I did this to loosen up for a in-class essay in English tomorrow. Prompt #176 from CreativeWritingPrompts(dot)com. Hope you like it.

Write about a "scoffing sun".

He remembered his dad watching Baywatch when he was younger; all the beautiful lifeguards, who would save the day without a single hair falling out of place. It was always a lovely California day, the sun just right, the spray of the sea faint enough so it was refreshing instead of annoying.

Two words: false advertising.

He took this summer job because of that damn show. And because of Yasmine Bleeth, because he had this strange fantasy in his head that she would show up as a lifeguard at the community pool.

Being a lifeguard simply consisted of sitting in a high chair and baking as everyone else played in the cool, refreshing, blue water.

Okay. So maybe that wasn't all it. Sometimes he got to blow the whistle. But only occasionally.

Sighing, he leaned forward, wiping sweat off his brow. He felt the sun burning his shoulders, even though he had already applied copious amounts of SPF 50 sunscreen.

Oh, god. Was this boring or what.

The teen leaned backwards, trying to get comfortable in the plastic seat under the relentless sun, and idly watched Amanda tell off a little girl for running too close to the edge (yeah, he got Amanda in place of Yasmine. The naggy bitch who made this job even worse than it already was.)

He shifted again. Oh, that water. All of the kids were in the shallow end, splashing and playing, and there was the deep end right in front of him. Fourteen feet to the bottom, clear as day, and as still as glass. So inviting. He could almost feel the coolness on his skin, the beautiful water that would ease his burning face and torso...

Only almost.

He looked up once more, and the sun felt hotter than ever. Maybe it was a trick of the light (or the beginnings of a heat stroke), but he could almost see the sun laughing at him with his butt stuck by a few dollars to the seat. A scoffing sun.

He vowed to never watch Baywatch ever again.