Chapter 1

It was Friday the 13th, 2011. It was an usually chilly night, and the gang (Amy, Ben, Gia, Mario, Amber, Frankie, Megan, Daniel, and Pedro) are going to a house party. They are chatting about how excited they are about going to the party. Amy is driving a silver ten passenger van.

Frankie whips out a mini alcoholic drink. "Want any?" he asks us all. "No way," Amy said. "With you there, babe." Ben replied sweetly. Gia was like, "All you guys know I am crazy and all, but never, ever." "With you, 100, Gia." Amber agreed. Mario and Pedro say, "We're minors; it's illegal." Daniel says, "Dude, why did you bring that?! You're crazy!" "Because I can, duh!" "My sister, you know you want some…" "No way in heck." Megan replied. "You are seriously getting out of my car if you don't throw that—all of them—out of the window, right there, right now." "Babe, don't worry. This won't happen again." glances toward Frankie

"Gosh! I was just trying to have some fun and mix it up a little!" "Yeah, the wrong way!" turns music up "Oooo…I love this song!" Pedro yells. Everyone starts singing and dancing to Sexyback. "Thanks Daniel-cake." Amber says nicely. "Ewww! That is my brother, there!" Picasso says disgustingly. "Well, you better get used to it!!" Amber says with a jokingly tone. "Yes, thank you very much, Daniel." Amy agreed. "This makes everything better." Ben randomly says expressingly in the passenger seat. leans in to try to kiss Amy "Ben! I am trying to drive here!" "Sorry, babe, I was just trying to make you feel better and loosen you up. I don't like it when you are frustrated and angry." "Aww…thanks hun, you know I appreciate your thoughts…especially about me, really, it means a lot." Before Ben could respond…"Amy!! Your gas is almost out!" Daniel yells, interrupting the moment. "What?!" Mario screams. "You filled it before we left!" "Well, we have been driving for about 4 hours…." Gaby guesstimated. unwraps a twinkie "Really?!" Pedro yelled. "Okay, I think that we have established that already." Amber said all jokingly preppy-ish. "Yeah….And, Amber, you're sounding more and more like me everyday…" Amy said. "No one sounds exactly like you, or anything close to you, babe." Ben said all sugary-like. "You know I love you, hun." "As do I, love."

Off the side, Daniel gazes lovingly at the couple, focusing on Amy…and then sighs