Favourite Time of the Year


Autumn ended up writing a best seller autobiography based on her experiences with men. She continues to write her monthly column for Female Supremacy magazine.

Haydn finished his master's degree in law and is working for one of the top law firms of New York.

Mr. Bennett is currently in Atlanta, Georgia, working. Haydn chose not to follow him this time. And this time, he won the argument.

Beckett owns a boutique, selling handmade accessories, in her hometown. She is happily married to Joe and is expecting. Joe doesn't know it yet, but it's a girl. Beckett hopes to call her Charlie.

Joe has taken over his father's car repair shop.

Allison divorced David after eight solid months together. He had an affair with another woman. She gained custody of David Jr. She is now dating another guy whom Autumn doesn't care much for. Autumn fears that she will end up like their mother.

David Jr. is eleven years old now. His first word was 'Mummy'.

Mrs. Bailey continues to date at random. She has never found the perfect man for herself.

Mr. Bailey was never seen by his ex-wife and two daughters to this day. He is presumably living in an apartment in Canada with his new family: a wife and two boys.

Mitchell got into a fight with some college boys. This time, he wasn't as lucky, he suffered internal bleedings. The doctors couldn't save him in time.