stupid, why do you think I choose her? I don't want to walk around the school in boxers. It's too cold out." Ken smiled and laughed. Justin looked at Bethany and saw her talking to her friends. Erin, Bethany's best friend was right beside them trying to get to her locker. Erin heard everything but only cared about getting to her locker at the moment.

"Excuse me, you're on my locker." Ken looked at Erin and thought she was gorgeous.

"Oh… sorry. I'm Ken"

"I'm someone who wants to get to their locker, now excuse me." Justin started to laugh from the other side of the cramped hallways. Ken looked at him and mouthed the words shut up.

"Listen, I'm sorry if it seemed like I was trying to hit on you. How about me and you go get something to eat? It'll be my treat and I'll make it up to you." Erin began to blush but refused to go out with such a player. She knew of Justin and Ken, the guys who could get any girl in school. She always hated that and the girls who would give them the pleasure so she refused to be one of them.

"I already ate"

"Well, you're a stick, you need more food. Pretty girls like you need to be healthy." Erin began to blush but tried to hide it by opening her locker door that covered half her face. Ken opened the door the whole way so that it leaned on the locker next to Erin's. Erin shut the locker door and looked at Ken's dark yellow/hazel eyes.

"I'm not hungry, and plus I'm more 'healthy' than most of the sluts, I mean girls in this school, you should know. You go out with them." Justin started to crack up, Ken and Erin turned to their heads to him. Justin stopped once he noticed their glares.

"Well, that could change if you went out with me." Ken leaned on the locker next to Erin.

"Something's never change." Erin walked to Bethany and gave her a book and a smile. Ken walked over to Justin laughing his brains out.

"Why were you talking to Ken Chum?"

"I think he was trying to ask me out. No matter, I kept turning him down." Erin and Bethany kept walking and Justin and Ken watched.

"Oh yeah, I overheard Justin and Ken. I think they have a bet on you"

"A bet?" Bethany looked interested and asked curiously. "Yeah, they were at my locker and Ken's like 'Her, that's the one I choose'. Then he pointed to you"

"I wonder what kind of bet"

"I don't know, but you should watch out for them"

"Don't worry about me. I don't even pay attention to them, so whatever." They sat down, ready for class. Justin walked in and sat next to Bethany.

"You gonna let me drive you home today?" Justin whispered in the middle of English class. Justin never noticed Bethany was in 3 of his classes until he saw her the other day crying next to his car.

"I'm not going home today, so no thank you." Bethany said without looking at him. She took a piece of paper out and wrote something quickly and sent it to Erin. 'I have to work on my English project today, come with me to the library today?' Bethany knew that Justin was failing English so she wrote it in English so he wouldn't know what she was writing.


Justin couldn't help but wonder what Bethany was writing to Erin. Were they talking about him and Ken? What could that little piece of paper contain? Erin read it and wrote something down again in Chinese, not knowing why Bethany wrote it in English. Justin took the piece of paper when Bethany got it back. The teacher, Mrs. Zhou, looked back at Justin and Bethany. Bethany immediately sat back down at her seat properly instead of trying to get the piece of paper back. The teacher went back to writing on the dusty chalkboard while Justin read the paper. He tried to read it but half of it was in English, he couldn't even understand half of the words on the paper. He could read the Chinese, 'Sure, We can take the bus there. I have to work on my project too'. He wondered where they were going. He read what he could of Bethany's English. He could read every word except library. Where are they going? Bethany snickered watching him trying to figure out where she was going to after school. Justin turned his head to see Erin and Bethany giggling.

"Tell me where you're going." Justin leaned his head over to her ear and whispered soothingly. Bethany felt the warm breath of his on her ear. It made her feel cared for and loved; probably because that's what Thomas use to do.

"It's none of your business."

"You wouldn't have to take the bus there because I could drive you there."

"No thank you. I have no problems with the bus."

"Then I guess I'm going on the bus today too."

"Why are you following me?"

"It's for my own pleasure, to torture you."

"You have very weird ways of finding pleasure."

"If you would have just let me go with you, this wouldn't be so hard."

"If you could just go sleep with some other girl in this school it also wouldn't be a problem."

"Do you think I've slept with every girl in this school?"

"No, because you haven't slept with me yet, and that would never happen."

"I wouldn't sleep with you anyways." Bethany looked at him. "I don't know you. Remember?" Bethany turned back to the board. Then she leaned over to him again.

"You don't know half the girls that you've made out with, went out with and slept with. What makes me so different, not that you would ever have the chance to sleep with me." Justin stopped after that. He couldn't think of anything charming or sweet after that. At the end of class he ran up to Bethany and Erin while they were walking out of the door, but Kelly grabbed his arm before he could move.

"I knew you were cheating on me. You were whispering into that low life's ear!" Bethany heard her and saw her pointing to her. She stopped and turned back. Bethany hated Kelly more than she disliked Justin. Kelly insulted everybody and thought she was better than everybody because her father owns a hotel in Beijing. She was a complete Chinese doll; she was totally phony, from her head to her toes. The only that was real about her were her ears and she hid them behind her neatly straightened, colored hair.

"We broke up last night." Bethany went over to them and looked Kelly in the eye. Kelly turned her head and stared at her coldly.

"What do you want loser?"

"What did you call me?"

"A loser. That's what you are you low life."

"I think you and Justin are over so get over it you fake Barbie doll."

"At least you can admit that I'm beautiful, unlike you." Bethany had enough and pulled Justin's head down and kissed him on the lips.

"Justin, you're going to drive me and Erin to the library later right?" Bethany asked as soon as their lips parted.

"Uhh…" Justin was still in shock that Bethany just kissed him in the empty classroom with Kelly standing right next to them. "Yeah… sure. I'll see you later." Erin was standing near the doorway watching everything. Ken stood right next to her watching all the drama. They started to laugh at the expression on Kelly's face.

"UGH! You want him? Go ahead; he's nothing but trouble, lies and hurt." Kelly and her two friends behind her walked out of the room. Justin stared at Bethany waving Kelly good bye as she walked out of the room, pushing Ken and Erin out of the way. As soon as Kelly was out of sight Bethany walked out with Erin next to her giggling.

"I can't believe you just kissed him!"

"It wasn't for me or him, it was for that bitch. She deserved it. That felt so good to tell her off too."

"I bet you enjoyed that kiss."

"Ehh… he's okay." They walked into the lunch room where they sat down at a table. Bethany may have been considered a 'nobody' but she was appreciated by her friends. Justin walked to her table and sat next to her.

"So, I'm driving you two to the library later?"

"I only said that for Kelly, don't take it seriously." Justin's smile made the girls at the table turn in disgust. The table of girls hated the popular people because they were so full of themselves, especially Justin. He was the king and when he smiled he expected the girls would smile back. Instead, they looked at him like he was crazy and should go away. Justin looked around the table and saw Erin right next to her.

"Oh right, Erin, Ken says hi and he's still up for lunch." Erin turned around to Ken looking straight at her from the jock/popular table.

"Tell him that I already ate and if I ate with him, I might throw up and that wouldn't be very 'healthy'."

"Alright." Justin smiled at Erin and Bethany and walked back to the table. Once Ken heard he walked over to Erin.

"How about a smoothie?"

"I'm not in the mood to blow up fruit chunks."

"Why don't you want to go out with me?"

"Have you even noticed how this school works? Girls like me and guys like you… don't mix. They don't even talk." With that all the girls stood up and walked out leaving Ken sitting alone at the table.


The end of the day was coming and only one more period with Justin then that day would have been over for Bethany. She took her books from her locker and walked to her next class, History. Justin tried to sit with Bethany again but Erin saw him coming and sat next to her before he did. Justin and Ken were in the class with them and sat behind them.

"How about all four of us go to the library? We all have to work on our projects anyways." Ken asked, hoping that Erin would at least say yes.

"I think Bethany and I will be fine working on our projects by ourselves."

"You never know, you could get a paper cut, and we may have to kiss it." Justin said hoping that Bethany would at least turn around to listen or join the conversation. Before class Bethany told Erin to talk to Justin for her, to tell him no for everything he offered.

"We'll be fine." Erin told them, ending the conversation. At the end of the class people rushed to get out of the door and out of school. Erin got to her locker first and got her stuff before Bethany could even open hers.

"Ugh! My locker is stuck again… Help me please?" Bethany asked the boy next to her. He put his stuff into his book bag and used all his strength to open her locker. It took a while, but she got it opened and got her stuff. Erin and Bethany walked to the nearest bus stop and waited for the bus. Justin and Ken rode in Justin's car to the bus stop to ask them one more time if they wanted a ride. Ken rolled down the window as they approached the girls.

"BRRRR. It's cold, you sure you don't want a ride in this nice, warm car?"

"It may be warm, but it sure isn't nice." Bethany answered quickly.

"What are you talking about? This is a fucking BMW and you would rather ride in a bus?"

"Yes we would."

"Come on, you don't want to get a cold." The girls looked at each other and finally got into the car. 'It is pretty nice' thought Bethany. As they arrive at the library Justin and Ken got out with them. As much as Bethany and Erin wanted them to go away they didn't have a choice but to let them come with them into the library. 2 hours of research and reading Ken walked over to Erin, trying to get her attention.

"Boy, these last 2 hours sure have gotten my hungry…you?"

"I'm okay. I ate already so I'm not hungry." Erin wanted to make it clear that she wasn't interested; even when she was. Ken held her waist as she was looking for a book. Erin brushed his hands off and grabbed a book then walked back to the table where they were all working. Bethany walked back with a large encyclopedia the size a computer. She dropped it on the table which made a big thump. Ken and Justin were in the back talking.

"I'm never going to get Bethany to be my girlfriend; she won't even let me drive her home."

"Look at Erin, she's not even that hot; but I can't leave her alone! She keeps rejecting me too… UGH!" Ken walked back to Erin with a large encyclopedia and turned to page 233. Erin stared at the page and saw that it was marked 'chance'. She turned to Ken who was looking directly into the pages, not even blinking.

"Why are you looking up chance?"

"Well, I want to know where it tells me why you won't give me a chance."

"Ugh." Erin looked at Bethany who was getting annoyed with all the noise and brought Ken to the back of the library where they wouldn't distract anyone.

"It's not that I don't want to give you a chance, it's that I've been hurt by a guy like you and I don't want to be again. So stop trying because I'm not going to line up to be hurt by you."

"What do you mean by a guy like me?"

"I mean a guy who thinks he can have any girl and mess with them like they're nothing."

"You're not a nothing. You're too cute and sweet and smart to be nothing." Ken held her chin and smiled. Erin held his hand and brought it down to his side.

"Then prove to me that you really mean that and stop asking me out. No matter how many times you ask me out I'm not going to say yes unless you can prove to me that you're different." Erin walked back to the table and saw that Bethany and Justin had disappeared too. Justin brought Bethany the park outside.

"Why did you bring me out here? So I can freeze to death?"

"No, Ken and Erin disappeared, so I wanted to disappear with you too."

"That's nice, I'm freezing so uhh… bye." Bethany started to walk back to the warmth of the library but Justin grabbed her arm and stopped her. He brought her closer to his lips. Bethany pushed him away and ran back to the library.

"Erin, let's go."

"What? What's going on…?"

"COME ON." Bethany walked out of the library without Erin by her side. The next day was better but still not the greatest. During English the students turned in their projects and were assigned yet another project that needed pairs. The girls would choose what guy to be their partners. Erin got Matthew Liu, a total cutie that was not only nice but smart. Justin got May Chan, a complete genius who was afraid to even talk to someone so popular. Bethany, with all her luck, got Thomas.

"Alright, let's get started." Bethany said and looking up to see that Thomas were flirting with girls on the other side of the room.

"Thomas! We kinda have to work on our projects…"

"Oh right. I'm coming."

"Ugh. You wanna come over tonight to work on this thing since its due in 2 days?" Bethany didn't want him to come over but there was no way they could finish it in just 1 class day and a night at the library.

"Yeah, sure; I'll drop by at around 5:30." That night Thomas arrived late and got there at 6:50.They went up to Bethany's room where her computer was and got straight to work. Thomas didn't want to work, he wanted to make Bethany do all the work since he knew that she would care about her grade too much that she would do all the work.

"I'm tired."

"Well, you can go to sleep after we're done the project." Bethany replied sharply.

"Damn… when'd you get so mean?"

"Maybe when you broke up with me… I'm not sure though." Bethany rolled her eyes and saw Justin in his room lifting weights. 'Wow, Justin is so hot. His muscles are so gorgeous… I wish he could come over here and save me from this jerk…' Thomas saw Bethany looking out the window and looked out to see Justin lifting weights watching t.v.

"You like him?"

"What's it matter to you?"

"Well… I was just wondering…"

"It's none of your business now will you help me with our project?" Bethany's voice was strict and immediately got Thomas to work. Justin noticed that Bethany was in her room and saw that she was working on her project. He thought that she might need some help and decided to go and help her. Unfortunately Thomas was jealous that Bethany might have already been over him. He wanted her to suffer and fall back in love with him so that he could feel admired. He walked over to where Bethany was and pushed her to the ground.

"Ahh! What are you doing?" Bethany screamed. Justin rushed over to see Thomas kissing Bethany on the ground. Bethany saw Justin outside the window and tried to push Thomas off.

"Justin! Get him off of me!" Justin lifted Thomas up and threw him on the other side of the room.

"Bethany! Are you alright?" Justin knelt down and looked at her uniform, torn and unbuttoned. She sat up and turned away as soon as she noticed her shirt was ripped and unbuttoned. Justin couldn't help but stare at this beautiful creature that called for him to help.

"What the fuck are you doing man!?" Thomas's voice rose from the corner of the room.

"Thomas, get the hell out of here." Bethany's soft voice ordered Thomas to leave. He went to get his back pack near Justin and walked away. The next morning Justin saw Bethany standing in the cold and unlocked the door. Bethany went into the car without questions.

"Uhh… thanks for your help yesterday…"

"It was nothing. Just… be careful around that guy alright?"

"Trust me, me and him will never be alone again." The rest of the ride was quiet until they reached the school. When Justin parked the car and he unlocked the car. He began to get out and saw that Bethany was right next to him, waiting to walk into school with him.


As they walked in together Bethany looked at her feet.



"Why are you being so nice to me all of a sudden?" Bethany realized that she may be falling for Justin. She had to know if there really was a bet and what they were.

"What do you mean…?"

"Before Monday you didn't even know my name, and now you're driving me places and coming to my rescue…"


"Well what? You can tell me."

"I should go to class." Justin was deciding whether to tell her that he liked her ever since he saw her run past her on Monday; or because if he didn't get on her good side and end up going out with her that he would have to go to school in nothing but boxers.

"Justin…"Bethany whispered as Justin walked away quicker. Justin couldn't bear to even look at Bethany without feeling guilt that he used her to win a bet. At the end of the day Bethany sat in her room thinking of what was going on in her heart. 'This isn't right, I should still be in love with Thomas, I should be crying because I lost him but instead I'm falling in love with some other guy. And it's not just any guy, it's Justin Zhang!' She walked over to her computer and logged onto MSN. Immediately a message box popped up.

Erin x baby: hey!

B E T H xx: hey…

Erin x baby: you okay?

B E T H xx: I'm fine... I guess…

Erin x baby: what's going on with you..?

B E T H xx: I think I'm in love with the wrong guy…

Erin x Baby: WHAT?!

B E T H xx: Is it wrong if I think I'm in love with Justin..?

Erin x Baby: you're kidding… right?

B E T H xx: I don't even know anymore...

Erin x Baby: are u telling me that you're in love with… Justin Zhang..?

B E T H xx: Maybe…

Erin x Baby: u know that I'll always be here for u to support whatever u do

B E T H xx: I know that…

Erin x Baby: ugh I got to go eat…

B E T H xx: I have to go too. Justin is knocking on my window.

Erin x Baby: bye bye

B E T H xx: Bye.

Erin and Bethany logged off and went their separate ways. Bethany went to open the window for Justin.


"Hey… what are you doing over here?" Justin looked around as if he was looking for something.

"I have no idea… I guess I'll leave."

"Wait! Justin… could you stay?" Justin didn't even want to leave so immediately said yes.

"Yeah… sure; you're okay right..?"

"Yeah, I'm fine; I just don't want to stay home alone tonight." They sat down on Bethany's bed and watched a movie until Bethany dozed off and fell asleep in Justin's arms. Justin lied on her bed and never let her go. He looked at her asleep and couldn't deny it anymore, he was in love. He was in love with the girl next door.

Erin was about to go to sleep when something hit her window. She walked over to it and looked down to see Ken downstairs.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm proving to you that I'm different."

"Wow, using rocks to hit a girl's window is VERY different."
"That's not the different part. Just come down, and dress warm."

"We have school tomorrow!"

"What's your point? I'm waiting."

"Fine, give me 10 minutes."


"Fine, 5 minutes." Erin changed and grabbed her jacket, and then she sneaked out of the house without a single sound. As soon as Erin got downstairs Ken grabbed her hand and rushed to his car.

"Where are we going at the middle of the night?"

"We… are going to…the carnival."

"The carnival…? There isn't a carnival around here… is there? And it wouldn't be opened this late… Ken, are you feeling okay?"

"Nope, I'm in love." Erin blushed and gave Ken a kiss on the cheek. They arrived at the park near the library which had a section that was filled with lights, rides and loud noises of all kinds. Ken held Erin's hand and walked quicker and began run to the crowd of lights and sound. Erin's eyes shined with colorful lights. She loved carnivals, she felt like a little child that didn't have to worry about anything.

"This is amazing. How did you do this?"

"Well, when you love someone, anything is possible."

"Can you not say that?"

"Say what?"

"That you love me." Erin's eyes looked down to the ground once she said that.

"Why not? I do."

"Do you remember that guy I said I went out that hurt me? And that he was a lot like you?" Erin looked up at Ken and he nodded yes, not daring to speak. "He said he loved me and I believed him. He said it as if it was nothing to me, but it really meant something to me. He was a year older than me and thought I was just someone he could fool around with." They got on the Ferris wheel and Erin looked out to the midnight sky. "One day he tried to sleep with me, I told him that I wasn't going to that. And that if he loved me, he would wait. He said that I meant nothing to him except some free sex." Ken held her closer to him and didn't let go.

"If I ever say I love you, then I'll mean it. You're too breathtaking to just be 'free sex'."


Bethany woke up in Justin's arms with his arms wrapped around her, tight. Bethany looked at the time and it was 6:58.

"AHH! JUSTIN!" She shook his shoulder roughly to awake him.


"School starts in 10 minutes!" Bethany jumped out of bed and ran to get her uniform from the bathroom. She changed quickly and brushed her teeth as quick as she could. She ran back to her room to fin that Justin was gone. She looked into his room and saw him changing. His chest was nothing but a six pack and muscles. It wasn't too much to make him look like a monster, but just enough to make a girl sigh with love. Justin saw her looking and he saw her with about half her shirt on. Bethany noticed that she didn't even have her shirt on and that he was looking at her and she blushed and quickly fixed her shirt.

"Justin!" Justin's head turned to face her.


"Can you drive me to school?"

"Yeah just hurry up." They both rushed down to Justin's car and drove to school with panic of being late. They ran into the school 2 minutes before the bell rang. They went their separate ways to their lockers and ran to first period. They weren't in first period together but slowly waited for time to pass for second period, which they did have together. Erin was already in second period with Ken, holding each other like there was no tomorrow. Justin was waiting for Bethany at the door, leaning on it looking in and out the door every 2 seconds. Bethany dropped her books along the way and papers flew everywhere. Thomas was unluckily, right next to her. He walked next to her and knelt down to her level and helped with the spilt papers. She looked up seeing his sweet face bent down to help.

"Here." He handed her the last piece of paper and started walking to his next period.

"Thomas!" Thomas turned around. "Thanks." Bethany said and ran to the door where Justin was. She ran into Justin with a hug. The teacher looked at the only standing people in the room and signaled them to a desk in the front of the class. They both sat down at the combined desks and brought out their books. Kelly looked at them awed at the emotions they had between them.

Kelly thought, why does Justin treat that loser so well? What does she have that I don't? My hair is better, my clothes are better, even my butt is even … better. Why would Justin want her?

Justin looked at Bethany taking notes and pronouncing the English words. She was so beautiful with her light brown hair and her soft pink lips that he wanted to kiss. And her adorable ears that only he would have noticed.

Ken saw Justin's looks at Bethany and knew that his best friend was in love, and the bet was over. It was done because getting a girl you loved to be your girlfriend didn't mean anything unless she felt the same way. Did Erin love him? He knew that no matter how she didn't want him to love her, he did and already was in love and couldn't escape it now. Erin was hurt so bad in the past, he realized that he never even felt a heart break before when every time a guy even comes up her, she was going to get hurt. Ken couldn't stop thinking of Erin and her troubled love problems and comparing them to his.

The bell rung and everyone ran out the doors in a stampede. Justin was forced to a halt by Kelly yet again. This time instead of an accusation or a fight, she kissed him. Bethany turned around looking for the boy that she claimed to love. She saw him holding Kelly in his arm. Justin was trying to hold up Kelly who was melting in his arms. He held her tighter and then finally used his other hands to push her onto the ground. He looked towards the ringing bell and saw Bethany outside of the door with her eyes full of water and emotions that only consist of hurt.

"Bethany…" Justin's whispered voice was almost silent. Kelly stood up and waved to Bethany like it was over between Bethany and Justin. Bethany turned and walked to her next class, hurt. Justin pushed people out of his way and ran to find Bethany. He saw her walk in to a classroom at the end of the hall. He wanted to run down but there were too many people and the bell just rang. He sat through a whole period wondering what just happened between him and Bethany. The bell rang again and he ran to his next class which was with Bethany. He waited a full 3 minutes until the late bell rang again and saw Bethany running in with her eyes red next to Erin. Justin stood up wanting to hold Bethany but was forced to sit down by the glare in Erin's eyes.

"You scum." Erin said as she walked past him. Bethany and Erin sat near the back of the room, next to each other. Justin looked back at Bethany many times but never received a response or even a look. Justin rushed home in high hopes that Bethany would be home so that he could get into her room and explain. He ran to his room to see Bethany wasn't in room. He ran around his room yelling. He thought he saw someone a couple of times but never really looked into it. Bethany was there the whole time hearing Justin's yells and grunts. She wanted to walk over and hold him, so that she could ask him what's going on. Why did he hurt her so bad? She decided that she couldn't just sit there and hear the yells; they hurt her more than he already had. She climbed over seeing Justin lying on his bed with his hands covering his eyes and his tears of losing Bethany. She walked over silently and lied in his arms without a sound. He moved his arms to see that Bethany was lying on his chest. Nothing was said and nothing was wrong. Justin held Bethany tighter until she looked up and kissed him on the lips.

"Why…did you kiss her?" Justin was surprised and yet expected the question. He sighed and held her tighter.

"I want to say that she kissed me and I had nothing to do with it but then I would be lying. She did kiss me I tried to push her off but she kept holding me even tighter than she wouldn't even stand anymore. So that I would have to hold her, and not make it seem like only she was kissing. But I do have part of this." They both sat up waiting for Justin's voice to come out. "Bethany… I'm really sorry. I don't want to hurt you anymore but I guess you should know that…before I actually began to be nice to you…I had this bet." All these words seemed all too familiar to Bethany, she knew what was coming but couldn't speak. "In this bet, I would have to get you to be my girlfriend; if I wasn't able to do it then I would have had to go to school wearing nothing but boxers."

"Is that what I'm worth…?" Bethany asked slowly and gently. Justin's expression showed confusion that kept him silent. "Then tell me this, would you ever go to school in boxers…for me and not a bet."

"I would do anything for you. You should know that…"

"Well… I know a lot of things. One thing I know is that, we never really met anything because you wouldn't or couldn't even tell me about a pathetic little bet until I finally fell for you; until it would have hurt for me to hear what you just told me." Bethany expected it to hurt, but not this much. She jumped back to her room and shut the window, locking it. Justin jumped over trying to chase her or trying to do something so that she would come back to her. Bethany sank into a corner of her room crying, because she could hear the desperate knocks and calls for her from the window. The days of seeing Justin at school and through her windows didn't help. Justin didn't want to lose Bethany but couldn't stand being alone. He had an image at school and couldn't just run to his guy friends. He got dates instead, and Bethany found out and that hurt her more, to see that she was a nothing. She was only someone to kiss, claim to love and leave.

Every night she would end up in the small corner of her bed that lied against the wall, looking into Justin's room. She would just sit there, crying until she saw him come back. Multiple times she wanted to go to his window or his house, or his locker; just to hold him. One day, everything was different. Justin had enough of being without Bethany and needed to do something to make it up. His legs froze and so did every other part of his body. Girls cheered and teachers yelled but he didn't stop until he got to see Bethany.

"I'm sorry." Bethany couldn't see him because she still had her head in her locker which prevented her from seeing Justin in nothing but boxers.

"That's nice."

"Bethany, look at me." Bethany came out of her locker, seeing Justin in nothing but his boxers and started to look around and laugh. Girls from all over laughed and stared. Bethany took Justin's hand and brought him to an empty classroom.


"I think that it's finally time for you to know that I love you, that I would do anything for you, even if it means freezing my ass off."

"Are you kidding me? You go on a date every night and then suddenly you think coming to school in boxers will solve everything?"

"No, I think proving to you that I think that that stupid bet is worth me losing as long as I get to be with you." Bethany couldn't hold him fast enough. She held his neck and kissed him, never planning to let go. She wanted to have a shirt or something to cling to but that would have changed everything.


"I'M ENGAGED!" Erin sprang into the room and yelled. Bethany jumped off of Justin almost falling.

"You're what?!" Bethany yelled. Erin began to laugh hysterically.

"Ken… he just asked me to marry him!"

"You're kidding. Ken's kidding…" Justin questioned as soon as he heard Ken's name. Ken popped up next to Erin.

"Nope. Ken's not kidding."


"Yeah... I think so..." Ken said as if everything was a dream and was blurry. The wedding was spectacular and the biggest thing that happened in the school. Bethany couldn't be happier for Erin and neither could Justin for Ken. Bethany and Justin spent much more time together and that was almost impossible. It was weird, marriage always seemed like such a big deal to Bethany, but when she saw Erin's happiness burst into tears she could almost hear her own wedding bells.

One night that changed everything was the night after the wedding. Bethany needed someone to drive her home when they did Bethany told Justin to stay with her again.

"Can you stay over at my house tonight…?"

"Yeah, sure; let me go to my house and get changed."

"Alright, I'm going to change too." Bethany didn't want this to be any other night; she wanted it to be special. She wanted to finally make love with the one person she loved and would always love. Justin came back with comfortable sweats and a t-shirt, like any other night. Bethany came back into her room kissing Justin.

"Come on." Bethany sat on the bed and patted to the spot next to her for Justin.

"You okay?"

"I'm fine. But I have a question…"


"You didn't even hear my question yet!"

"I don't care, yes."

"Okay." Bethany kissed him and began to take his t-shirt off. Justin stopped her and backed away. He jumped up pacing around the room.

"What are you doing?" Justin finally said.

"You said yes."

"I-I-I didn't know what I was saying yes to!"

"I told you that, you said yes."

"Bethie… I don't think I can do this…" Justin scratched his head in bewilderment.

"Justin, I understand if you don't want me…"

"NO! It's not that I don't want you, just I'm not ready for something like that with you."

"With me…?"

"Well, you're the first girl I've ever really loved… I mean if it was just any other girl than it would be easier and stuff… but you're different."

"It's nice to know that you can say you love me but you can't even sleep with me."

"I only can't sleep with you because I care about you to much."

"Just forget it then. Go back to your room." Bethany walked over to the head of her bed and snuck into her bed. Justin walked over to her got into her bed with her. Justin started kissing her neck ending up taking off her shirt. no more details needed Bethany woke up in Justin's strong arms. Bethany looked up at Justin seeing his eyes closed and a smile upon his face.

"Hey…" Justin said. Bethany didn't realize he was awake and was startled.

"Oh… hey; I didn't know you were awake."

"I couldn't sleep."

"Aww… poor baby. Get some sleep." Justin's eyes shut with still a smile on his face. Bethany kissed his lips receiving no response. She kissed his cheek and then got out of bed, going to the shower. The water stung her soft body. She walked back to her room after feeling refreshed and awoken by the jolt of water. Justin was still sleeping with the covers over his head. Bethany got changed and lifted the covers to see that Justin was sleeping soundly. She climbed over to his room looking for her sweater that she left the night before, while staying in his room. She saw it under Justin's black jacket; Bethany hit something solid in the pocket of the jacket and took it out. It was a small black box that when opened had an amazing ring with diamonds of pink and white surrounding it. The ring fit perfectly on Bethany's finger, the shine that reflected off the diamonds made her eyes water from the excitement. She wondered if he was going to ask her to marry him. Would they finally be bound forever? So that they would be together forever like they had said multiple times?

Bethany climbed back over to her room with her sweater in her hand and Justin lying up on her bed.

"Why were you in my room?"

"I went to go get my sweater." Bethany held up her sweater for Justin and then dropped it on the ground as she sat on Justin's lap. Justin kissed her slowly on the lips so show that he loved her more than anything.



"I love you."

"I love you." They held each other and fell back into the comfort of Bethany's bed. Graduation came in quicker than anyone had expected. There was so much excitement that year, the engagement between Ken and Erin was one of the most exciting things that happened but it still flew by and went to graduation.

"Justin Zhang. Those are the graduates of 2006! Congratulations!" Hats flew, kisses and hugs were given, congratulations were spread everywhere.



"We're graduates!!" Justin yelled while lifting Bethany up into the air. The walked excitedly to Justin's car and drove to a secluded place where no one knew of except Justin. He remembered when his sister died. She always wanted to be proposed here and Justin made a promise to her that when he proposed it would be where she wanted, so that it would be as special as her.

Bethany ran to catch up with Justin. By the time Bethany caught up with Justin, he was kneeling on one knee with one hand out holding a little black box. Bethany walked slower and slower closer to him. Justin opened the box, revealing the ring Bethany saw by accident.

"Bethie, it's not possible to tell you how much I love you. It's not even possible to show you how much I love you. But I know this would come close to showing you, will you marry me?" Bethany lifted Justin up and held him while whispering a simple yes into his ear.


Flashback (13 years ago when they were 5 years old)

Bethany ran to the boy who just picked her up out of the mud. She looked at him sitting alone near the see saw.

"I like you." The little boy turned his head to face Bethany.

"I like you too." Justin replied. Bethany sat next to him and held his hand.

"I have to go home. Will you be back here tomorrow?" Bethany asked as she began to stand up. Justin stood up next to her and held her hand again.

"I'll always be here for you." Justin kissed her on the cheek and Bethany ran across the street to her house. Justin was always there for her, even when they never spoke. Everyday Bethany would go back to see if Justin was there, he was always there. But then, his sister died. Everything changed; he never came back to Bethany. She never trusted him again because he hurt her so bad; now, she couldn't trust anyone but him.

The end has yet to come for Justin and Bethany. Love, never ends.

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