Well well well… I didn't expect to get to this point so easily, but since I'm feeling the writing bug, I'm going to let it infect me until I'm too far gone for a cure. Or until I collapse from exhaustion. Either or.

Last poem, last person met… Yet perhaps the one with the greatest impact on my life of all of those I call friends. I'll let the poem speak for itself.


We've definitely had our ups and downs

There's no denying that.

However, I'd like to think we became closer as a result

Of all that we've gone through together.

From the day we met, something about you was different

From other people I'd known or even just met.

I couldn't have predicted that you'd become

Such an integral part of my life then, however.

You've taught me much, though you may not know it.

I suppose I could say you've taught me of the different

Ways one can love another.

Having fallen once, I thought that things could never

Return to what they once were.

I didn't know how right I was then or what changes were in store.

During one of my lowest points, it was you who showed me there

Though I blame nothing on you, since you'd never

Wish a feeling as I felt then on anybody

Since you're too kind, from what I know of you.

You were also the one to bring me back up.

I was renewed by this, and for a time,

I suppose we had returned to our normal state.

However, one final change was yet to occur.

This one, rather than thrust us apart, however

Would draw me closer to you,

Closer to you than anyone I'd met up until then.

You're a sister to me in every way but blood and marriage.

I won't say anything less of you.

I hope we can always be as close as we are now

Since I think I'd break into pieces

If anything ever happened to separate us

Beyond what distance will someday.

You'll always hold a place in my heart,

Don't forget that.

Let's ride this rollercoaster together until forever!


Ehehe… I feel a little awkward writing this, I won't lie, but I always did find most of my inspiration for writing poetry to come from her, and she's as important as my poem says, and more, so it's fine. With that, this little series of poems draws to a close, for now. Who knows what other chapters may arise as my life goes on? I hope to always have these people to think about, and to make more friends as important to me as these people are now. I love you all, I don't care whether you're my guy friends or my female one, it's true!