A Cruel Hand:

Tears slithering down your face,

Pain in your heart,

If you still have one, you know

It's not whole.

He's gone, again

But you're still crying over it

Your boss offers you a promotion,

If you sleep with him,

But in refusing

You lose your job

Sitting there, as your doctor tells you

You've got AIDS,

But then what did you expect

When you took him back

After he had half the people

In town?

The bills are still piling up,

On the kitchen table,

But you still can't pay them

You go to your mother's

For some consolation, some help,

For some hope

But you find her with your husband

And your father in the bottle

In the living room

Your mother has had an affair with your husband,

You can't pay your bills,

Your life is ending,

You're jobless,

You're loveless.

But you know it all comes down you who you are

But who are you?

Push has come to shove,

But where are you going to go?

What are you made of?

Life has dealt yet another cruel hand,

It's now your decision,

How to play that hand