Ownership: I hearby declare this to be my own fiction. All characters were made up by me and ideas from friends and family. (Although, I may have gotten som ideas from other authors or films but not so much that you would see me as a copy-cat)

Summary:Everything seemed to be normal. Normal school, normal girls and boys. But they were everything But normal...All because of a magical book and a friend that turned out to be a little crazy, a great witch and leader.

Authors note: I use a few latin expressions but I'm not sure if I translated them correctly. I only read the swedish translation. But it is pretty much the same. Also, I started writing on this when I was about 13 years old so it might be a little childish or wierd from time to time...at least in the beginning. Anyways! I hope you'll like it! Enjoy! D

'Also' authors note: Okay, so this is just the pilot episode. Just read it through, I would love to get your oppinion on every single detail. (Okay, not every single detail, but those who you think needs working on.) Also, plz read the text at the bottom, too. Not many people notice those words that are written there.

Black Knights Vol. 1

The Beginning

She was walking down the street.

She looked like any other girl that you would see when you're out walking.

She had long, darkbrown hair and cat-looking, dark eyes.

Her lips were dark pink, almost red by nature and her cheekbones really made her look asian.

Allthough not completely. She had this sort of beauty that made sure she wouldn't walk into a room without getting any attention.

She wasn't that tall. 1.68 maybe 1.69. Maybe that was tall, but not with the people she knew.

Everybody else was taller than her. But she would never focus on such a small thing.

Her appearance at first could seem very dark and yet attractive.

There had never been complaints of her looks before and she was happy with herself, you could see that by the way she usually walked.

But none of this mattered now.

Soon, she would have more problems than she could count.

The sun was shining and the birds were singing.

It was a lovely day.

But it was all interrupted as five masked people suddenly appeared in front of her at the street.

As if this was something that happened to her every day, she stopped and smirked.

"So you finally managed to locate me."

A man, who seemed to be the leader stepped up and stopped only a few inches from her.

"Indeed. It was like a game. Even so, you were hard to locate, though. You never stay in one place long enough for us to find you."

She shrugged her shoulders. "I let my guard down, I guess. Let us get this over with before people starts showing up."

Not much has to be said to explain what happened next.

There would be no words to describe it, either.

The most simple words to describe it are that flashes of lightning was shot back and forth.

She had the misfortune of getting hit a couple of times before she fell to her knees.

"Damn it." she muttered.

"She's down! Get the disc! And look for the book!"" the leader of the group called.

They started walking towards her and she managed to get up on one knee.

She stretched her arm out against them and exclaimed.

"Sat sapienti! Enough for the wise one!"

They froze. They couldn't move an inch.

The leader of the group walked up to her again, a mockingly smile on his lips.

"You are wise...for a newbie...But beware, witch...For I am Yin, the one with the other book. And I will not let some little girl get what rightfully is mine."

"I am not some little girl. And I will not be called Yang, just to suit your style."

He took a few steps back and laughed.

"You better watch out...Santa isn't the only one who's keeping an eye on you."

As people started showing up, Yin and the others were gone.

And no matter how hard she looked, there wasn't one single trace that they had ever been there.

She was alone.




She had to give everything she had to even walk.

Despite her effort, she couldn't walk without support from the housewall.

Soon, she thought, she would be by the door.

She didn't even notice how lovely the weather was.

Birds were singing, the sun was shining and she was only a few feet from the door.

She stumbled over nothingness on the ground before she reached her hand out and rang the doorbell.

Alexandra opened the door.

She blinked when she saw her, suprised.

"Sara? Hi."

"Hi..." she answered and stumbled inside.

"Umm...Are you allright?"

She pulled her jacket off. "Yeah, sure, whatever...I'm fine."

She lit up and grabbed her arm.

It was rare that any of them had time to meet after school.

"Alright, then. Let's go into my room."

As her arm was pulled at, she gave up a sound that reminded of something that would come from a cat in agony before she pulled it back.

Alexandra turned against her and she saw how she really worked hard to even stand up straight.

Her mother, Lola turned away from the dishes and looked concerned. "Are you drunk?"

Sara tried smiling but it turned out extremley crooked.

"No, not at all...Only...idiots...drink...puhh!" as she spoke, she pushed her hand against her ribs and gave up a relieved sigh.

Alexandra chuckled. "Oh, come on, mom. You know Sara would never drink"


"Huh?" she turned back to Sara.

Something was dripping from her fingers and she took her arm again.

Sara's eyes widened and she gasped as she pulled her arm back. "Don't do that!"

"I knew it! You're hurt!"

Lola whiped her hands off on a towel. "What?"

Alexandra turned to her mother, held her hand up and showed what she had discovered.

"Blood! She's seriously hurt, mom!"

"Oh, dear..."

Sara slowly swung back and forth and they weren't sure if they should support her or not.

"Oh, crap..." she muttered before she fell to the floor.

The mother and her daughter leaned the young girl against the wall.

Lola slowly lifted her shirt to reveal the wounds.

She really was badly hurt.

"What in the world could have made these marks?" Lola mumbled, mostly to herself.

"A dagger? A gun?" Alexandra suggested.

Her mother shook her head, thinking deeply. "It dosen't resemble any knife or gun injury I've ever seen before. During my years in medical-school and as a nurse, never have I seen such a thing."

"How bad is it?"

Lola was now wery unsure of what to say. "Well...Her arm is hurt, so is her leg and she's bleeding from the side. And there's a severe wound that goes from her bellybutton and halfaway around her hip."

They noticed her clothes were completely soiled with blood.

She didn't really listen to them, either. Everything they said dissappeared in a blurr.

But their next words got her attention.

"Maybe we should call the police?.."

She opened her eyes and sat up straight, looking panicked.

"No! No, no, no, no! No police!"

"There, there. Calm down now."

Lola leaned her back against the wall.

"We have to call an ambulance, at least." she tried.

"No...No ambulance...They'll take one look and call the cops..."

"You don't want them to find out? Is that correct?"

She slowly nodded and Lola turned to her daughter. "Alright. Get me the first-aid kit. And a needle, a lighter and some whisky."

"A needle and whisky? This isn't going to be very fun, is it?"

"Alexandra!" her mother said sharply.

"Alright, alright...I'm going..." she muttered.


Lola was studying to be a doctor.

She didn't want to be a nurse for the rest of her life even though being a nurse was a repectalbe job, also.

She didn't blink twice when she put the needle in the flame from the lighter.

While she did that, Sara swallowed a very big glass of liquor and grimaced when she saw what the mother of her friend was doing.

Her next move surprised the two teenagers.

She handed the needle over to her daughter.

"Here, you do it."

"Say, what?! But...But, mom!"

"You know I can't stand the sight of blood! Don't worry, I'll lead you through it."

"Ehmm...Sure...Some future doctor, huh?"

Sara smirked at her and nodded. "It's okay. I belive you'll do great."

"Y-you do? T-that's good, cause I don't belive that."

This made Sara laugh and that resulted in blood running down her chin.

"Calm down, calm down..."

And she stung her with the needle, not getting one sound from her friend.

Although, she did grab ahold of Lola's hand and refused to let go for a very long time.


About an hour later, Alexandra exclaimed with triumph.

"There! All done!"

Sara started coughing again and took a bowl of water and drank it.

"Hot water." her friend commented.

She immediatley spitted the water out and started coughing violently.

"Alex, what the hell!" she exclaimed.

"Calm down." she said.

"You're crazy!" Sara commented angrily before she took a look at the stitches.

Alexandra smiled, proudly. "It's good, huh?"

"It's crooked." she said shortly.

She glared at her. "It would've been straight if you hadn't moved."

"Whatever...I should leave..."

"No, you shouldn't! You're staying here tonight! Right, mom?"

Lola looked up from her medical-book.

"Of course."


Alexandra helped her to get to her room.

As she was placed in the bed, she tried to talk to her.

"If you don't mind me asking...What made you think of coming here? Why didn't you go home?"

She sighed and leaned against the pillows.

She thanked heavens for the miracle of warm clothes. She had gotten a new set to walk around in without risking getting the stitches messed up.

She looked like the weight of the world had been placed on her shoulders. And she looked just as tired as if it was that way.

And yet, she managed to pick up something from her pocket.

A very small disc. It looked very old, like it had been made several hundred of years earlier. But it also looked very beautiful.

There werent words to really describe the disc. If you have ever seen a sword from the bottom, you may notice a small round thing in the bottom. The disc in her hand seemed to be coming from a sword of some sort.

In any case, it made Alexandra wonder.

"What is that?"

Suddenly, the disc levitated from her hand, up and into the air. It was spinning around and she couldn't belive her own eyes as a magnificant sword suddenly appeared for a brief moment.

She couldn't belive what she just saw. She gasped, and crawled backwards where she was sitting.

"This is part to why I came here...That, and this..."

She reached out her hand against a dead plant that was standing in the window.

Alexandra didn't know what to do of herself when the plant suddenly started growing and spurting back to life.

"Wha? Wha, wha, wha?"

Sara sighed and let her hand sink back to the mattress.

"What?..B-but, how...How did you?.." Alexandra studdered.

Sara sighed again. She looked very tired and seemed to be sleeping allready.

She smiled, looking sad.

"It's not as complicated as you'd think, actually...It all started with that book..."

Suddenly, the room started changing.

Alexandra crawled closer to her friend as Sara revealed her story.

Story mode

She was in the library.

As usual, she looked for a new book to read.

Suddenly, one of the bookshelfs seemed to move and she turned around.

Everything was normal. Nobody was around, which wasn't unusual so she walked up to one of the bookshelves and tried looking behind it.

There was no space between the wall and the shelves.

Then, one of them seemed to move again. It moved in a way that made it look like someone tried to push their way out from behind it.

She slowly walked closer to the shelve and moved it a few inches from the wall.

How she managed to move the extremley heavy bookshelve will never be explained correctly, but as she managed to move it, she saw a book behind it.

"Oh, you poor thing...Who left you here all alone like this?.."

She took the book and walked to the counter.

"Excuse me, but I would like to borrow this book."

The librarian checked in the back of the book and shook her head. "This book dosen't belong to this library. Someone must have left it here. We can keep it here in case the owner shows up..."

She grabbed the book back. "Um, no. I can keep it. If someone asks for it, tell me about it and I'll give it back"

The image changed and she was sitting by a desk in her room.

The book was on her bed, looking harmless.

Suddenly, it moved and Sara looked up from her notes and turned around in the chair.

The book was not moving. Everything was perfectly normal.

She shook her head and turned back.

As the book moved again, it slided down to the floor and made a loud sound.

This time, she stood up and turned around. The sudden sound had scared her.

The book was opened.

"That's wierd..."

She bent down and was about to pick it up as it moved again. "Whoa! What the hell?"

She kneeled and saw the text. And she smirked as she started reading outloud.

"A brief gust of wind, a beat of a heart. The powers will now be mine. Magic and body, become as one. Heart, throb. Mind, think. Voices of sisters and brothers shall live within me. The end of the sentence is the end. God, that's lame!" she laughed.

She turned the page and put her hand on the book.

Suddenly, the book lit up and allmost blinded her.

This event made her gasp and she tried her hardest to pull her hand away from the book. But it was stuck to the book and the book to the floor.

Everything went quiet for a brief moment before the powerful light came back in an explosion.

She started screaming.

The sound could make your bones freeze to ice. It was a sound filled with fear and pain.

Something was being carved into the walls.

It was bloodred text and she saw what it said.

Mortal. You have read the words from the book of Yang's magic. You will be punished with the torments of the world. You will be given a choice.

"I don't want to! I don't want to!" she screamed as she tried getting her hand away from the pages of the book.

The book lit up again and she screamed with pain.

New words were carved into the walls.

Choose our gift or die, mortal.

She screamed for a long time. Cried. Tried getting her hand away again but got punished for trying.

This continued untill she finally gave up.

She sank to the floor, as if she was begging or praying.

"Please...I beg of you...I don't want to...I don't want to die...I choose the gift..."

Everything went quiet and she looked up. Everything was back to normal and she could finally take her hand away.

Suddenly, the whole room lit up with thunder, fire and ice. They were all shoved into her body like knifes.

Her eyes widened, her pupils got small and she stood on her knees.


Oh, God it hurt! Her scream wasn't even close to describing the pain she now went through.

Once again, everything went quiet.

She was sitting by the wall, her hand grasping her left breast to make her heart stop beating so fast. She looked terrified as she stared at the book, who had returned to looking innocent.

She looked at her free hand. Her fingertips were sparkling and she could feel the magic rushing through her body faster than her blood rushed through her weins.

"What?..What have I done?.."

End of storymode

As soon as everything had turned back to normal in her room, Alexandra stared out into mid air. Then at her young friend.

"What...was all that?"

She got no answer. Sara seemed to be deeply asleep.

But suddenly, her lips moved.

"That was the truth...No cencor added...I'm sorry, Alexandra...But I'm going to fall asleep now..."

Alexandra slowly got up and looked out through the window. It was dark outside and the stars lit up the sky.

She noticed the floating disc had placed itself over Sara's heart and slowly seemed to dissappear into the skin.

"Good night, Sara...I hope you have pleasant dreams tonight..."


It was probably several hours before the sun would go up.

She muttered some bad words in her sleep.

"Can't you even let me sleep in peace?.."

Dream mode.

She turned around on the dark field.

"Yin! Answer me!"

She was surrounded in a circle of light and a stranger in a mask stepped into the light with a handsome smile on his face.

"What can I say? I love to tease you. You get so pissed off and you look so sweet when you do. You're like a wild-cat."

"I am not!" she objected.

He chuckled and got closer to her.

"Sure you are...And also..."

He was very close now. Close enough to lift her chin so that her lips were close to his own.

She stared into his eyes behind the black mask. Those eyes that were so dark, there werent even a little white in them. Probably part of the magic behind him.

This made it impossible to see who he was. The eyes could revea a person's souls, as some dead guys probably had said once.

Now, he whispered to her.

"You are the prettiest little wild-cat I have even met."

She took a step back. "I am not little! I am just as grown-up as you are!"

"Of course you are. So, how old are you, wild-cat?"

She looked down. "Fourteen..." she mumbled.

She could see it in her mind how he smiled mochingly at her so she quickly added. "But I'll turn fifteen in November."

He sighed and shook his head. "That's too bad. I thought we could have some fun."

She tilted her head. "What do you mean?"

He smirked and shook his head again. "Nevermind. You'll figure it out about five years from now."

Her eyes widened.

"Sex. You wan't sex?" she said it as if she was afraid her mother would hear her.

He laughed.

That made her clinch her fists and take a step towards him.

"You're just like any of the other guys! It won't be long before I have sex, and when that happens - Yin - It will not be with you! I wouldn't sleep with you even if you were the last functioning man on Earth!"

He looked impressed. "Oh, really? I love a challange, wild-cat. I'll have you soon enough, just to prove I can."

She turned her back against him.

"Did you bring me here jst to piss me off, Yin?" she muttered.

He got serious.

"No, I didn't. There is something that I felt you need to know."

She turned back to him. "Why would you help me?"

"As you may allreadey know, since you have the other book. Our powers have quite the history behind them. You should know that. I got four people to share my powers with. You should hurry up and find the ones who were meant to share yours."

"Why should I? They're my powers!"

He smiled gently. "I know they are. But wouldn't it be easier to share this burden with your equals? At least untill it's all over?"

She thought his words through for a couple of minutes. Then, she nodded.

"You're right. I haven't read the book to the end yet, but I know what will happen if I don't do as you say. I know a witch can go crazy with this amount of power."

"Hey, you can be pretty smart when you try." he teased her.

"Why, you!.." she started.

He got close again. He lifted her chin up and looked into her eyes.

At least she thought so, it was impossible to see any pupils.

"You're so sweet...little wild-cat..." he whispered.

She could feel her feet leaving the ground as their lips got closer. "Remember, wild-cat...I see you..."

He tilted his head slightly as their lips were close enough for her to taste his breath.

"...but you don't see me..."

"Wait, don't-"

End of dream mode


She sat up in the bed.

"Ouch!" she hissed and pressed her arms around her gut as she let her body sink back on the bed.

She was awake. The pain rushing through her body made that clear to her.

She held her arms around herself.

Even though it was warm in the room, she was freezing.

The door was slightly opened and Alexandra peeked in.

"I thought you could use a blanket..."

Sara smiled and sat up straight.

"You read my mind."

Alexandra put a blanket on the bedend before she reached her hand out.

"Come on, let's make some hot chocholate."



"So, what woke you up?"

Sara held on to her cup of hot chocholat like it was her lifeline. At least the heat from it helped a little.

"A dream. Yin honoured me with a not so dreamy visit."

Alexandra sat down in front of her, smiling lightly.

"But that's not why you're so sad, is it?"

She shook her head.

"Then, what is it?"

Sara looked into the cup with empty eyes.

"'Aliis si licet, tibi non licet'…'Even it if is permitted for others, it is not permitted for you'...That's what the book said..."

"I didn't know you knew latin."

She shook her head and sighed.

"There's alot of things that I can do...and can't do..."

"So, what does it mean?"

"I am not to love anyone...ever..."

She looked up and smiled at Alexandra.

Her best friend.

"But it's late. Let's go back to bed, shall we?"


As she woke up, it was morning.

To look at the watch at the wall would be useless. It didn't work. But it was kind of nice. It gave the room a ceartain atmosphere

Like there was no time in here.

With many old-person-like sounds, she got out of the bed.

Alexandra was in the kitchen, making breakfast.

Sara sat down by the table and greeted the family's black poodle as she jumped up into her lap. "Hey there, honey." she cuddled with her.

She looked up at the watch on the wall. It showed it was six thirty in the morning.

"Isn't your family home?"

"Nope. Mom has the morning-shift on the hospital, dad is on a conference and Mikey slept over at a friends house. Eggs or toast?"

"Toast, thanks."


Sara smiled at her.



Alexandra poured her some tea as she was eating her toast.

"So, tell me now. What does that thing you said mean?"

She looked at her before she took a sip of her tea.

"I said it. I am not to love anyone, ever. Simple as that."

"But that dosen't seem fair! You can't love at all? Not your family and your friends?"

"No. I can't be bound to anyone. It's unacceptable. As I said. 'Aliis si licet, tibi non licet'…'Even it if is permitted for others, it is not permitted for you'."

Alexandra shook her head.

"But there is another expression that says: 'Si vis amari, ama''If you wish to be loved, love'."

"'Suus cuique mos''Every one has their custom'."

"But, 'Stat sua cuique dies, breve et irreparabile tempus omnibus est vitae''The day is decided for each, the lifetime is short and unreplacable for all'. And 'Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes''It is foolish to fear what you can't avoid'. You can't avoid to fall in love."

Sara smirked.

"I'd forgotten you knew latin."

She smiled, flattered.

"I'm learning."

Sara sighed and put her hand over her heart.

Alexandra remembered what she had seen the day before. The disc that dissappeared into Sara's heart.

The mere thought of it made her uncomfortable.

"That disc scared me...I am frightened by it..."

She took another sip of her tea before she nodded, agreeing.

"You should be. It's very dangerous even though it's so small."

Alexandra's eyes widened as she saw tears running down her cheeks.

"It's such a burden, Alexandra. I wish I could share it with someone, like Yin did. But it's a very hard way to go before I can do that."

The eldest of the two girls swallowed her breath as she gave what she was about to say one more thought.

"If you want...I could share it with you..."

She looked up, her eyes were dark.

"I could never ask that of you...I don't want you to suffer like I did..."

They both sat quiet for a long time. Looked away. Avoided each others eyes.

"But...if you want to...You can help me with the spell to split the power."

Her words made Alexandra light up.

"Yeah? Are we gonna use black magic?"

She was very excentric.

Sara smirked. "Well...Not really. Black magic is something I can't use unless I'm in a lethal situation. I'm going to use strong magic, but not black magic."

"Oh..." she looked dissappointed.

The face she made made Sara laugh.

"We're not taking over the world, Alexandra. We're just going through with a little spell. You still wanna help me?"

Alexandra smirked and looked up at her.

"Of course I do."


"Sara, are you sure this is right?"

Alexandra sat on the floor while Sara made a ring around her with some wierd-looking sand.

"I'm absolutely sure. Now, sit still."

"But why do I have to sit here? I mean, you're the one doing the spell, right?"

Sara smirked.

"Of course I am. But I have to measure the size of the ring and you're just a little bigger than me. Get it?"

"Sure. But to change the subject...What is this stuff? It smells funny."

"The sand? Just some stuff..."

"Stuff like?"

Sara avoided looking at her.

"Trust me on this one, Alexandra. You don't wanna know."

She swallowed and changed the subject again.

"So, Sara. How are you going to know who these people you're splitting your powers with are?"

She hesitated for a brief moment.

"Well, different witches reacts differently. This hasn't happned in a very long time so I'm not really sure what will happen to me."

"How may you react, then?"

"I think that I read some witches get drousy when around the people who shares her magic. Others behave crazy, like they're on drugs. Some get's really happy and friendly. Others just falls asleep."

The circle was allmost closed now.

"There. Now slowly get out of the circle."

She did as she was told and as Sara took her place, her facial-expression was excited.

"And now what?"

"Now you must close the circle. The jar is over there."


She slowly started filling in the blanks.


She looked up. "Yes?"

Sara hesitated but continued.

"Even if this spell is small, I'm still taking a risk...since I'm new at this and easely loose controll."

She tilted her head. "What do you mean?"

She sighed and pointed at a sharp letter opener.

"If anything goes wrong, I want you to use that."

Alexandra took a step back.

"What? You're kidding, right? You are kidding...right?.."

She shook her head, concerned how this would all end.

"If I could do this alone, I would." she said as she saw how Alexandra seemed to be close to tears.


She sighed and explained.

"All magic is dangerous, Alexandra. You can be easely seduced and you allways risk getting devoured by it. If that happens, I want you to use that knife."

Alexandra was paler than she usually was and she was backing towards the door.

Sara's eyes got hard and the door slammed shut. Alexandra was terrifyed but yet hypnotized by her eyes.

"Alexandra, you have to do this for me."

Even if her voice was calm, every single word sounded like a threat. She managed to blink and the hypnosis was broken. She swallowed and shook her head.

"I don't understand this, Sara. Why would you be devoured by magic? And if so, why do I have to use the knife?"

Sara sighed and looked down at her legs, that were crossed. She closed her eyes and sat quiet for some time.

Then, she looked up again. Her eyes now warm and calming.

"Alexandra. If the magic devours me, I'll lose my mind. Come on now, you know this stuff. You've read thousands of books about it. What happens when a witch loses her mind?"

She got stared at.

Not untill now, she really let it sink in.

Her friend was a witch. She could do spells and make amazing things happen.

The only problem that she could find herself have with this was that she was so young. Fourteen years old. And yet she was sitting in that circle, as serious as death itself.

She probably had to grow up twice as fast when she was given these powers.

"I-if a witch loses her mind...she could take advantage of her gifts and...and..."

Sara nodded.

"Yes. She could destroy the world. Attack innocent people. Apart from jealousy, insanity is the most dangerous illness. I don't ever want to have that happen to me. I do not wish harm upon anyone."

Alexandra gave up a great sigh and nodded.

"I understand. I'll do as you say."

"Good. Now take the knife and hold on to it as you close the circle."

Now, her eyes had gone back to being hard and without mercy and she wasn't sure if the softness in Sara's voice and the gentle look in her eyes just now was just a way to trick her into doing this.

"Alright. Let's get started then, shall we?"


"Oka-ay!..hmm...how was that spell again?.."

Alexandra stood with her back pushed against the door, staring at her best friend. Amazed that this was actually happening.

The serious, devoted witch from a few minutes ago had...

Forgotten the words.

Sara counted on her fingers and looked troubled.

"Hm? Oh!"

She looked as if she had come up with something. Then, she seemed to change her mind and she scratched her head, smiling with her cheeks slightly red.

"I don't remember..."

Alexandra's eyes widened. She could not belive this.

As Sara saw the look she got, she cleared her throat and got back into serious-mode.


Alexandra sighed.

"No, wait! I got it!..No, I didn't...ehm..."

"Oh, come on!"

"Sorry...I just figured it out...there..."

She closed her eyes and concentrated.

"I got it...I know the words..." she whispered.


She was thrown back into the wall and she dropped the knife.


She looked over at her friend, who was still sitting calmly in the circle. But nothing else was calm in the room. Everything was flying around, it was like gravity had ceased to exist.

She was absolutely sure that it had when she started flowing in the air.

"Whoaa! Sara, will you finish up, allready?!"

Sara got an irritated wrinkle between her eyebrows. Other than that, there was no reaction.

The knife passed close to Alexandra's face, allmost cutting it.

This made her clinch her fists and screaming at her younger friend.

"Sara! Finish up, for crying out loud"

Sara opened her eyes and turned her head to her floating friend.

"Will you keep your mouth shut? This is a very complicated spell." she roared.

Alexandra blushed and kept her mouth shut.

"Thank you. Now, let me get back to my space."

Everything froze in the middle of the air. Thank God I didn't wear a skirt today, Alexandra thought where she was frozen in the middle of the air, up-side-down.

She managed to think a few thoughts while she was up there, while all her blood was rushing to her head that is.

Wasn't she supposed to be chanting or something? Her lips were moving so maybe she was. She wondered who would get to share the magic with her. Or rather, which ones? According to Sara, there would be several people. Would they know before it happened? Were they destined to be the ones to stand by her side? Was everything written in that book she kept talking about? What was written in that book, anyways? Could it really be that there were only two?

Why did people eat dogs in that country which she didn't know the name of? If you could eat dogs, does that mean you could eat cyotes, too?

Kittens are cute. I wonder if you could make a cute puppykittie?

"Okay, I think that was all the words."


There was a loud thumping and bamming as she hit the floor again. "Oww..."

Sara slowly got out of the circle before picking up a match-box, ligtning a match and throwing it on the sand.

"What're you doing?" Alexandra muttered from the floor.

"The magical ingredients are no longer pure. They have to be burned on the spot or evil spirits may escape."

Alexandra slowly got up, wobbling on her steps. "You're just making that up, arent you? You're just showing off."

Sara smirked. "So what if I am?"

She stared at her for a few minutes while the flames on the carpet grew. Then, she turned away, found a fire-extinguisher and attacked the fire with it. "That's what I have to say about you showing off."

Sara shrugged her shoulders. "Whatever. Doing magic makes me hungry."

She walked out through the doow, flapping her arms into the air.

"Let's go out for dinner!" she exclaimed.

Alexandra was right behind her.

"Sara, it's ten in the morning."

She smiled and turned to her slapping her fist into her hand.

"You're right, Alexandra."

She took a step back and pointed towards the sky. It kind of reminded Alexandra of a comical version of a pirate telling his mates to aim for a hidden treasure.

Or something like that.

"You are very right, Alexandra. It is ten in the morning. Which means..."

She turned away from her, making a dramatic gesture.

"Happy hour!" She exclaimed and destroyed the peace and quiet that day.

Alexandra shook her head.

My God, the world was in for a big surprise.



They both glared into eachothers eyes. Green glaring into the depts of brown.

Their hands were entwined and shaking.




"Aow! Dammit!"

She lit up and was now bouncing up and down the chair.

"Ha, ha! I beat you! I beat you! I am the true master of arm-wrestling!"

They were sitting in a diner, by the corner table.

There were three of them. One girl and two boys. Which one of them had just been beaten by the girl.

She was doing a very exaggerated victory-dance.

"I beat Victor, I beat Victor, I beat Victor." she sang.

"You're a monster, Jean." Victor muttered.

J.K sat down next to him, staring at him with empty eyes. "Maybe you're just a whimp, did you ever think of that?"

"Shut up and sympathise with me, will you? My arm is broken, here."

He tilted his head. His voice was just as empty as his eyes.

"What? You wan't me to kiss your boo-boo all better?"

They knew that was counted as sarcasm. Allthough if an outsider had been watching them, they wouldn't have been able to tell the difference.

Instead of sympathising with his 'injured' friend, he turned to face Jean as he put his arm on the table.

"Let me have it, darling."

She smiled, victory in her eyes. "Sure thing, baby."

They grabbed eachothers hands and the game began.

The hands were, once again shaking with the effort of breaking the other one down.

"You're truly emotionless, J.K." Jean said.

A normal human being would smirk at a time like this. But there were no reaction whatsoever.

"Maybe I am."


Once again, Jean was on her feet doing her victory-dance. "Oh, I am good at this!"

J.K started massaging his fingers.

"That kinda hurt. And you say I have no emotions."

She bashed her eyelashes at him. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't notice how much pain I was causing you by looking at that blank face of yours."

The bell at the door gave up a sound as two more people came in.

"Hey, Alexandra! Sara! Over here!"

The girls walked over to them.

Sara sat down next to Jean and Alexandra dragged a chair to the table and sat down. "Hey, guys. What's up?"

"Jean broke my arm." Victor complained.

"Really? That is so cool, can I see?"

"No, you cannot. Leave me alone."

Jean giggled. "He's just pissed cause he lost to a girl."

A man came up to their table.

"Good morning, my ladies and gentlemen. What can I give you today?"

"Ice?" Victor suggested to J.K, who nodded that he agreed.

"You're so sweet, Al. I don't think we would need any of your sweets, that's how sweet you are." Sara flirted.

Alexandra remained calm and cool. "We'll have the usual, thank you, Al."

He nodded and walked away.

Al was the owner of this diner. It was a combined café, diner, candy-shop and resturant. All owned by himself. They had been going here for forever. And the delicious food and pasterys werent the only reason for that.

Al was a very handsome man.

Or rather, he was the most gorgeous man walking on this green planet called Earth!

As they seemed to be alone, Sara started acting wierd again.

Allthough, Sara was allways wierd.

But this was different.

She started hugging Jean and looked at Victor and J.K like she was going to jump and kiss them.

"I love you guys, you know that?"

"Sara, get off me. Are you high or drunk or something?"

"You'd think that, wouldn't you." Alexandra mumbled as they got what they had ordered.

"I'm sorry, you guys. I just feel all dreamy when I'm with you. Really happy, ya know?"


'Some witches get's drousy when around the people who shares her magic. Others behave crazy, like they're on drugs. Some get's really happy and friendly. Others just fall asleep.'

No, this couldn't be.

Jean gave up a shriek.

"Sara, don't fall asleep over your cace! You'll get cream all over yourself!"

"So sleepy..." Sara mumbled as Jean shook her.

'Others just fall asleep.'

Oh, damn. It could be. And it was going to be wether she liked it or not.

Crap! I better get them all out of here so Sara can tell them properly. she thought.

"Ehm...You guys, let's get Sara out in the air. Maybe we should go into the woods, you know the woods allways make her stay up."

They all agreed to her.

J.K lifted Sara up in one swift motion and they all left the diner.

"Cace for the pretty ladyyyy..." Sara howled in her sleep.

Alexandra sighed.

This was going to be harder than she thought.


"Sara, wake up now. Time to wake up."

Jean tried her very best to sound gentle.

But, like other teenagers, she didn't have the patience to wait. So she simply slapped Sara til she woke up.

"Whaddup..." she asked in a drugged voice.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Are you on something?"

She shrieked when Sara hugged her leg.

"Hey, let go!"

"I love you all soooo much."

Alexandra swallowed and walked up to her friend, making her stand up.

"Okay, obviously this isn't working out."

She took a deep breath. In and out. In and out.

The she screamed right into her face.

"Happy hour!"

Sara's eyes flew wide open.

"Wha? Say wha? Where?"

"You encourage her to drink?" Victor hissed.

"Of course not! She's never had a drink in her short little life. I don't know why, but it seems to get her spirit up to say that."

Whatever it was behind those words, it had woken Sara up and she was now staring at each and every one of them.

"Hey, I know where I've senced this before. Alexandra, they're it. I found them. Man, I'm good!"

Victor sat down, glaring and J.K didn't seem to be listening.

Sara jumped up and down with joy.

"It's them! I found them! My group! My possy! My gang! My scoobs!"

"Does anybody know what the hell she's talking about?" Victor asked, looking irritated and tired.

Alexandra noticed they were all looking at her now and she shook her head.

"Don't look at me. Sara's the one with powers here."

She spinned around a few times, making herself dizzy before falling to the ground.

Nobody bothered helping her up.

She remained on her back, looking up at the treetops and the blue sky.

"Let me give you the scoop. I'll have to do it all over again, but I don't think Alexandra will mind." she said.

And then she started her story.


Victor was walking back and forth, talking in an unknown language to himself.

His golden hair seemed to be glimming in the sunlight. He was very upset.

J.K chose to sit on a big rock and stare into nothingness, not really caring about what was happening as long as it didn't involve himself.

Jean was trying very hard not to do her victory-dance. She was a witch! A friggin witch! She had awesome powers! She could be a super hero! Or rather, a super wicca! How cool was that on a scale of one to ten?

Alexandra had chosen to sit a little aside, since she felt she had nothing to do with this. Allthough, maybe a little bit of dissappointment was sneaking into her system. She had been Sara's friend for much longer than these kids. So why had they been chosen and not her?

Indeed, it was a little unfair.

But just a little.

"Okay! You guys ready to recieve your powers?" Sara suddenly asked, interrupting everybodys train of thoughts.

"Sure thing, baby!" Jean exclaimed, extremely happy about everything and everyone.

Victor stopped in his paste of walking back and forth and J.K didn't seem to react at all.

Sara was very excited about all of this, you could see it in her eyes.

"Awright! Let's start with Victor, shall we? Come here."

He walked up to her, like a man would.

He took a deep breath, like a man would.

He prepared himself for the worst, just like a man would.

Sara did a strange movement above her heart. And suddenly, there seemed to be like a whole in her body as a red stray of her heart flew out, trapped between her index finger and her middle finger.

It sort of looked like a shining, red thread.

It turned into a magnificent sword.

He took another deep breath, like a man would.

He took yet another deep breath, like a man would.

At last he started whimping, like a little girl would.

That's where his pride ran away and hid behind nearest tree.

"Now, Victor. I am going to cut you with this. Then, you will recieve your powers."

She prepared to showe the sword into him as he stopped her.

"Wait, wait, wait!"

She stopped, surprised. "Yes?"

"This sword will give me powers if I am the right person to recieve them, right?"

She nodded, smiling.



Again, she was about to stab him as he exclaimed once again.

"Wait, wait, wait!"

She looked surprise again.


He swalloed the even more pathetic whimpers that threatened to escape his lips.

"W-what if I'm not one of your chosen ones?"

She shrugged her shoulders.

"Then you'll die a very painful death. Come now."

He gulped and nodded. "Okay, do it."

She raised the sword.

He shut his eyes as he heard the swishing sound of it.


"There, what? Am I split in two?" he whimpered.

He heard Sara laugh and he opened his eyes and looked down on his belly.

She had cut his shirt open and next to his belly button was a small cut with extremely little blood running from it.

She looked very pleased with her work.

"What? That's it? A little scratch?"

She nodded. "Yeah, what did you think, that I was gonna stab you in the gut? I just need a few drops of your blood for the sword."

They could all see the little amount of blood, that was on the tip of the sword before dissappearing into it.

"But what about my powers?"

"Right. Your powers are right here, you see."

She slowly raised her hand, put her index finger out and slowly let it touch the middle of his chest.

A sudden flash before the mark of Yin and Yang appeared exactly where her finger was placed.

Sara smirked lightly.

"There. I knew your power would be special."

He placed his hand over his chest, surprised of the warmth that seemed to be spreading from the very spot Sara had just touched. He could actually feel how his body starte glistening, how his hair got a little lighter and how his eyes started shining with the light of someone who can do anything.

"What exactly is it that I can do, Sara?"

She shrugged her shoulders.

"Teleportation will be your main power..."

"What about me, Sara? What about me?" Jean asked, jumping up and down with excitement.

Sara smiled and looked over at her.

"Don't worry, Jean. I'll get to you soon enough."

Instead of turning to the skinny girl, she turned to J.K.

"Please stand up so that I don't have to look down at you. I'm not used to that."

He stood up and she had to bend her head a little backwards to be able to look into his eyes.

Those green, empty eyes. Had there ever been emotions there? Would there be?

She looked bothered and concerned.

"Now with you, I really have to think. You're a really tough one to decide for."

"I don't care which one I get. I don't have anything to do with this." he said with that deep voice of his.

That dark, empty voice. Had there ever been amotions in it? Would there be?

I feel like I'm repeating myself, she thought. Still concerned about what ability she would grant this empty, young man.

Then, it suddenly seemed clear to her.

What exactly was it that he was so good at?

Had he no emotions? Or was he just giving everybody the illusion that he had no feelings whatsoever?

She smiled like a cat that had just captured a fat mouse.

"Oh, I know what power to give you, J.K."

She let the sword make a little cut right under his right cheek. As with Victor, the few drops of blood dissappeared into it.

Then, she put her hands over J.K's eyes.

"You are one who sees nothing and yet sees everything."

She took his hands and turned the downside up as she continued.

"You are the one of us that gives the illusion of having no emotions. That is why I have decided that this power is yours."

She turned from him.

"Not that I care..."

It seemd like the whole world froze. Now, this was something they hadn't expected. J.K never talked unless he had to. And now he had talked willingly! And without anybody talking to him!

Sara turned back to him.


He looked straight at her as he held up his palms. On each palm, there was like a drawing of and eye. And the eyes seemed to be looking at them.

"What exactly is my power?"

She smiled with the kind of warmth you only see a mother giving her small child.

"You have the power of illusion, J.K. Since I suspect that it is what you do best, I thought it would fit perfectly with you."


And that was all he said.

Finally, she turned to Jean.

"Jean..." she started.

She allmoste jumped, that's how much tension there was in her body from waiting for the small eternity.

"Yes? Is it my turn?"

Sara nodded. "Yes, now it's your turn. Give me your hands."

She did as she was told and Sara smiled even brighter when she felt the girl shivering.

"Relax. Look into my eyes."

They could all feel the tension rising in the air. Everything seemed to get icy cold and steaming hot at the very same time.

Jean gazed into Sara's eyes. And suddenly, it was like something stopped inside of her.

Was that my heart, just now?

"Look inside of you, Jean. Break the seal to what has been locked in deep within you. You have the strength of a powerfull waterfall within you. And the passion of a blue flame. Seek deep within. Let them both out so that the world can see."

Jean's eyes were widened. The green and yellow in her eyes reflected a great waterfall and a hot, blue flame.

She gasped and Sara let go.

"There you are. All done."

Jean's breaths were heavy. What the hell was that just now?

"What did you?..What was that?.."

Sara giggled.

"That, my friend was two very powerful things that you recieved, just now. You do now posess the power over water and fire."

Victor objected.

"Hey, how come she get's two powers?"

Sara chose to ignore his stupidity as she turned to her best friend.

"Alexandra. What shall we do with you?"

She got up from where she was sitting. "That's allright, Sara. I know I'm not one of the chosen. I'll just leave and let you get to it."

Sara tilted her head, looking like a child that didn't understand why her daddy just grounded her.

"What do you mean? You've been chosen all along."

Alexandra's chin actually dropped. "What?

Sara giggled again.

"What? You thought it was me making the gravitation in your room cease to exist for several minutes? Silly girl, you are."

Alexandra didn't know what to say.

This was unbelivable. She had recieved her powers from the very moment Sara had started chanting or whatever?

"All we have to do now, is unleash them. Are you ready?"

She nodded, still partly in chock.

"Allright then."

Sara asked her to turn around and to lift her long hair up before she made a little cut in the back of her neck. Then, she kneeled in front of her as she unbuttoned her shirt so that her belly was exposed.

"Sara, what?.."

"Schh...Trust me..."

She put the sword on the ground next to her before letting her arms surround her best friend's waist.

Her lips touched the skin, just above the navel with the softness of a butterfly's wings.

Alexandra blushed slightly but said not one thing.

"I summon..." she heard her friend whisper.

The rest none of them heard because suddenly, Alexandra gasped with surprise.

Something was moving inside of her. Her heart seemed to be revolting and her mind was objecting. But still, something was moving inside. What could it be?

She closed her eyes. Flashes of images rushed by. Even though they all lasted for only one brief moment, she could make out what it was.

Black wings. On a bloodred bird. The bird was gigantic and it's eyes was burning. As was it's wings.

She knew what it was.


Had she pronounced the word or had Sara?

As she opened her eyes to ask, Sara was standing up straight and facing her.

"If I were you, I wouldn't wear clothes that showes off my belly. That mark will not go away for a while."

As she checked, she gasped.

There was a black and bloodred mark, right above her belly button. It was shaped like a big bird with graceful wings.

"You have recieved the powers of the Phoenix, Alexandra. You should be proud. the phoenix sure would be."

Smiling brightly, Sara turned to the others.

"Congratulations to all of you. You are now my allies."


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