Ownership: I hearby declare this to be my own fiction. All characters were made up by me and ideas from friends and family. (Although, I may have gotten som ideas from other authors or films but not so much that you would see me as a copy-cat)

Authors note: I decided to write out of own experience on this one. It was really something that didn't get a fairytale-ending in my life and later on had a tragic finale. All my friends are really curious to know what really happened and I'm writing it down for the public. It is not word-to-word but it's pretty much how it went. And by the way! How is Johan's herbs spelled? I hope you get which one I'm talking about so you're not completely lost. Hope you like it! Enjoy! XD

Black Knights Vol. 1

Chap. 4

Lost in a Dance

Voices were surrounding her.

She was lost. All lost in voices. Where are they coming from? What are they saying? Why do they keep coming to me? What do they want?

I can't do this. I just can't. I'm going crazy. Slowly, but I'm going crazy.

I hate this. These powers weren't meant for me. I don't want them. I don't. I never did.

I'm still young, why would anyone want to take that away from me?

I can't do this, nor do I wan't to. I can't do these things...I can't...

Who are you, what do you wan't from me? No. I don't want to know. I don't want to. Why are you allways following me? Why are you allways there? I don't want you to be.

I hate you.

But on the other hand, you can't be too crazy about me either.

Can you?


She sat up, gasping.

God, what a nightmare! Not unusual, though. Unfortunatley, it was very common that she had them.

Sighing, she sank back down on her pillows.

"You're still there, arent you?.." she whispered.

No answer was heard but there was a small rastle. As if someone in a dress was moving in the room.

She sighed again.

"I hate this, you know that, right?"

She turned her back against the room, pulling the sheet up to her chin.

"I hate this..." she whispered.


"Wake up, sleepyhead."

She threw a pillow at him.

"Go away, dad."

He stood up straight, crossing his arms over his chest.

"I said, get up. Are you listening to me, young lady?"

"Mrff..." she muttered before opening her eyes and glaring up at him.

He was a very tall and handsome man, in his early thirtees with thick, black hair and brown eyes. His skin was slightly darker than hers and he was well-built.

Hot, some people had told her.

Hot? Her dad? He so was not!

"You do know I'm gonna kill you if I ever get the chance, right?" she mumbled.

He sighed and shook his head, smirking teasingly at her.

"Kill me all you want, as long as you get up now."

She muttered something before sitting up, the sheet pressed against her chest.

"Dad, would you mind getting out of my room? I'm sorta under-dressed right now."

He shook his head and began leaving the room.

"Why she sleeps without a PJ, I'll never know." he mumbled.

The door closed behind him and she yawned before dragging herself out of the bed.

She pulled on her white robe before getting out and into the shower.

It's freakin saturday! Why do I have to get up so early just to go on some stupid party? It's all so stupid!

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

As she was finished, she got back into her room.

It was a normal, teenage room. The floor was covered with CDs, DVDs and different brahs and books.

She was crazy about Harlequin books. The historical romance ones. She absolutely adored them and wished to write her own novel one day. She loved all types of music, according to her mood of the day. She was also interested in anime and manga. Yaoi was her biggest crush.

Sighing, he started with her hair. Putting it up allways made her parents go 'aww' and telling her how sweet she looked.

"I'll show them." she told her reflection.

She took out a red, ankle-long dress from her closet. She threw it on the bed before picking up a few make-up kits.


Sara! Sara, where are you?

She froze and stopped walking.

"What are you doing? What's wrong?"

Her coat felt warm with the dress under it.

Darn it!

"It's nothing. Never mind." she mumbled and kept walking.

Why the hell had Alexandra's voice suddenly called for her? She was off duty.

Sara, can you hear me?

No, I can't. she answered.

Her dad opened the door for her and she was about to step in.

Sara, do not ignore me! There are no shifts in keeping the world safe! Alexandra's voice hissed in her head.

She growled inside.

"Damn it."

She slammed the door shut and her dad looked surprised.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I have some stuff to do first, is all. I'll come after you, yeah?"

"But, Sara! We're going to the saloon to get our hair and nails done! Where are you going?"

"I'll get it done, don't worry. I'll meet you there."

She was walking away and her mother called after her.

"Sara! It starts in two hours!"

"I'll be there."

"But, Sara!"

"I'll be there!" she repeated.

And she was gone.


"This better be good! My mom's gonna kill me if I miss this party!"

"Oh, we're so sorry that the problems of our world interrupts you in your partying." Victor said.



Alexandra had struck the back of his head with her palm.

Sara sat down, making sure her dress didn't touch the floor.

"Okay, what's up? These heels are killing me."

"New demons. Lakeys, we guessed."

Sara got hysterical. "What? And you couldn't take care of them yourselves? Have I taught you nothing?" she yelled.

"Oh, we tried." Jean muttered.

J.K sighed. "And we tried, and we tried, and we tried..."

Now, she noticed how beat up they all looked.


She got up again.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of this. Just show me where they are."

They all got up.

Al's diner had become a really good gathering place for them. As long as the attention wasn't directed at them.

All kinds of wierd people showed up there after sunset so nobody really noticed them.

They walked out of the diner.

"I hope you won't mind walking for a bit." Victor said.

She sighed.

"As long as I don't break a nail. Mom will freak out on me if I do."


She was thrown into a tree.

"Darn it! My make-up!" she hissed.

She didn't have time to transform so she tried her very best defeating the demons with magic instead.

"Do that magical heart-thingy!" Jean called out to her.

"No, use your sword!" Victor yelled.

"Do something cool!" Alexandra cheered on.

"Go-go, you." J.K calmly said where he was sitting with his back against a tree.

"Way to go on the cheering, J.K!" Jean said sarcatically.

"Do the sword thing! Do the sword thing!" Victor called again.

"Do you want to do this!" Sara screamed, furious.

She got a kick and she put her hands up, protecting her face from harm.


Her eyes widened and she looked at her left hand. One of the nails had been broken.

She looked at the demon, her eyes burning with fury.

The thing actually took a step back. Hesitating at the sight of her eyes.

She put her hand up, making sure he could see the broken nail.

"You see this? I have to go to a party with this. My mother will have my head for this. Do you have any idea what you just did, my hairy friend?" she whispered, threatening.

She turned her back against the demon, not even looking at it.

"I have been at this for over an hour now. First, it took forever to get here. Then, this stupid demon won't budge and then breaks my nail and messes up my make-up."

She turned away from them and started walking away.

"I am so out of here."

"But Sara!"

"Later." she simply said.


She allmost tripped into the room.

She wobbled over to her family's table before taking place next to her father.

"Well, well. Look who decided to show up." her mother said, her greyish eyes looking at her.

"Hi, mother. How are you this evening? You all look lovely, by the way."

Her father smiled. "You look great, my sweet. Nice to go with your hair let out."

She sighed. It had not been her plan to have her hair free. But demons did that to you. They managed to change your plans for the day. Wether you wanted them to or not.

"Sorry to be dissappointing you, father. Is there anything I can do for you?"

He lit up.

"Actually, there is. There are a couple of men I would like you to meet."

He leaned closer, smiling and whispered discreetly.

"They're really good men. You could consider marrying one of them."

She put on her best smile and whispered, just as discreetly. "I would not put my hopes up, father dearest. I have no interest in your 'worthy men' as you call them."

Suddenly, she felt like someone was standing right behind her and she turned in her seat.

Immediatley, she recognised those brown eyes. Although, she managed to keep her smile.


Her father saw the young man and lit up.

"Ah, there you are."

He stood up and shook his hand.

Sara didn't understand anything. Normally, that wouldn't be so unusual but this time, justice was on her side.

"There is who now? You two know eachother?" she asked, standing up.

Her father turned to her, smiling brightly.

"Sara, this is Julian. He is the son of a very close friend of mine. Say hello."

He took her hand, bowed lightly and had his lips softly touch her hand.

"Nice to meet you, Sara."

"Nice to meet you too...Julian."

"You two look great together. Sara, why don't you have a dance with him?"

"I don't feel like it."

Even though he was still smiling brightly and his voice was soft like honey he was still threatening.

"I recall a ceartain young lady that was late for a party she was formally invited to."

She gulped. When her father got that expression on his face, it was best if you followed his wishes and did as you were told. So she stretched out her hand and let Jules take it before leading her out on the dance floor.

He took a hold of her waist and danced with a grace that you wouldn't belive.

She smirked at him.

"Julian?" she asked, mockingly.

He chuckled. "Yeah, I know. I like my other name better."

She stared at him. Other name?

"Jules." he said.

She blushed. "Right...Yeah, I knew that."

He smirked. "Of course you did, wild-cat."

He pulled her closer to himself as the music got more intense.

"You've got twigs in your hair, Sara." he commented.

She turned her face away. "Don't call me by name, Jules. You make it sound so dirty."

He laughed and twirled around with her a couple of times.

She noticed that she was actually enjoying this dance. She felt like she was flying.

"I make your name sound dirty, do I? You wanna know what I think?"

His face came closer to hers.

"I think you like it dirty."

That one made her laugh. "Now that one was a cheezy line. Admit that."

He chuckled again.

"I admit it. How about you and I get to know eachother a little better? Since you are so fond of me and all."

"Don't make me laugh, Jules. This dance will be the closest you get to me. Why are you here, anyway? Stalking me, are you?"

"Now you're making me laugh, Sara. Of course not. I just happen to know the people who are...Wait, is this a birthday party or a wedding party?"

She smiled and bursted into laughter.

It was actually a problem keeping all the parties in line. Knowing if it was someone's birthday or someone who had gotten married.

Hey, this guy had a sence of humor. she thought. Who knew?

She ceartenly hadn't.

"You are quite the charmer when you want to be, Jules." she said.

"I try."

She smiled and reached her face up closer to his, as if she was going to kiss him.

"Don't think that makes a different, Jules. I still don't like you."

He shrugged his shoulders, pulling her up slightly.

"Too bad. Cause I do like you."

Her eyes widened when she realised what he was about to do.

He pulled her up completely and before she knew it, he was kissing her.

On the lips!

With his lips!

On her lips!


Sara, where are you? There were more demons! We need your help!

She tried pushing him away, kicking him. But her body did not obey her mind. Her heart was racing and she could feel her skin getting warm and her mind getting all woozy.

I'm going to die! My dad will kill me! First, he'll kill Jules but then he'll kill me!

Oh, his lips were so soft against hers. Yet, they craved more from her. Maybe more than she could give.

What the heck, he was a handsome guy! Oh, no! He wasn't handsome, he was hot!

Sara, we know you're angry with us but you have to help us!

Were they still dancing? Or was it just the room spinning around them?

Wow, this guy was intense.

Sara, please!!

Her eyes widened again. That wasn't the room spinning nor was it the kiss. It was Alexandra's voice in her head that made her go sick.

She managed to push him away a few millimeters. She tried speaking but that only made his tounge mix with hers.

Darn it! I am so gonna- oh...


He gasped and let go of her, looking around.

What the? Had he heard that?

He looked down at her. She blushed and shook her head.

"Ever try anything like that again, and I'll let my father go loose on you."

She turned from him and left him on the dance-floor.


It was night outside.

Music was whispering in the air and she cursed herself for not bringing her coat along with her.

"Okay, where are you?" she mumbled.

A big rock was thrown only a few inches from her and the ground under it was cracked.

"Hm. I guess you're close."

A boy flew right pass her. "Whoaaa!" he screamed.

As he landed, she just stared at him. She sighed and shook her head.

"Why do I even bother leaving you alone."

She helped him up and he brushed his clothes of dirt.

"Why don't you try and help out instead of criticizing?"

She quickly transformed and adjusted her mask before lifting the rock up.

"Now. Tell me where those demons are."


She got into the car.

Her father was furious and she refused to look at him.

"Why the hell did you run away? You embarrased me! And you mother! And yourself!"

"Shut up, old man. I'm not in the mood."

"Oh, and why is that?"

She turned to face him and he gasped.

Her hair was a mess, filled with twigs and dirt. Her face was allmost completely covered with dirt and her dress had been ripped apart on some places. None of the make-up was there anymore.

"What the?! Sara, what have you done?!"

"Told you she'd mess up." her younger sister, Joan said to her mother.

She in return, sighed. Dissappointed.

"Damn it. Why didn't I just follow my instinct." she said and reached over, giving Joan ten bucks.

Sara and her father ignored them. What was going on between the second oldest daughter and the mother wasn't that unusual.

She shook her head. "It's nothing, dad. I fell on some bushes when I went out for some fresh air."

He started the car.

"I don't belive that, you know."

She turned away, looking out through the window.

"Well, it dosen't matter cuz that's the best you get from me."

"You're too closed, sweetie. That's gonna be a problem once you get married."

She sighed, sadness shining through her eyes.

"I know..." she whispered.


Why do you fear our gifts, Mortal?

I fear them because I do not want them.

Why do you shiver by the touch of that man, Mortal?

Because I am attrackted to him, I guess.

What do you see ahead for your friends, Mortal?

I see...death.


She struck her head in the table.

"Man, this aint working out for me."

Life was getting boring again. She needed some action in her life or she might as well just sit down and wait to die.

Alexandra suddenly sat down next to her, putting a book in a small plastic bag front of her.


Sara still looked like she was about to give up on staying awake when she stared at the book.

"What is it?"

"A book."

She glared at her friend.

"I know it's a book, dammit! I meant what's it for?"

Alexandra shrugged her shoulders, turned her face away and blushed slightly.

"It's a gift. I won't be able to pay for the dress that was ruined thanks to our late warnings. Nor can I repay you for destroying your night. But I saw this book and knew you'd like it, so...Oh, just open it, will you!"

She nodded, not really knowing what to answer to anything she had just said and she opened the small plastic bag.

Her eyes widened and her cheeks got red with excitement.

"'Interview with the vampire. The Yaoi addition'! You bought me this?"

Her excitement made Alexandra blush even harder when she went as far as to throwing herself at her.

"Whoaa! Sara, what are you doing?"

"Kyaaaah! Alexandra, thank you so much! Oh, I'll be reading this every day! What?..."

She read the books backside aloud.

"'Dirty, hansome vampires. Filled with regret, beauty, and bloodthirst. And along with the bloodthirst, a heavy thirst for hot, steamy sexual encounters with other male vampires that shares their beauty and passion. Not recommended to people under eighteen.' Whoaa! You bought me a mature-adult book? I love you!"

Sara cuddled up against her friend, who couldn't stop feeling embarassed that Sara had just blurted everything out in brought daylight at Al's diner. Daytime was when normal people sat there, did she have no shame?

She sighed.

"Ah, what the heck."

She hugged Sara and the girls both looked pleased.


" 'Oh, Lestat! You are so beautiful!' Louis moans. 'So are you, my sweet Louis.' Lestat whisperes to his sweet lover."

Crazy fangirl squeek is heard before the voice continues.

"Oh, now they're at it! 'Yes, Louis! Just like that! More! More!' Armand cries as Louies goes down and-"

Another fangirl squeek is heard.

Alexandra is sitting next to her young friend, her cheeks redder than ever while she lookes out through the window pretending she isn't there.

Victor is sitting in front of the two girls, glaring at their leader.

"Oh, they are so hot! Look! Look!" she exclaimes and turnes the open book to Victor.

He immediatley turns his face away.

"Seriously, Sara. Do you have to read that here of all places?" Alexandra mumbles discreetly from the corner of her mouth.

Sara holds the book close to her chest.

"Why? You gave it to me, of course I'm going to read it with you."

"Well, if you have to read it, then..."

Sara bent over, happily ignorant of everything.

They were sitting on the subway to the city. And people were actually staring at them.

Victor finished what Alexandra couldn't.

"If you must read that nasty book, do it quietly! People are looking!"

She shrugged her shoulders.

"It is not nasty, Victor! How can you say that? I don't care if people are looking, I did nothing wrong! Right?"

Alexandra turned to her completely.

"What I'm trying to say to you is that if you don't stop reading out loud from the yaoi-manga I gave you, I am going to take it away from you."

Sara pressed the book tighter to her chest, as if it was her baby.

"You wouldn't dare! It's my precious baby now! You can't seperate us!"

"Holy cow, that book must be pretty speciel. I mean, I liked the movie and all but a book where the dudes from it are gettin it on sounds pretty nasty to me..."

Sara lit up and quickly placed herself next to him. "It's not nasty, Victor. Take a look. The images are actually beautiful and artistic if you don't let it bother you that they're getting it on."

He tilted his head as he looked at the pictures. Hesitating for a second, he took the book and quickly looked through it.

"Hmm...How is that even...Oh...wow..."

He turned the book up-side-down a couple of times.

Blushing slightly, he gave the book back to her and she sat back down next to her older friend.

"Well, what did you think?"

He muttered something and turned his face to the window.

"I think there are some things I have to think about..."

Sara, curious as allways and totally oblivious smiled and asked straight out.

"What things, Victor?"

"Hum...My life situation...just stuff...Listen, could I borrow some of those books?.."

Alexandra sighed deeply and couldnt belive this was actually happening.

Victor, the biggest homophob of all turned out to like yaoi. Who would've guessed?

"I have this other book that are really hard-core yaoi. Twenty and over. They are so gorgeous."

Alexandra glared at her and Sara gladly looked back.


"You are the most perverted little fourteen-year-old I have ever known."

She giggled and cuddled up to her.

"Just for you, Alexandra. Don't be so stuck up." she said and kissed her on the cheek.

Alexandra blushed and her eyes widened.

As the train went into a tunnel, her scream was heard.

"Gyaaaahhh! What the hell do you think you're doing kissing me like that, Sara?!"


"Why are we even here, anyways? It's not fun anymore." Sara muttered.

She had a bandage over her right cheek and tears were still in the corners of her eyes.

"We need some Johane's herbs." Alexandra said shortly.

Victor walked in front of them, backwards.

"What for, are we using potions now?"

"Nope. It just smells good."

"It weakens you." Sara mumbled.

They stopped as Victor fell backwards.

"What? It does?"

She sighed. "You've read thousands of books about this and you don't know? Geeze, do I have to do everything?"

Now it was her turn to walk backwards and they continued down the street.

"Johane's herb isn't really fatal but it is dangerous. It weakenes our powers. Simply, we get sick from it."

"And you choose not to tell us about this untill now...why?"

She shrugged her shoulders, which resulted in her losing her balance and falling down.

"You guys never ask me stuff so I have no idea what to tell you. Your turn."

Alexandra turned around and walked backwards.

"So if we can't buy that..."

Sara jumped up and down, excited.

"Oh, but I didn't say we couldn't use it. Demons get weakened by it, too."

"I see..." Alexandra mumbled, thinking deeply about this.

"But if we get weaker by it, the how are we supposed to use it against them?" Victor asked.

"We'll have to be really careful. Besides, it isn't the only herb we can use. There are other useful stuff that are good on daily basis."

"Like what?"

Alexandra was still keeping her balance straight. She allways won this game.

"Roses!" Sara exclaimed.

Victor didn't get it.

"I don't get it...what are they good for?"

She giggled and turned his face towards another direction.

"No, not for magic. Roses!" she said and pointed.

There was this big market everyday in the city. Filled with stalls. People selling fruit, flowers, movies, music, everything fake leather and things that would break the minute you got home.

Sara was allways facinated with the fruit and flowers. The fruit was allways fresh and sweet and the flowers the same. They all smelled lovely together.

The scent of strawberry and roses hit her as she got closer.

It was never quiet at the market. The sellers were allways calling out to people passing by. Calling for them to come look at their products, flowers or fruit. Theirs was the best.

And it sort of was because it was all otu in the fresh air.

As soon as she got close to the young man handling the fruit, he started calling for her.

The trich was enver to take their flattering words seriously. They said it to hundreds of girls every day.

"Hello there, sweet thing. Why don't you strut your fine thing over here and bye some sweet strawberries to go with the sweet, red mouth of yours."

She walked up to him and carefully looked at the fruit. She was used to this now.

She had been going to the city since she was eight and even then, the salesmen called for her. But back then it was allways 'Cute little girl you have there, ma'am! Why don't you come and bye her some oranges or blueberries for her?'

Everytime she passed, the same salesmen called the same things to her.

And everytime, she fell for it.

But as she got a little older she got - not wiser at all - but instead she made sure to allways have money left for this particular part.

"I don't know if I can buy your delicious fruit today. My friends needs some herbs to make them stronger." she said, smiling up at him.

Alexandra showed up behind her with Victor by her side.

"I won. You gonna buy fruit? I thought you didn't have any money."

The young man that sold flowers of all kinds right next to the fruit-stand called them over.

"I have some nice flowers that would go perfectly for the two pretty ladies, young man!"

Sara giggled and looked at Victor.

"He's talking to you. Get over there or he won't leave you alone. I like jasmines, by the way."

Victor blushed and had no idea what to do.

This wasn't his thing. He felt more comfortable at home with the boys on his yard. His interest was skateboarding with everybody that felt like challenging him. Not running around the city like this.

It just wasn't his thing.

Alexandra didn't know what to think of this, nor did she know what to do of herself. Every salesman on the market was calling for her to come over.

This wasn't her thing. She felt more comfortable at home, in her room reading a good book or two. Her interests were to draw, listen to music and read. That was all. Not noisy at all. And from time to time, Sara would come over and they would discuss different books and it was really quite enjoyable, even though it wasn't too quiet when she did. Running around all over town like this wasn't really too quiet. Not at all.

It just wasn't her thing.

Sara jumped up and down, excited over the edge as she was negotiating the price over two boxes of strawberrys.

This was so much fun. It wasn't very often that she got to get out like this with her friends. When it was with her mother, she just tagged along, holding on to the mother's jacket so she wouldn't get lost in the crowd. Big crowds made her nervous but it was all nothing when her friends were with her. She loved it so very much. She felt right this way. Running around all over town, shopping, having dinner at some unknown restaurant and going to the movies.

This was so her thing.


"You got everything?"

"Yup. You?"

"Yeah. Hey, let's have a seat by the bench over there."


All three of them sat down on the bench.

The sun was shining and each of them had an ice-cream in their hand.

"I can't belive you actually like vanilla. It's gross." Sara commented.

Victor grinned at her.

"So, I like vanilla. You like chocholate." he teased.

"Is that some kind of rase thing you guys are playing. Cause neither of you are white. Not entirely." Alexandra said with the blueberry ice-cream in her hand.

Victor chuckled.

"You're right. My mon's white and your mon, too. So we're both half."

"Anyways, what makes you think we were talking about skin colors?" Sara teased Alexandra.

"I wasn't thinking that. Let's change the subject, shall we. Oh, look. Here comes Jean and J.K. Just in time, too."

"Did you ever think what J.K stands for?" Sara asked Victor.

As the two came up to them and took a seat, he asked.

"What does J.K stand for?"

He looked at him as he took a strawberry from the bag.

"Well, it stands for-"


The fountain next to them exploded and demons showed up.

"Oh, crap."

Sara sighed and put her ice-cream on the plastic bag, hoping that it wouldn't melt before the demons were defeated.

"Some other time. Let's go get em." Jean suggested.

They all agreed on that.

"And just for the heck of it. Let's all do it backwards."

"Dosen't it get boring when you know I'll win every time?" Alexandra teased them.

"Shut up or I'll kiss you again."



- Awright! So this chapter took a very long time cuz I write it straight from my head and not from an already written notebook of mine. The ending was a real bitch to come up with so bare with me on this chapter okay? Next chapter will definitly be one that was allready prepared. (You might even have noticed the difference between the other chapters and this one) Hope you all liked it anyways.

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