Robyn looked at Tinity, trying to make a final decision.

"How much do you want for her?" Robyn asked.

"Ten thousand. That includes vet care, farrier care and registration." Mrs. Dusts told him.

"Sounds good, where do I sign for her?" he asked.

"You mean, she's mine!?" Carolyn asked, excited. Robyn nodded. Carolyn ran into his arms and hugged him. "Thank you... thank you so much!"

"Let's go to my office." Mrs. Dusts told him. Robyn followed her back to the barn. Shane approached, patting Trinity's neck.

"I'll miss ya gal!" Shane murmured to Trinity. Carolyn smiled.

"You're really attached to her, aren't you?" she asked.

"Sorta. I was there when she was born. I helped. I knew when she was born that she was special." he explained. Carolyn grabbed the reins and lead her back to the barn. Shane followed. She could tell he would miss Trinity when she left. She felt bad.

"Do you have a horse?" Carolyn asked. Shane shook his head. Trinity entered the barn and they untacked and groomed her.

"I wouldn't put her back with the other horses. Or you'll never get her back." Shane explained, smiling. He grabbed her halter and handed it to Carolyn. Gold Trinity's name was pressed into a gold plate on the halter. Suddenly, she heard her dad calling her. Quickly, she walked towards the office and Shane followed her.

"Carolyn, we need you to sign the registration papers. You are her official owner." Robyn told her, handing her a pen. Carolyn grabbed the pen and signed the papers. She looked at her dad with a smile. Mrs. Dusts stood and walked out of the office. She stood next to Trinity, rubbing her.

"Carolyn, I wanted to offer you something. I know you know you're way around a horse and that's very good. I want to offer you a job here." Mrs. Dusts proposed. Carolyn was speechless.

"A...a job!?" Carolyn muttered.

"Nothing special. Weekdays cleaning stalls, working with horses, stuff like that. I would only need you on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. And to teach my son Shane how to work with horses." she explained. Carolyn turned and looked at Shane. He wasn't paying attention.

"Your son?" Carolyn asked. Shane stood behind her, scratching his head.

"Wow! Who'd think you were mother and son." Robyn murmured.

"That would be great. I'd love to work here!" Carolyn exclaimed, turning to face him. He smiled.

"Guess you'll be working with me!" Shane told her.

"Right, stuck with you or teaching you?" she asked him, smiling. He didn't talk.

"Shane, would you take Carolyn and Gold Trinity home." Mrs. Dusts told him.

"How?" Carolyn asked.

"Trail ride. It's about forty-five minutes but it's relaxing." Shane explained.

"I'll see you at home, Carolyn!" Robyn told her, walking over to his truck. "Be careful!" Carolyn shot him a glance.


Carolyn rode down the trail on Trinity and Shane was next to her on a cream stallion named Dream Chaser. The stallion wasn't even a little interested in Trinity.

"For a stallion, he's really calm!" Carolyn murmured.

"Trinity tought him a lesson when he tried. He had no idea who she is." Shane told her.

"What do you mean 'who she is'?"she asked.

"Gold Trinity is his daughter." Shane murmured. "He doesn't know"Carolyn picked up the pace. The trail was wide and the forest was thick. A large group of horses could have passed through without trouble. The fresh green leaves swayed in the slow breeze. Along with Trinity purchase, they got an english saddle, a bridle and a blanket. Carolyn patted Trinity's neck.

"I've herd of your parent's farm. Sounds really intersting!" Shane said. Carolyn smiled.

"How come I never see you at school?" Carolyn asked. Shane looked away.

"Well, first of all, no one ever notices me on the bus. I don't bother talking to anyone. And secondly, I'm a loner." he explained.

"Really? That's okay. Maybe monday I could introduce you to Courtney. She's one of my friends." Carolyn explained. Shane looked at her.

"Courtney? You mean Courtney Stenz? Wow! No!" Shane told her. Carolyn looked at him.

"Why not?" she asked. Trinity jerked on the reins and sidestepped.

"She's just too...too popular." he explained. Carolyn looked around. The forest opened into a flat meadow. Carolyn could see the top of the barn as they approached. The grass was long and tangled. Carolyn looked at Shane. Suddenly, Dream Chaser snorted loudly. Trinity stopped. Chaser half-reared and spun around.

"Whoa boy... what's wrong?" Shane asked, trying to calm the stallion down. In the corner of the field, Carolyn could see make out someone on horseback.

"Whatever is making him upset is right over there!" Carolyn explained. Shane got Dream Chaser under control and wheeled him into a slow canter, Carolyn leading the way.

"Who is that?" Shane asked.

"I'm not sure, but it just might be the person we were walking about." she told him. Trinity whinnied at the horse. Carolyn slowed her down and stopped. Shane tried to slow Chaser but he refused.

"Courtney... what are you doing here?" Carolyn asked. Courtney glared at her.

"Taking a trail ride, do you mind?" Courtney snapped. Shane stopped Chaser and faced her.

"Yes, I do mind!" he told her. Courtney glared at him.

"And who are you?" she demanded.

"Shane Malben. And I believe you are trespassing." he told her.

"So?" Courtney asked, rudely.

"So... you have to leave." Shane ordered. Courtney smiled.

"Who said? You're not the boss of me and if you threaten me, I'll tell my daddy!" Courtney explained.

"Is that so?" Shane exclaimed. Carolyn pulled him aside.

"Don't be stupid, her dad is a very powerful lawyer. He can charge you with whatever she tells him." Carolyn explained. Shane looked at Courtney.

"Carolyn, that's not Silver Wings? Where did you get her?" Courtney demanded.

"My dad got her, her name is Gold Trinity!" Carolyn told her. Courtney shrugged.

"It's really too bad that she's not as pretty as my Romeo." Courtney exclaimed, patting the grey arabian's neck.

"Carolyn, I think we should leave!" Shane told her, alarmingly.

"Why?" Carolyn asked. Shane was trying to keep control of Chaser.

"Chaser is getting annoyed, Romeo is a stud and so is he!" he told her.

"Sorry Courtney, we've gotta go." Carolyn told her.