I never wanted to fall in love.

In fact I had my life planed out as a happy spinster doing what she wanted when she wanted without a husband or children holding her back.

Friends asked me "don't you get lonely on your own all the time?"

My answer "No." Why should I feel lonely when I had always been on my own?

Sure I had caring parents that would do anything and everything to keep me happy but the fact is I never wanted them to help me. I could handle everything on my own and they soon realised that I wasn't going to change just because they wanted to help.

Romance in my life was never an option in fact it was just a nuisance that got in the way every now and again much to my annoyance.

So I've been called cold, heartless an ice queen but these people just can't see that love is just a pointless emotion. That in the end you never really gained anything but a ball and chain keeping you from doing everything you ever dreamed of.

Love overall means compromise and I wasn't about to let it happen.

That was until I met him.

I had to save his stupid life from an on coming jaguar.

I had to let him make my life a misery.

I had to fall in love with him.