Paintings Of An Angel

Everyone is capable of creating a masterpiece…

They just need the proper inspiration.

Ren's green eyes were narrowed with focus. A thin brush fit comfortably in her paint-splattered hand. As she brushed orange hair out of her face and behind her ear, she smoothed the sheet of paper out onto the table.

Okay… time to work.

She effortlessly stroked the brush across it, a gentle smile forming on her face as she worked. She sighed as she mixed red and bronze paint onto the sheet, and spread it across the page.

I have to make this perfect…

She swirled her brush around in a small cup of water, turning it a rusty brown, and dipped it into a small blob of peach-colored paint. She began to paint it onto her paper.

Yes… this is the perfect color.

She easily moved across the paper, mixing blues and silvers and washing-out her brush when she was finished with a color. After a few minutes, her once-clear cup of water had turned a murky gray.

Bending-over her paper so her nose brushed against it, she squinted as she began to apply details and highlights to the picture. Working without a reference, Ren painted from memory alone. Every once in a while, she would pause for a second and stare off into the distance, as if trying to remember something.

This assignment is so easy… this is a subject I know by heart.

She painted for hours in that quiet little art room, seated in a small wooden chair, not even noticing the time go by. She slowly watched as what was once a blank canvas, turned into a beautiful, lifelike picture on the top of the rickety table before her.

As she made the final stroke, she stood-back to take a good look at her picture…

…And she gasped.

The brunette boy in the picture in front of her looked to be about her age, maybe a year or two older. His chocolate-brown eyes were shining, but they were downcast. A pearly tear was running down one of his tan cheeks, and he was smiling sadly, as if coming to accept a harsh reality. Silvery-blue wings sprouted out of his back and were folded up against his body. They cast a dark shadow across his black shirt. Across he bottom of the picture, the words "Angel's Tears" were painted in cursive letters.

Ren stood there for what felt like hours, going over every bit of the picture, scrutinizing her work down to the very last detail. She marveled at how well she could paint, given the proper inspiration.

Wow… this looks… beautiful

Suddenly, she was snapped out of her stupor as she heard a door open a few rooms away. She jumped at the sudden sound. After being alone for hours in total silence, she wasn't used to any type of noise.

Time to go, I guess.

She began to put her things away, shutting cans of paint, wiping-off her palate, washing out her brushes and emptying out her cup of murky water.

Ren jumped again as the door opened at the other end of the room. She looked-up, surprised. "Scott?"

The tall boy who stepped through the door turned to her. "Oh. Hey, Ren."

Ren's light green eyes met Scott's deep chocolate ones. His brunette hair shone in the odd art room lighting, and a soft smile crossed his face.

The living version of her art project.

"I just finished my painting, so I came in to drop it off on the professor's desk before I take-off," he said, shifting the painting under his arm.

Ren's heart stopped. My project!

She whirled-around and snatched her picture up before Scott could see. "Uhhh… me, too," she replied, with a nervous smile. She stepped behind the teacher's desk, holding her painting in shaking hands.

He strode across the room, and came to a stop in front of the desk. "So, who's your picture of, anyway? You never told me." She could swear she saw a trace of mischief in his eyes. "It was suppose to be about the person you consider your angel, right?"

She suddenly became fascinated with her shoes. "Uhm… yeah… nothing."

"You have started it, right? It's due tomorrow."

Ren blushed. "No… I am done with it…"

"Oh! Really?" he smiled brightly, making Ren's heart flip. "Can I see?"

As he took it from her trembling arms, her gaze still fixed on her shoes, Scott's jaw dropped. His eyes moved across the painting, and then came to rest on its artist. Questions filled his eyes, but a soft smile broke-out onto his face as he saw Ren's scarlet blush.

Ren spoke. "The assignment was to paint a picture of someone you consider your angel, so…" she allowed her voice to trail-off as she squeezed her eyes shut.

"Don't be embarrassed," he said, with a smile. He turned to pick-up his own art project, and showed it to her.

Ren stared-down at the beautiful picture before her. The girl's bright orange hair glowed, as if some heavenly light was shining down on her. Her eyes were green, bright and shining with happiness. A light smile tugged at her lips, and wings of gold were spread-out wide against her back. At the bottom of the picture, painted in cursive, read, "Angel's Smile."

She was staring at a mirror image of herself.

"But… why…?" Ren stuttered.

He grinned, and said softly, "The assignment was to paint a picture of someone you consider your angel… remember?"