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--Chapter 1--

"Damn, I hate projects," Riley thought to herself. It was 8pm already and she was still in school, sewing the dress for Home Economics. The whole thing was actually a group project. "Group project…" she thought again. "Yeah, right".

30 minutes later, she started fixing her things. The field lights were still on. Wondering who was still there, she went down to check. The moment her shoes set foot on the greenery, a ball came straight to her face.


Riley fell to the ground with her world spinning. At one moment, she even thought she was seeing stars. Then, she felt footsteps approaching. Someone was panting. She couldn't see who it was but she felt the person's hot breathe on her face.

"Oh my god, are you alright?!" She realized that it was a guy's voice. She KNEW this voice.

Before she could reply, she felt herself being carried. A moment later, she felt hard, cold metal on her back. "I'm on the bleachers," she mused. After a while, Riley finally sat up. She was face to face with the sucker who hit her face.

"Hey, Riley," he said. His voice was just pure worried.

"Hey, yourself!" She wanted to slap him in the face, but she couldn't.

John helped her stand up. Riley was still feeling a bit woozy. Somehow, John's arms felt comfortable around her.

"I am SOOO sorry for hitting you!" John was apologizing to her like anything. She knew he was sincere. She knew that she would just have to forgive him.

"I can kill you right now, actually," she replied to him. "Why are you practicing so late anyway?"

"I should be asking you that question!" he shot back. Then he caught sight of the dress a few meters away. He just answered his own question. "Never mind."

The two of them stood up, ready to go home. John helped Riley pick up her stuff, and then got his ball. They started walking towards home.

After a long duration of silence…

"Aren't you going to even shower? Or just change?" Riley asked John.

"No… I'm going home anyway," was his blunt reply.


"Riley, you still haven't forgiven me for hitting you."

"John, give me one reason I should."

They were already by Riley's front porch. John concentrated hard and thought. As he was about to open his mouth to say something, Riley had already closed her door on him.

He was the least bit shocked when she did this. "Good night, Riley," he muttered under his breathe. Slowly, he walked to his own house.

--end of Chapter 1--

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