In the year 2025, Gametron Industries, the world's leading gaming corporation, made a breakthrough in virtual reality games that spread like wildfire in popularity. Created by a man named Iain Dainty, V-Centre was a new device that allowed gamers to actually be a part of the game physically. The V-Centre was a building set up that allowed the gamer to enter one of several hundred different video games, and play without feeling any actual pain or receiving any injuries that would exist outside of the game.

People from every area of life were dying to try it out, and soon, the V-Centre began to take over the entire entertainment industry.

By the year 2030, cities had a V-Centre on every block, and every small town had at least one location. People were amazed at how realistic everything was, and yet at the same time, nothing was ever permanent. You could go into a game and get shot to death, and walk right back out into the real world without a single mark on you, or even the slightest amount of pain.

It wasn't long however before glitches in the games began to be reported. Complaints were filed that people were starting to feel pain, and soon the complaints grew. People were leaving games with actual injuries, and fears that perhaps the system was flawed began to rise. Gametron Industries was not worried. Believing it was truly nothing more than a glitch, technicians were sent in to try and fix the problem.

The reports came back that no problems could be found with the system. Yet, more and more serious injuries were occurring. Within the next few months, people began disappearing altogether – simply not returning from games. By the time the order was made to shut down every V-Centre in the world, hundreds of thousands of people had been reported missing.

Rescue teams were sent in, but came out empty-handed, and at times, with fewer people than had gone in. The mission was called off, and for three years nothing further was done about these strange disappearances. The topics of V-Centres and the catastrophe that had occurred became a topic only whispered amongst each other in the darkness, a memory none wanted to think of. The V-Centres stood unused – tall and haunting in the corners of the cities.