Simmer, simmer, night has arrived, let us lay in silence.
Sleep, sleep, today has been a shadow of regrets.
Dream on, dream of what could have been, Never shall it come to pass. The cloud covered,
The stars shone through. This cup has come to spill A vast sea of nothing, a desert of emptiness. Run, flee from the departed, escape the forgotten.
They rot in their own mess, open wounds of long past.
close your eyes, fall from the cliff.
This dream was not meant to last,
The least is the most, the east becomes the west.
Now the abyss has come to be the skies,
My life, my heart, have been put to the test.
Failure, decapitate my hopes. From here I awoke,
And here I shall perish. Die, die this night comforted with darkness,
Rest forever, rest upon the flesh,
Of your devourer.
Shh, simmer little one, simmer...