Its Halloween time and as high school-ers most of us no longer trick-or-treat anymore. Although I do miss going door-to-door, trying my hardest to acquire more candy than my brother, there is a different activity I look forward each fall, the Field of Screams. I realize as I write this, that it appears as though I attend the event religiously, when in fact I have only gone twice, once during my freshman year, and once last weekend.

Two years ago, I was excited to go, to say the least. I couldn't wait to be scared out of my mind. I had even had the nerve to walk on the Very Scary Path, at least up until the last minute when my friends and I chickened out, and we ended up walking along the plain old Scary Path instead.

In anticipation of last weekend, I had remembered how we acted two years ago. We screamed every time the wind blew, and we jumped in fright at every little creature that popped out at us, scared to death the whole time. It had definitely been a blast. I had been expecting this year to be exactly the same, terrified the whole time, but I was wrong. I wanted to be frightened, after all, that was the whole point; that was why I had come. That was the purpose of the whole "Field of Screams" in the first place. It's not called Field of Screams for nothing; there's a reason it isn't Field of Fluffy Pillows.

While standing in line on Saturday night, I was already slightly anxious just awaiting the horror to come. However, it never really did. We started along the path. Sarah was clinging to me like she was about to die the whole time. She even went as far as naming all of the volunteers dressed up as monsters who popped out at us, calling them "Frederico!' and, 'Johnny!' and complementing their hair. I was so amused at the extent of her freaked out-ed-ness that the only time I screamed out of terror, as opposed to shock (which I do quite often actually) was when the chainsaw men came and attacked my group. They came just a little too close for comfort.

When I think about it, my OP makes it seem as though I had no fun, which isn't true. The type of fun I had just was not what I had been expecting. I had been so preoccupied (and who can really blame me, she practically cut off my circulation!) with how scared Sarah was, and just how much she was getting into the spirit of Halloween, that it was as if she was scared for both of us. It's strange how you can be put in an environment where its sole purpose is to scare the living daylights out of you, but instead you end up laughing hysterically at least half of the time you were there.