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Taming a Killer

By L'rein Vinalo

Chapter 2

James stood in the center of the huge track with a bored expression on his face. He watched his apprentice jog her fourth lap around and so far, the entire time he had spent with this woman consisted of him thinking of ways to make her and Luke's life a living hell. How could Luke do this to him? How could he pair him up with her, out of all people? James never had patience for newcomers, and to be stuck with one who did not even possess the basic knowledge of contract killing was degrading.

He saw her stumble a bit before quickly regaining posture. "Getting tired yet, Lebourne?" James called out loud enough for the woman to hear.

"No!" Dawn shouted as she panted heavily, clearly annoyed by his mocking.

"Well come on, you run like a sloth!" he shouted back, jogging over to her direction. He was pleased and amused by her pick up in speed. He could see the exhaustion and pain on her sweaty face and smirked. James caught up easily, now jogging next to her as his eyes were staring at her profile and not straight ahead. "Didn't think you'd be doing any running, eh?"

Dawn kept her eyes ahead of her, ignoring him as she concentrated on her breathing. Through her peripherals she could see him staring right at her and it had begun to bother her.

"Is this the fastest you can run?" James continued as he ran alongside of her. "Eighty percent of the work is spent in hiding to take down the target. The other twenty percent is spent running when you're spotted by either the target or other, in which ninety percent of the time they will be shooting at you. So if you don't want a dozen round of bullets imbedded in your," he couldn't help but take a gander, "tiny ass, I suggest you move it!"

He waited for Dawn to respond and smirked in approval when she said not a word to run faster, making his job a little easier. So far from what he'd observed, she was a quick learner like Luke had promised. Good, James thought. Since he was being paid, he'd make sure to give Luke his money's worth. He had a few things in store for this woman, but nothing ingenious as of yet. He would plan something particularly for Dawn Lebourne to test if she was worthy enough to be a professional killer.

Beads of sweat continuously ran down her flushed face as she let out rasping gasps. The cold weather felt slightly comforting, but she knew that she would have a cold later on for being out with nothing but a T-shirt and shorts. James wore a sweatshirt and jeans. She cursed at him silently, for he had failed to tell her that she would be training outside instead of inside a building. Dawn was ready to punch those ridiculous pair of sunglasses right off of his dark blond head.

She took a quick glance at him and couldn't believe that he wasn't sweating as bad as she was now. How the hell could he talk and run at the same time? To even think while running was already a challenge for her. She knew James was enjoying every minute of her suffering, and if he were to scream one more time in her ear she feared that she would lose her temper soon.

Time to take it up a notch, James thought to himself. He ran a little faster to get ahead by a few feet. He waited a bit, not wanting to look obvious and then suddenly brought his foot up in front of her, causing the woman to cry out as she tripped over.

Dawn rolled over in the grass a few yards into the cold, wet field before finally stopping. Her face was buried in the moist ground with her bottom high in the air, giving James a bird's eye view from where he now stood. He clasped his hands behind him as he made his way towards her direction. "Always be prepared," he preached, approaching slowly as she still lay face down on the ground. "If that were a bear trap, you'd be a goner."


James entered Luke's estate, driving a about half a mile down the private road from the intricate gate that granted him passage. He glanced at the woman next to him and rolled his eyes, finally pulling over in front of the mansion. He took a large swig from his water bottle, finishing the rest of its contents before tossing the now empty bottle in the back seat. Pulling out his car key, he stepped out the vehicle and approached the mahogany double doors to ring the bell.

To his surprise, Luke was the one to answer the door. "Where's the butler?"

"Gave him the week off." Luke frowned, realizing that James was not supposed to visit his home until later in the day. "Shouldn't you be training Lebourne?"

"I still am," James jerked his head toward his car, indicating that Dawn was sitting in the passenger seat. "We need to use your shooting range." Luke raised a brow, exiting his home as he took a peak at the woman in the car. He shook his head, seeing that she was asleep, maybe even unconscious with the way James must have worked her. "She couldn't take the heat."

"Well, are you going to bring her in, or not?"

James rolled his eyes, pivoting around to enter the mansion. There was no way in hell he would carry that woman inside. "I'm her trainer Luke, not her goddamn knight in shining armor."

Luke laughed, opening the car door to carry the unconscious woman. "Lucky for you, we're friends," he said loud enough for James to hear. "Anyone else would end up with a bullet up their ass." He shut the car door with his foot and carried her into his home, following James into the living room as he set her down on the large couch. "So what did you do to her?" he said as he took a seat beside James, taking the remote to turn the TV on. He flipped through a couple of channels and stopped at a basketball game.

"Honestly, not much," James started off while shaking his head, "all I did was made her run a few laps."

Luke scoffed, his eyes glued to the television. "And exactly how many laps, fifty? Did you trip her like you do the others?"

"I might have," the James answered, causing the older man to laugh. "She did alright though, for a baby. I'll have her run ten laps within the next two weeks, maybe more depending on how much she improves... I wonder if she's an animal lover," he wondered, lightly scratching the stubble on his chin. He sensed another potential plan in the works.

Luke turned to look at him in curiosity. "What?"

The younger man shrugged, "Just wondering."

Chuckling, Luke returned his eyes back to the screen, knowing he'd find out later once James carries out the plan. He glanced over at Dawn, wondering when she would wake up and was especially wondering if she would even have enough energy to get back to training for today. He knew it wouldn't matter anyway, for James would make her get back on her feet whether she wanted to or not. Poor child, he thought. "So, what else did you do to make her pass out?" he asked again, knowing there was probably more that James did not reveal.

James smirked, his eyes on the screen. "You know me too well…" he chuckled, "after I tripped her, she tried to attack me so I knocked her out. She's a feisty one." James stood up from the couch, stretching his arms as he looked down at his boss. "I'm going to do some practice shooting… kill some time before sleeping beauty wakes up. Want anything before I go on downstairs?"

Luke shook his head, "I'm good. Archer's on his way to use the shooting range as well so don't hog all the equipment."

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