Chapter 2

"Oh my gosh!"

"What babe?!"

(Amy turns the volume knob up)

"It's Josh Groban!"


"I love him!"

"As much as you love me?"

"Never, babe, you're #1, the best."

(Ben blushes) "So you are you."

(Daniel looks at the couple jealously and longingly.)

"Where are we?" Mario questioned, as he looked out the window, into the pitch black darkeness.

"No one knows…" Gia responded.

"This sucks times crap!" Pedro yelled.

"We're gonna die here!"

"We're running out of gas!"

"What are we doing?"

"When are we getting to the party?!"


Someone screamed over the racket, "EVERYBODY--! SHUT UP!"

"Thanks, whoever said that, we don't need anything else contributing to Amy, now do we?" Amber said calmly.

"Yes, we should always stay positive." Daniel stated.

"Yeah….who did say that??"

"Me…" Ben replied bashfully.

"Woah, I never knew you had that kind of side to you, babe." Amy said with a confused look on her face.

"I did." Two people simultaneously murmured for only Amy to hear.

Amy adjusted and then looked around in her rear view mirror and then saw Daniel and Amber nodding.


Amy's thought were interrupted by Ben screaming.

"Babe,--WATCH OUT!"

"Oh, no…"

"AHhhhh!" She yelled as she almost rammed into a pine tree, in the middle of the road, that seemed to come out from nowhere. Her golden blondish brown hair flopped in front of her big, round brown eyes.

"Is everybody okay?!" Daniel exclaimed.

(Frankie is fast asleep from all of the alcohol he consumed, until jolted awake by the mini accident.)

"What the (beep) happened?"



"You cursed!"

"I could care less, but one thing I do care about is, why in the name of—what the he—are we doing on the side of the road, and not driving?"

"Well, it's a long story, but, Amy almost ran into a tree. Accidently."


(Amy hits Ben playfully)


"You are so mean!"

"It's true, babe."

(exasperated) "Hmph!"


"Awww….No, I mean, you're a great driver, just a little too much going on up there…"

(knocks her brain head)

"You know it's true, Amy." Amber agreed.

"You just need to relax….."

(leans in to kiss her)

(Everyone looks away, except for Daniel.)

(frustrated, trying to protest..)


"Hmmm…? What?"

"I don't remember…" (surprised about that fact)

"Maybe I am loosing my mind…I—"


"You take my breath away, girl."

"I love you babe, very much."

"And so do I."

(starts kissing harder and more intimately.)



(slightly gasping for air)

"Not here, not now…"

"Why not?"

"Because there are seven other people here, that's why…"

"So? I don't care…"

"But--I do!"


"I just don't feel comfortable doing this now and here."

"Tsk-tsk, same on you guys!" Amber yells over the bickering.

(they both snap back into reality)

"I'm sorry Babe, I am just so stressed out."

"Forgive me?"

"It's okay, I understand, my love."

(he leans in for an intimate hug)

(It quickly turns into Ben kissing Amy up her arm and neck, slowly getting to her lips.)

(sweetly) "Did I ever tell you how perfect you are?"

(responding just as sweetly) "Did I?"

"No, because I am not."

"Oh, don't lie, you are—in my eyes."

(Ben pulls her in closer to his arms, and then they gaze into each other's eyes lovingly)

"You're so beautiful, everything about you—it is."

(gasping with surprise slightly)

"Please stop showering me with compliments, I don't deserve them."

"Of course you do—you are so modest."

"And stop thinking that way, too."

"Ewwwwww….you guys are so discusting!" Pedro says slime-like.

"That's because you don't have a girlfriend like me!"

"You're just jealous!" Amber yells, cuddling closer to Daniel.

(everyone starts yelling)

"Way to spoil the mood…"

"Who says it is?"

"I think it is…"

"Not for us, they have their attention somewhere else."

(starts heavy kissing again)

(Off to the side, Frankie notices a dark, dreary, phantom-like house. He stares at it for a while and starts staring at it for a while and starts smiling from ear-to-ear.)