Carolyn walked off the bus and headed up the driveway of her parent's quarter-horse farm. The warm July wind blew through her long black hair. She walked quickly up the gravel laneway. At the house, Carolyn could see her mom; Elena; hauling a load of assorted flowers towards the edge of the paddock.

"Mom, what are you doing?" Carolyn asked her, nearing the field. Her mom looked at her, surprised. She stopped and looked into the field.

"Cougar ate my tulips that were planted near the end of the fence. I'm going to try something new and hope he'll stop eating them." her mom explained. Carolyn smiled and watched as Cougar trotted over to greet them. He nickered at Carolyn's mom.

"Don't think you're so special, Cougar. You'd better leave these flowers alone!" Elena warned, grinning at the black quarter-horse. Cougar snorted and trotted away, tail held high.

"Well, I'd better put my stuff in the house. Dad must be looking for me. Wondering where I am." Carolyn told her. Her mom smiled, taking flowers out of the wheelbarrow. Carolyn walked up the porch on the front of the house and pushed the wooden door open. She walked in and dropped her bag on the couch where her brother; Tristan was sitting. He jumped and glared at her when the bag hit him.

"Hey! Watch where you're dropping that heavy thing. You could have crushed me!" Tristan whined.

"Oh! Stop it! Why aren't you out with dad. I bet he needs help." Carolyn told him, searching for her barn clothes and rubber boots.

"Dad's sorting through a bunch of old, dusty tack. I don't want to have an allergic reaction to all that dust." Tristan told her, switching the television off.

"What allergic reaction? All you do is sneeze and once you leave, you're fine again." Carolyn teased. Tristan grinned, grabbing his barn clothes.

"How long has dad been looking through the old tack?" Carolyn asked.

"All day! He didn't tell me much about it but he said it would be big." Tristan answered. Carolyn walked out of the house and headed for the barn. Tristan followed.


Carolyn and Tristan's dad Robyn was sitting in the tack room. He searched through many boxes of used tack. He still hadn't found what he was looking for. Carolyn and Tristan chatted as they approached the tack room. Robyn heard them and quickly began cleaning up his mess. Carolyn walked in.

"Dad, what are you doing?" she asked, curiously. Robyn turned and smiled.

"Nothing, just trying to clean the tack room a little, making room." he explained.

"Dad - You told me that you were looking for a saddle and bridle for Carolyn's..." Tristan was cut off when he noticed his dad glaring at him, to shut his mouth.

"What? My what?" Carolyn demanded, curiously.

"Never mind." he murmured, shaking his head. Carolyn looked around. Most of the boxes he had taken out had 'Carolyn's used tack' written on them. Something strange had come over him. She didn't know what. Her dad quickly packed the boxes into the closet. Most of Carolyn's old tack was too small or too used. Most of the horses on the farm were different sizes, so the tack didn't always sell. Robyn was meaning to sell some of it, but couldn't do it. Tristan walked out of the tackroom, he never stayed too long around dust. Robyn packed away the last box, not knowing that Carolyn was still behind him.

"Oh.. I didn't know you were still here!" he exclaimed, surprised. Carolyn looked at him, oddly.

"What did Tristan mean when he said you were looking for a saddle and bridle for me?" Carolyn asked. Robyn stratched his head.

"I'll tell ya tomorrow, honey!" he told her. Carolyn smiled and walked out. She cought sight of Candy, the bay broodmare. She was in foal. Candy nickered and nodded her head. The bay mare was one of the best broodmares on the farm.


Carolyn's mom stood at the stove that night, preparing supper. Carolyn sat at the table, reading through a Horse-Canada magazine. She read through the horse sale ads and couldn't stop staring at a beautiful thoroughbred mare for sale.

"Dad... dad look! She's so beautiful. Can I have her, please?" Carolyn pleaded.

"Hm... I don't know. Can you read the ad to me, please?" Robyn asked.

"Ok. Looking for a dazzling black thoroughbred mare. Only four years old. Sixteen hands tall. Still needs training. Walks, trots, and canters well under saddle. Loves jumping and racing with other horses. If interested, contact Lucy at 575-2755." Carolyn read, Robyn thought about it.

"Daddy, please? She would to great with the other horses."

"I don't know honey, wouldn't a thoroughbred intimidate the other horses. I wouldn't want a fight to break out about who should be the leader." Elena commented, placing a tray of fries and wieners on the table.

"We'll talk about it more later, Carolyn. Let me think about this one first." Robyn told her, sitting at the table.

"Alright, but if I do get her, she would be my first horse." Carolyn had to mention. Her dad smiled. Tristan walked to the table and sat down.

"Whatcha talking about?" Tristan asked.

"Carolyn might have found her first horse." Robyn announced.

"Oohh, a thoroughbred, what'll happen to Silver Wings when she get's replaced?" Tristan asked, reading the ad.

"She won't be replaced. I'll still ride her, she's just getting older. That's all." Carolyn told him.

"That's not why, Carolyn. I know why!" Tristan told her. Carolyn glared at him.

"Shut up, Tristan!" she told him, furiously. Tristan ignored her.

"I heard around that your best friend Courtney just received a purebred Arabian stud from her parents. You've been acting all stuck up ever since she got that horse. You wrote it in your diary that you would talk to dad about getting you a horse of your own." Tristan announced. Carolyn glared at him.

"Carolyn, is this true!?" her mom asked.

"Ya... I can't believe that you would read my diary. You little tuerp!" Carolyn yelled, attempting to catch her brother and torture him. Tristan ran off to his room, laughing all the way.

"Little jerk!" Carolyn mumbled under her breath.

"Carolyn, watch your language!" her mom ordered. Carolyn frowned.

"Honey, it's okay to be a little jealous. Just don't let it get out of hand. You could have easily come and talked to me. And with the whole tack thing, I was looking because I was seeying if you had something that wasn't so old..I was getting you your own horse." he explained. Carolyn screached and ran over to hug him. Robyn laughed.

"How did you know?" Carolyn asked. "That I wanted my own horse?"

"I was talkingto Courtney's dad at the feed mill and he wouldn't shut up about how much the ne horse eats and how much it cost him, so I just had to tell him that I was getting you a horse and he stopped. But I actually had to do it since I said it, so I've been looking." Robyn explained.

"You're the best dad ever!" Carolyn told him, still hugging him.

"We can go and check her out tomorrow. What's her name?" Robyn asked. Carolyn reached for the magazine.

"Gold Trinity!" she exclaimed.