Gellar looked once more out the window and sighed. What looked back at him was such a beautiful sight. A beautiful sunny afternoon where not a cloud could be seen in the horizon. Acres of untouched beautiful landscape lay in the distance, making a colorful sight to look at. The scenery was more a set than anything else, since what was going on in the world made him stop believing that nice weather made a day peaceful. The world was not in harmony with all the wars going on, harmless people being killed over egotistical reasons. One man was at fault for destroying all the peace the land had ever had and made the people even too scarred to leave their houses, scarred of the monsters, which were roaming the world and scarred mostly of each other. Very few people traveled throughout the world, trying to discover new places for it was just too dangerous for someone without any skill to travel. Gueramia was the name of this wicked cold-hearted man who made promises he could not keep. At first the people started following this man, believing in his harmonic ways, until they found out too late the bitter truth. Gueramia did not care for his people, he was after monarchy. The more power he obtained the more ruthless he became towards the people till the point that no one outside his army could stand within ten feet of him and not pee in their pants for being afraid.
That was where Gellar came in. At the age of 28 Gellar realized with his skill and the help of other rebels he could help win back the planet and finally give the people what they deserved. A better life style. More freedom, so they could learn to love their neighbors and not to take shelter whenever a stranger entered the bounded walls of the towns. Another thing Gellar would change: he would take down the walls the peasants put up to keep the monster out.
Gellar's rebel group had no name to them, they didn't think they would need one yet. The name wasn't important to them and Gueramia had no idea that they even existed. But he'll find out soon enough, Gellar pondered as he eyed his new recruit.
A young man with long curly brown hair pulled back in a ponytail stared with his cold brown eyes back at him. There was something about the guy that scarred Gellar. The reason could be that the moment he came in he acted coldhearted towards them. However Gellar knew they needed all the help they could get, since they were only a group of three.
Celles was an ambitious 25-year-old woman would seemed to master weaponry. She seemed really nice and caring and since she, Gellar and the third person, Caran, had formed the rebellions, Gellar had grown feelings towards her.
Caran was in the mists of killing a Gueramian as Celles and Gellar asked him to join. After Caran's sister had been brutally murdered by one of Gueramia's generals for she had refused his hand, all Caran could think about was revenge.
Now the group was about to become one more. The young lad had walked into their room at a hotel in Timbers asking them if they needed his help. Unlike the rest, he was still a relatively young person, 19 years old and very cold towards other for such a young age.
Much like Gellar, Celles felt uncomfortable around the young man. He was too unsympathetic and his presence was unspeakably dark.
What was his name? Gellar though for a moment, realizing that he hadn't introduced himself yet.
"A name?" Caran asked as if reading Gellar's mind.
"Lyle," the curly head teenager answered.
The best thing about it was that Lyle wasn't a bad sight for the eye. Celles could not think up one male name whom was just as good looking as Lyle had been. Gellar's not that bad either, she thought as she looked him in the face, giving him a "this guy's scary".
"Do you know what we do?"
"We've gone over this."
"We're headed towards Harts tomorrow."
Lyle nodded.
Gellar was the one to make a mistake. "Why did you join?"
"Does it matter to you? I don't care why you formed the group and I don't care to hear your problems," Lyle answered exiting the room, but heard Caran yell, "We depart at 7."

Lyle was waiting for them the next morning dressed up ready to go. Prior to the three's arrival Lyle questioned himself if it was the smartest thing to do joining their little group. He didn't get along with people too well. He was usually on his own and never really liked being in company with other people. It was a job for him to help them defeat Gueramia.
Celles was the first to show herself, followed by Gellar and Caran. They said "Good morning" and Gellar was astound to hear Lyle say "Hello" back. Other than that Lyle did not say one a tone as the others conversed on their long journey.
Gellar enjoyed Caran and Celles company and being around Lyle didn't disturb him as much as he thought it would, because Lyle kept his distance and didn't say a word. All three of them had their mouths down as they saw how accurate and strong Lyle was. He could take out anything with one perfect swing of his sword. Neither of them though asked him about it, for they were all much too worried what his response would be.
After a while of walking their feet being to sore. Gellar's mind began thinking about Celles. He really did need to talk to her about his feelings until it was too late. He didn't know what the day would bring, if one day to the next they'd be alive. While Caran, Celles and Gellar sat on rocks Lyle was leaning against a tree. In that position was how they met their next recruit.
"Help me," a woman's voice had cried, however before they had a chance to find the lady in distress she ran into them, taking shelter behind Lyle. He took no notice at her for he was starring at the thing which followed her. The girl sat down and began to shiver, not knowing what she was to do.
Gellar could not believe his eyes as his eyes saw the machinery.
"Those who do not follow our King shall die," a voice said from the monster.
All drew their weapons to fight taking the monster as not an innocent one.
Lyle whacked at the thing, realizing that it was in fact a breathing creature, his sword had drown thick green blood. The other three began to help. The thing had no chance against the four of them, it was dead not even a blink of an eye later.
Gellar raced to the cowering girl and fell to his knees.
"Thank you," the girl said, barely looking at her saviors. She hugged her knees to her chest.
"What was that thing?"
"I don't know."
"What was it doing chasing you?"
"I don't know."
"What's your name?"
"I don't know."
"Is there anything you do know?" Lyle said, in his normal unfriendly tone.
Back off Lyle, Gellar thought to himself. The poor girl had most likely amnesia, she had no clue about anything. He felt sorry for her, it must have been hard from one moment to the next to forget who you were.
"Do you know how to fight?" Caran asked.
"I can't remember," the once frightened girl now a little calmer answered.
"If she was able to fight she wouldn't have been running through the forest like a baby crying for help, now would she?" Lyle responded to Caran's questions for the girl.
"Shove it Lyle," Gellar said, his hatred for Lyle growing with the time.
"Wanna join us?" Celles asked.
"I might not be any help."
"Sure, the more the merrier. Can I name you?" Celles asked, knowing the perfect name.
Gellar noticed Lyle roll his eyes as Gellar helped the girl to her feet. He probably saw the girl as a blocker, someone to slow down the group.
The girl wasn't that bad looking either, most likely why Gueramia wouldn't leave her alone. There was something about her which made her look original, like no one. It was probably her very long blue - the color of a sapphire - hair pulled back in a neat ponytail. The problem is the color looked authentic yet blue hair was very rare to have, Gellar had only seen one person with blue hair and she was standing before him.
Their journey continued on. Sapphire took hide behind Lyle every time they fought. Gellar saw it (whereas Lyle saw it differently) as the solution. To wait and see who and what she was and where she came from before letting her attack. It might have been a lot wiser for her to remember more before learning more.
Gellar couldn't keep his eyes off Celles. The more his eyes gazed upon her the more dazzling she became. He knew very well he needed to talk to her, though was not too good with words. In his past there had been other than his mother one other woman who he had ever gotten closed to. She had actually been the one to ask him out and just heartlessly used him. His friends told him this time in and time out, yet he didn't believe them. So for two whole years he let himself be used, until the cold and bitter day he found her in bed with someone else, then it was finally over for him. He vowed never to trust a woman ever again and there he was hopelessly in love with Celles. He couldn't get her off his mind. She was the sunshine in his life and he was sure if she felt the same way about him she'd return his love and not use him like an old cloth.
Soon Gellar's gaze drew back from Celles to notice Sapphire was starring at him, giving him the look "talk to her." She had a big smile on her face, reviling that she knew his little secret and also telling him that Celles would say yes.
Gellar saw 4 years ago, the day he had met Myst. She was standing in a store trying to get a box, which was on the highest shelf. Being very tall Gellar had offered his services and Myst had repaid him by inviting him over for coffee. Not declining her friendly offer Gellar had gone with her and the two had gotten a lot closer. What he did not know then was that Myst had had more lovers, three at the beginning and four at the end. Much of a disappointment for him as she told him that he was just pure lust and nothing more. That really brought him down that he wouldn't even look at another woman. Being used was so hard to cope with, he wouldn't go out anymore. He sat at home sulking in the corner of the room missing out on the enjoyable things in life.
While Gellar was thinking about his mind, Lyle was thinking about Gellar's choices. He didn't agree with taking the girl with them, his idea was to leave her in the next town they came upon. That way she couldn't slow them down more than she did. And if she did stay why not let her fight? Does it matter if she gets hurt in combat? He didn't care if anyone got hurt, basically not even himself. Pain was the only feeling he felt. Everyone that should have looked after him and cared for him deserted him at a young age. That was how he blocked his heart off to others. It wasn't an unknown fact to him that he a heartless cold bastard, but he didn't care a rat's ass what other people thought of him.
Night began to fall. Stars shown brightly in the sky. Gellar was glad that night finally arrived he was not only tired however hungry too. He could stuff his face full of beef and potatoes and vegetables, yet he knew that he couldn't obtain them. Instead he would be eating some animal they killed on the way. Gellar couldn't put a name to it, neither could the others, so they had no idea if the animal was poisonous or not. The only was to find out was cook it and taste.
Gellar had felt sorry for the cute animal, which Lyle heartlessly punctured with his sword. He didn't even blink in the process. It wasn't even imaginable Gueramia being as cold as Lyle. Even at the worse of time Gellar couldn't show his cold shoulder to his worse of enemies.
Prior to meeting Myst Gellar had been out with two friends of his, Zend and Largo. A girl had come up to him and said, "You must be Gellar, the one that needs to fuck. We can go..."
"Pardon me?" Gellar had responded, a trace of anger and curiosity in his voice, at the time being 21, right before Gueramia began with the real damage o the world, being a virgin. He had been (and still was) a very shy person and wanted nothing to do with girls. Well he had wanted to, however had been too shy he couldn't picture himself as a flirt.
"You friends tell me," the girl started.
"Your 21 and still a virgin for Christ sakes! What does that have to say for yourself?" Zend had screamed so loud that every body around stopped doing what they were doing to listen in. Most of the men began to laugh.
"You need a fuck to loosen up!" Largo had added in, not making the situation any easier for Gellar. The whole bar began laughing, Gellar ran out, sat on a stone and let his tears fall.
No matter how terrible and embarrassed he had felt, he still helped Largo and Zend out. The two of them got into trouble with some Gueramians and sober or not the two of them were not strong enough to depend on themselves. Through the sound of his sobbing Gellar had heard the commotion. He quickly got rid of the soldiers, helping his two friends. They had apologized for what they had done to him, he couldn't stay mad at them and they continued on being friends.
Gellar shook his head to focus back on the present where he and the others were eating the rather delicious tasting animal. Caran was telling some joke to Sapphire and Celles and Lyle sat a bit away from them in his own little world. That was what he wanted them to think. He was actually listening in on the blonde joke Caran was saying and even found the joke worth laughing at, but didn't laugh. That would mean he'd have to show the other his feelings. Feelings were the last thing he wanted the show. After what they had done to him in the past, hurt him so much he fell completely together. Who wanted so called friends who just hurt you at any possible moment they had the chance?
Lyle stood up and walked away. He wanted to be alone, like he always was. Not just in his own little world, but on the outside too. He had gotten so used to loneliness, he could live an eternity without anybody.
After Lyle was well out of sight and hopefully hearing range too, Sapphire turned to face Gellar and said, "What's wrong with him?"
"Just leave him alone. He wants us to do it."
"All he needs is a friend who could help him out."
"You can't make friends with an asshole like him."
"I think he needs a friend. Maybe we should try and be friendlier."
They left the conversation at that, which had been for the best since Lyle arrived back. He looked at Sapphire.
"What?" she asked.
"Nothing," Lyle said, lying in his sleeping bag.
"You wanna know what I just noticed?" Caran said.
"We're missing a sleeping bag."
"I don't need one," Gellar said.
"I'm new, I should be the one without."
"You crazy? Anyways Lyle has a double one."
"That you can forget."
"Then you change with me and I'll share with Gellar," Celles suggested.
Gellar exploded inside. Celles wanted to share a bag with him. He watched as Lyle got out of his bag and sank into the one next to it. Celles got into the sleeping bag to be joined a moment later by Gellar. It was a tight squeeze so Celles cuddled up to Gellar's chest. Gellar used the moment to put his arms around her. Lyle rolled his eyes and turned to face the other direction. The other two got into their bags and when Gellar thought they were asleep he nudged Celles to see if she was sleeping. He wanted to tell her about his crush on her and he wanted for her to tell him she felt the same way. The moment she turned around and her face was so close to his, Gellar knew she was awake.
"Yes?" Celles whispered, her breath hitting Gellar's face.
"I have something to tell you."
Gellar hoped the answer to the next question would also be yes.
"I think I've fallen in love with you."
"Really?" Celles questioned him hardly believing her luck. She guessed he had token her hint as she suggested they should share a bag together. She too had feelings for him, as long as he had feelings for her, yet she did not know if she should tell him or not, with the slightest chance of rejection.
"May I kiss you?" Gellar asked, not sure what to think about her answer. She didn't sound over happy nor did you seem over sad.
"Oh yes!"
Gellar's lips pressed against hers and she returned his kiss with the same enthusiasm. He could not think of anything that tasted better or a feeling that ever felt better as his lips touching hers.
"Umm, you taste divine," Celles said.
"May I kiss you again?"
"You don't have to ask my permission every time we kiss you know."
The next kiss lasted for 15 minutes. From next to the Lyle watched as the two of them happily met each others mouths. For some reason he was intrigued. He had not seen two people who cared for each other in a long time. But not for him. Nobody would ever get that close to him, Lyle figured, he couldn't let anyone. He was meant to be alone that was his destiny. He shut his eyes pushing back the tears. He didn't need the rest of them to know he was a sentimental wimp.