She watched the smaller brunette man from the side of the building. He stumbled across a crack and giggled to himself before hopping over the next one. He was drunk, but that just made him easy prey. They don't struggle much when they're drunk. That's why she always hunted by the bar. Of course, the alcohol thinned their blood which made it less satisfying, but she was in no mood for a struggle. He ambled aimlessly down the sidewalk, until he got within reaching distance of her. She simply tapped his shoulder, and he jumped around to see her.

"Oh, hello." He said, and waved. "How're you?"

He uncouthly looked up and down her body in obvious appreciation. Raina rolled her eyes, and motioned for him to come deeper into the alleyway between the bar and the sex shop next to it. His eyes lighted up excitedly and he very willingly followed her. When they were deep enough to not be seen, Raina pressed him again the wall and immediately went for his neck, not that he minded. She bit into him, and captured his mind, using hers to calm him. He began to struggle unconsciously, but she was much stronger than he was, even before the alcohol.

His blood sifted into her mouth, watery and nearly disgusting. But she didn't care. If she didn't feed, she'd pass out soon. She always waited until that desperate point to hunt, mostly in hopes that Normrak would be back in time for her to feed on him. His blood was always so thick, so good, so filling, so amazing. But he never did. She wondered, briefly, why she always waited with such hope when she had been let down so often.

When she finished with him, she discarded his body. He was still breathing; she hated killing. She never wanted to be like Normrak, and had cried when she killed her first two victims. There had been no one there to comfort her. Kander had taken a long, extended honeymoon, so he was gone when she hunted, and Normrak obviously wasn't going to come back.

She tried to tell herself that she was better off without him. He was just a murdering, emotionless bastard, but she couldn't help but miss him. She disappeared, and appeared at Normrak's house. She actually thought of it as more her house now, since that was where she had been living since the wedding. Not that she had ever seen him here anyway. It might as well be her house. She kept up with it, kept it clean, and everything. She didn't have a job, but for some reason, she didn't seem to ever get any bills, and the electricity and water always worked. She assumed Normrak must have some sort of account somewhere. She just wasn't sure. It didn't bother her, so she just let it be.

She threw herself on the couch, and grabbed the remote off the arm of it. What else was there to do but cry, hunt, watch TV, and sleep? Kander had finally gotten off of his honeymoon not very long ago, and hadn't come to see her yet. She missed him. The news came on, and Raina smirked at the very fake, very cartoon-ish bloody knife in the corner as the woman went on about some sort of stabbing somewhere in the country. The film cut off into a "LIVE" action view. She heard a man sobbing in the background as the "LIVE" newscast spoke into microphones and blocked the view of the body. The man sobbed harder, and she felt her heart and stomach clench.

She recognized this man.

"Kander…" She whispered. As the newscaster described where the stabbing had taken place, Raina shut her eyes, willing herself to Kander's side. She wrapped her arms around him, and he struggled for a moment until he realized that it was just her. He looked at her with his tired, tear-filled eyes and she had never seen him look so horrible.

"Kander," She muttered and kissed the top of his head. "Kander, I'm so sorry."

He sobbed, and buried his head in the nook of her neck and shoulder. She held him, and looked at the bloody body in front of her. It was Rina. Raina shuddered at the sight, and bit her lip as she noticed a paper in the dead slayer's hand. She ran her hand through Kander's hair, and pointed it out to him. He had to get it before they took the body. He grabbed it, and cried as he unwrinkled it and read it.

"Traitor." He sobbed, showing her the paper. It was in a woman's handwriting, big and bubbly letters with certain flairs at the ends. It looked like it had been written in a hurry. He sobbed into her again, and she held him.

"Kander, we need to get off the scene," She muttered, and disappeared with him to her house. She sat in the corner of the couch, and let him curl up to her. He moaned.

"Raina. I love her."

"I know, baby." She said, kissing his forehead. "I know."


"Because people are stupid." She said, truthfully. "I don't know why, really, Kander."

"Raina, she was pregnant!"

"She was---what?"

"She and I were going to have a baby!"


"She was only two months along, but Raina…"

"Kander, I had no idea."

"We were going to be parents…" He sobbed into her. She held him. She didn't know what to do. How do you comfort a friend who had just lost the love of his life forever? She wasn't sure how to help him. So she was silent and hugged him close to her. He was hysteric, and she would have been too if it were the other way around. She just…didn't know what to do.

"Oh, Kander, it's going to be okay. I'm so sorry."

"No, it's not." He cried. "I don't even want to live anymore. I love her, Raina. I love her, not loved. I do, not did! God, she was my match! I'll never have another one! And now I'll never even have the child to remember her by. I lost two people, Raina. Two!"

She simply listened.

"I've got to avenge her." He said, his tone suddenly darkened. "There are at least five girls I can think that would kill her. She was a slayer. She married me, a vampire. All those stupid, petty human girls that she trained underneath her would think that she betrayed everything…and the note said traitor. I could kill them all. That'll teach them not to ever even think about killing--"

"Kander!" Raina screeched. "Are you even listening to yourself? Don't even think about it! Do you want to end up like Normrak?

"Don't you ever," He hissed at her, jumped up. "compare me to that sorry piece of shit. I married my wife, and I stuck with her!"

Raina felt tears spring to her eyes. She wanted to defend the man, but she couldn't. All she could do was weakly argue.

"He's…not a piece of shit." She mumbled, wiping her tears away.

"He is too!" Kander yelled at her. "He nearly fucking killed you and you still married him! And he fell in love with you, and he told you, and then he left and still hasn't come back! What kind of scared child is he?"

"Kander, please…" She said, sobbing now.

"Don't you ever compare me to him! I'm better than him! I've always been better. And you know it! Even you know it, Raina, and you fucking married the bastard!"

"Kander!" She screamed back at him, and stood up to face him. "Stop it!"

"Why? Because it's true and the truth fucking hurts, doesn't it Raina?"


"He's nothing!"

"He's everything, damn it Kander!"

"Don't defend him!"

"I will!" She argued, and he glared at her. What was going on with Kander? He'd never acted like this before. He broke down into a thick, throaty cry and tears fell down his cheeks.

"God, I'm sorry Raina." He said. "It's just…what am I supposed to do? She's…gone."

"Don't take it out on me." She grumbled, and regretted what she said. How unfeeling and emotionless of her! She was not going to be like Normrak. She just wasn't.

"Kander, I'm really sorry.." She said, and hugged him. He pulled away from her, and kissed her forehead.

"Raina, I think I just need some time to myself, okay?"

"Okay." She agreed, and watched him disappear. She wanted to cry. She had only been able to comfort Kander for…not much time at all. And she needed comfort herself. But there was no one for her. No one. She lost her love too. He would never be back. Never.

God, where was he?

"Normrak…" She muttered, and ran to rid herself of the frustration. She ran up the stairs. She ran into a bedroom. She threw herself upon the bed, and cried, burying her head into the pillows. Into the scent of him.

She hit someone. It was obviously male, and she felt herself shudder at his touch. It wasn't Kander. His touch was so much different. She felt the hand on her arm, and noticed it was so much rougher than her kidnapper's. She turned around and felt her breath catch. This man was the most beautiful man she had ever seen before. His hair fell to his waist, so dark that it looked navy, soft, and silky. He wasn't wearing a shirt. His chest didn't bulge with muscles, but they were there. She just stared at him, and he smirked at her, as if knowing her thoughts. She felt herself blush. He pulled her closer and suddenly she found herself in a totally different room. Her surroundings had just…changed. The room she was in had black walls – a whole dark theme. The door was shut, and the bed had black silk sheets. The room was so simple, just a bed and dark walls. The floor was a simple, navy carpeting.

He had just kidnapped her from her kidnapper, she just realized, and she screamed trying to jerk away from him.

"No use in trying to escape from here, love." He said, his voice was so rich and deep. It made her want to melt – or at least would had she not been kidnapped by him. "This is the nightmare that you can't wake up from."

"Normrak, why won't you come back?" She let her tears fall, and tasted the salt from them. She could remember all the details about how he had taken her. She remembered the lovely three months before their wedding and after he had proposed to her.

She had finally gotten cleaned off. She hadn't had a decent shower in forever, and felt so refreshed after finally getting one. She started to dry off and felt an arm snake around her naked waist. She jerked up, her towel around her in a few split seconds - faster than she had ever moved before. She turned and glared at Normrak who only smirked at her, his eyes dragging along her scantly covered body in obvious appreciation.

"Normrak!" She hissed and threw her shoe, which had been on the countertop by the sink, at him. "Get out, you fucking sick freak!"

And god, how he could control her with his kisses…she hated being submissive, but it was so hard not to be when his lips finally covered hers. She could remember their 'fight' when he had asked her to marry him. That was…amazing.

So she kissed him back. The challenge was still there. It had just changed form. There was no staring contest. She would kiss him, damn it. And she wouldn't be the one dazed. She wouldn't pull away first. He would. She flicked his lips with her tongue, and was surprised to feel metal in his mouth. Did she ever remember him having a tongue piercing before? Of course, she never paid attention either. She rolled her tongue around his, fighting for dominance. He moved to push her into the wall behind her, but she refused and fought to keep him beneath her.

She remembered the way he had always tried to go further, and remembered how he had always stopped when she truly protested.

He kissed her into the mattress behind her. She moaned as his lips tore away from hers and found their way down her neck, and then to her chest. Her shirt, long discarded, laid on the floor somewhere, but she didn't want to care. He moved across her chest, to the tip of her bra, and she arched for him.

"Normrak…" She moaned, and his hand slipped up her bra, pushing it above her breasts. "Please, we should stop."

He kissed down her chest anyway, soon to be at such a sensitive spot, she wondered if she'd be able to take it. He teased her, kissing everywhere but her breast, and she squirmed underneath him. She wanted him to hurry. Suddenly, it became more than a want. She needed him to hurry.

"Normrak! Please,"

When he finally did, she thought she would die in ecstasy. Oh god, and he flicked his tongue around her. Finally, he moved down her belly, and she stiffened. She would never let him so low, not so soon.

"Normrak, please." She muttered, struggling suddenly. "Please!"

He growled at her, and went to move on, but she made a strangled sort of cry, trying to pull away. She wasn't ready for this. She couldn't do this. Images of her hands in ropes and tied to a bed flashed through her mind. He stopped immediately, and kissed her lips.

"That'll do for now, my love." He muttered into her ear, and kissed her neck before slipping his fangs into her. His mind grabbed hers and caressed it with comfort.

"Normrak…" She muttered. Did he leave because she wasn't ready? He was a bastard, but she didn't think he was that much of a bastard. She sobbed into the pillow, holding it close to her. She needed him to come back. She was tired of crying herself to sleep at night and she was tired of being blasted by unwanted memories as she drifted off.

She just wanted to know where he was. At first, she had thought he had simply fooled her. He wouldn't really have left her. But the note just seemed to conspicuous. There was no way he'd bother writing a note if he was really going to leave her. She had disappeared to his house, to find him, but he wasn't there. She wondered if he had gone somewhere else first, but he still hadn't come back. It had been months since she had seen him.

"Why do you do this to me?" She muttered aloud.

"Are you embarrassed, my love?" He said, his smirk ever growing. He would look like the Cheshire cat if he didn't stop.

"Fuck you." She muttered, and curled up on herself.

"You poor, poor thing." He said, tauntingly. She glared up at him, noting that he was way too close right now. "Caught like a little kitten, with a lack of anything decent on."

She hated her body right now. She was going red all over - like a full body blush, and she thought the heat alone would kill her. Can you die from embarrassment? Fuck him. She couldn't believe he was playing with her like that. Oh, that horrible bastard! What did she do to him to deserve this?

What had she done to deserve the treatment she was getting? God, she wanted to find him so much. And she wanted to…she didn't even have her siblings to lean on anymore.

Mal took out a cardboard flashcard and shoved it stubbornly at the two month old Alex's face.

"A." She said. "That's the first letter in the alphabet. A. Say A."

"Gggg." He burbled back, reaching out for his older sister's hair. She pulled her head back.

"No, A."

"Aaaagh!" He said, spit bubbles flying out of his mouth.

"Ew!" Mal exclaimed, pulling back and wiping her face with her sleeve. "MOM!"

Alex's face started to scrunch up at the yelling. Mal shook her head.

"No, shh. Shh!"

Alex began yelling much to the protests of his sister.

"Alex! Stop crying! Don't cry! It's okay!"

He continued, his round face red and tears falling down his cheeks. Mal picked the baby up, only causing him to screech more.

"RAINA!" Mal yelled, rocking the baby.

Her siblings were always so close, and she loved them. She missed them more than anything, and felt horrible. She had fallen in love with their killer. She hated him, but then again…there was something so strong between her and Normrak. And she couldn't come to terms with it. She wanted to hate him, but she couldn't.

"God, Alex, Mal…" She sobbed. "I miss you guys."

Life had been so hectic for Raina lately. She missed her siblings, she missed her best friend, whom she had forgotten about during that entire portion of her life. She missed her husband. Her heart was crying out. She missed Kander. Why had everything taken such a turn to hell lately? She couldn't escape from it.

But tomorrow…tomorrow, she would go see her friend that she hadn't seen in forever. Tomorrow, she would go try to get back into a portion of her old life that she thought would never exist again. Would she and her friend ever be as close again? Raina had changed…and not just in the physical sense. She had changed personality wise, she had grown wiser; she had grown up and suffered losses that she never knew possible.

"I'm going to see her tomorrow." Raina told herself firmly. "But now, I sleep."

But would she sleep? She could try, but lately sleep had been evading her, constantly. She had been so tired for so long. Normrak had been really affecting her sleep patterns, her stress patterns. Everything. Why had this happened to her? Raina often wondered what would have happened if she had fallen in love with Kander, and Normrak had never been there.

Things would definitely be more peaceful. Her siblings would be alive. She be held gently and oh-so-lovingly. She didn't think that Kander was even capable of doing what Normrak did - even a tiny portion of it. What if she had fallen in love with Kander, and vice versa? What if Normrak hadn't gone after her? Raina didn't know what to think anymore. She was lost and confused, and she just wanted her Normrak to come back.

She couldn't squash her suspicions of Normrak with another woman, but honestly? She didn't think anyone else capable of loving the man, or even wanting him. Not with the way he acted, and not with his history. She thought of another woman, but usually just forgot about it soon after. There was no reason to be jealous. She couldn't imagine another woman on him.

"Sick of it all." She muttered, and turned to her other side, unable to keep her eyes closed. She wanted to cry, but she didn't have the energy.

She just wanted to sleep. She just wanted to pass out.

And after a few more moments of struggling with her mind, that's exactly what she did.


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