I thought of the idea for this poem in church today in the middle of the sermon. I always wanted to right a poem like this so I decided too. It's my first like this so please be nice people and I would love your feedback. R&R.


I walk, lumbering from the weight of my stained robe, leaving a trail of blood behind me. Aimlessly I wander, not knowing where my destination be, through the darkness.

A light shines ahead, drawing me near. It enfolds me in warmth of love. I see others just the same as myself with stained robes they all wear that represent mine and their sins.

Then the light shines brightly, we all bend to knee, asking for forgiveness for the pain we have caused and the wrongs we have committed.

Without another moment passing by, the light throws away those sins and remembers them no more. I feel like my soul as lightened and all our robes are as white and pure as dove feathers.

Songs of praise and joyful laughter I hear and I thank each day that I am out of that endless night and into the rays of eternal light all for the rest of my days and life afterwards.