Champagne Bubbles

Lonely, lonely soul
What has become of your world?
Golden it was like champagne bubble
Now lay in endless, eternal shadow

Quiet, quiet heart
He was the prayer that came true
The wounded angel who came to you
He who held you up to undying light

Lonely, lonely soul
Why now the tears cloud your eyes
Did the promises turned into lies
Your angel has healed and able to fly

Quiet, quiet heart
What have they all done to you?
Why do they hate a love that is true?
Your love for each other is made to fall

Lonely, lonely soul
Who shall bring you back to grace?
When you have lost in the bloody race
Of binding ties that were always frayed

Quiet, quiet heart
Your angel had his wings clipped
The champagne – poisoned and spilled
You wonder if you will again be whole

The light darkened
The shadow lengthened
Your glass has broken
Your faith is shaken
The champagne is poisoned
The bubbles burst