Five years had passed since Lance had been brutally murdered and Kaze could still not forget it. He could not forget it as his sword's silver blade met the flesh of any Gueramian, he could not forget it as his head hit the pillow at night. Kaze's a mean son of a bitch, not only does he kill for vengeance, he killed out of fun now. He enjoys swinging his sword through all the soldiers who crossed his path, still searching for the one who had killed his brother. Even at 15 he's a wanted man and the townsfolk knew this, yet not one even though about turning him in for the reward. Poverty or not, he helped them out and wasn't worth the reward. He is what people call another chance to live, a chance for the life, which they want to live.
Now in front of him stands a kid as old himself in a Gueramian uniform.
Kaze has never killed one of his own age, yet a kid or not, everything in a Gueramian uniform is an enemy for him.
"You must be Kaze," the kid says as he withdraws his sword.
"I'm known," Kaze admits.
"We're to bring in your head."
"You'll have to work for it first."
Kaze pulls out his sword and starts wiping it towards the young lad who blocks each of his moves easier. Soon Kaze realizes he's met his match, the young man is a much better swordsman than he is. The young man looks as if he has nothing to lose as his sword fights through the air, swigging with accuracy hitting every spot, which it was meant to.
"You're good," Kaze says amazed that he's finally found someone who has the chance to end his life.
"I admire you, Kaze. You have your own wild life, fight for good causes and don't work for some corrupt conspiracy. Let's end the fight here and go our different paths. Sooner or later we'll met again under better conditions and I'll teach you some stuff you still need to learn like you could teach me stuff that I still need to learn."
"Thank you. We'll meet again and maybe we could be friends."
Kaze points his sword down and the other boy puts his sword away . He runs leaving Kaze starring with wonder after him.

The boy was no doubt Lyle, Lyle only with younger features. Lyle admire someone? That was a first for Gellar who relived a moment in Kaze's mind where the cold bastard just happened to be. Gellar figured Lyle got worse with time and soon would be so terrible we would rape and maybe kill Sapphire. She did not deserve it as much as Lyle did not deserve her friendship.
Kaze was an interesting character though even though Gellar was interested in finding out more, Lyle was the last person Gellar would turn to for help. That much it didn't interest him.
Lyle seemed to be awake since he was sitting up in his sleeping bag starring out into space.
"You awake?" Gellar asked.
"Then come with me."
Gellar slipped out of his bag hoping he had not disturbed Celles.
Lyle followed Gellar wondering what Gellar had to say
Once they were far enough Gellar said, "I see how you look at her full of lust."
"You even lay a finger on her and I swear I'll slit your throat."
"Who in the hell do you think you are? You have no right telling me what to do and what not to do. If I even were to feel a tiny bit for her, you couldn't stop me. You have no right to."
"I have the right to do what I want. I'm the leader and you don't like my rules, you leave."
"Without me you won't get anywhere."
"That's why I suggest you follow by my rules and leave her alone."
"What makes you even think that I want her, leader boy?"
"What you two quarrelling about?" a sleepish voice asked. It was Celles whom Gellar put him arm around.
"Does it matter?" Lyle said, full of rage, leaving.
As soon as he was out of sight Gellar placed a kiss on Celles check and said, "The way he looks at Sap, he'll rape her if I don't warn him to stay away."
"He's harmless. Plus she told me she wants him."
"Have you noticed how he treats her? Like she's shit."
"Doubt it. He needs her."
"I don't care what Lyle needs and what not. I'm worried about Sap."
"That's sweet, however she could care for herself. She could fight."
Celles arms wrapped around him she began kissing his neck. Gellar had to admit it felt good to have Celles touch him the way she did as her hands moved downwards until she reached his pants, which she easily pulled off.
"I want you right here right now," she said as Gellar pulled off her dress. She lay down and Gellar sat on top of her happy for the first time that day and amazed how good it felt to be in Celles.
Lyle was pissed at Gellar. He had no right to tell Lyle what he was to do and what he wasn't allowed to do. No right to tell him to stay away from Sapphire, he didn't even like her.
Yes you do.
A little.
Come on! You're starting to tell yourself and me the truth!
A little more than a little.
Try a little more than a lot!
What does it make a difference? I'm no good enough for her.
Don't say that, you know it's not true. And you also know that she likes you. Otherwise she wouldn't have tried to help you.
Aren't you me too?
In some ways yes.
Then you should know all my thoughts if you live inside me.
I'm the part of you, you never show. I'm the teenager in you that wants to come out. I'm the feelings you chose not to show. I disappear the moment you stop hiding behind shadows and let your soul become two. Then we'll combine together and you'll be able to be happy again.
What you're saying is you're the pleasant side of me, which really doesn't exist? Like a figment of my imagination?
Then you want to fuck her and not the person I let myself become?
So do I tell her that I like her, so that she could help me get you out?
You're the only one who could help me get out. You need to really want it and it'll happen, if ever, when you don't expect it. You won't even notice...
Until your voice doesn't come back and I laugh right?
How could I have fallen for her? I can't love anyone, I promised myself that. How do I express positive feelings and not negative? How do I show her that I like her if I'm not able to smile or to laugh or to have fun? I know it's my fault that I've turned out this bad and I can't change it, can I? what can I do? Sapphire could help me can't she? She helped me out a lot so far. All I need is for her to help me to realize that I am wrong with detesting everything.
Gellar was satisfied and so was Celles as he withdrew from her and kissed her once more, then put his clothing back on. They both with smiles on their faces headed to where the others were. The rest of them were lying awake starring at them. They had all heard the moaning sounds since sound travelled. Actually it had been the sounds, which woke the others up, so Caran said, "Did you two have fun?"
Gellar turned red.
"It sounded like it!" added in Ward.
It was Celles turned to turn red.
"You two did think about the risk of pregnancy, didn't you?" Lyle asked, coming towards the group.
Celles looked at Gellar, not really caring if she was carrying Gellar's baby in her stomach or not. She hoped so since then she could spend the rest of her days with him after they finish saving the world and live in a small house outside a city.
Gellar was shocked and embarrassed too, he had never thought about the consequences. A baby wasn't a consequent, however it'll limit them to a nine month world saving time, since his Celles would have a baby and wouldn't be able to travel with them. That or the two of them would have to leave the group so Celles could give birth to her baby. And was embarrassed with the fact that they had moaned too loud.
"Take it easy! So we heard you, big deal!" Caran said, trying to make the tense go down.
Sapphire gave Lyle a smile.
"Let's get going!" Gellar said, waiting for the others to pack the camp sight up. Lyle was the quickest in his packing, so he helped Sapphire, which was a surprise to the others, yet no one said anything, since they didn't want to piss Lyle off.
Lyle wished more than anything to let his heart out ant to tell her everything he was feeling, about the voice wanting to help him become one with his body again. And he wished he were allowed to pull her into his arms and squeeze her until they both turned blue.
Gellar on the other hand was feeling good. It had been a long time since his manly organ had been in use and it felt good to wipe the dust off. He couldn't recall the last time he had so much fun before, well actually never. Myst had never been that much fun, mostly because of Gellar's beliefs in soulmates and Celles was definitely his.
His first time had not been that romantic, neither had his first time with Celles, though in his mind it had been different. Myst had invited him in for coffee. Sitting down on the couch Gellar watched Myst leave the room fully clothed and return almost naked. The only thing keeping her from being nude was the whipcream bikini she had put on herself. "I thought you may be hungry."
She sat down on him. At the time being blindly in love with her Gellar gladly licked at the whipping cream until it was all gone. Then she undressed him and they did it.
Caran was observing Ward, there was something definitely wrong with the other male. He noticed how Ward looked at him, Lyle or Gellar with the same interest that Gellar looked at Celles with or Lyle looked at Sapphire with. Caran was (and Ward most likely) one of these men who had no lust for women or for sex, however wasn't a virgin. He had tried it out many times, however he didn't like it. But there was a spark in him once he saw Ward... was he falling for a man?
"Hey Lyle, do you know where we're going?" Gellar asked and to his and the others surprise in the same cold tone Lyle talked in.
Lyle too had been surprised and knew what Gellar had chosen that tone, Lyle was in his books the biggest piece of dirt in the world. Worse than Gueramia, worse than anything else.
"Are you sure I'm good enough to tell you?" Lyle challenged him.
"Shut your fucking trap and tell me!" Gellar snapped.
The others were totally astonished at Gellar. They had never seen him hat cold and cruel before. They didn't like seeing him behaving like that, even if it was towards Lyle. Celles was the most pissed at her new boyfriend for treating Lyle the way he did.
"Weren't your direct words, I'm the leader?"
"Fucking tell me!"
"We're headed in direction Kelsar."
"What's there?"
"As I said I though you were the leader and not me."
"What's your problem?" Caran asked, trying to come in the middle.
"I dunno. The moment Mr. Ohmighty Leader tells me what to do and what not to do..."
"What did he warn you to not do?" Sapphire queried.
"You don't wanna know."
"Sure I do, just like all the others here!"
"I just learned Lyle to become more friendly."
"Why don't we just leave the others out of this, shall we? You continue seeing me as a piece of shit and I'll stay in my own little world. That way the others aren't disturbed on their journey."
"And remember what I said! I'll slit your throat."
"Why not warn me again an again? It just goes in one ear and comes out the other. I don't care what you say I live my own life."
Gellar drew his sword to put it up to Lyle's throat.
"Then maybe I should do it now."
"Come on, do it, so it! By all means! Lyle persisted.
Gellar wanted to slit Lyle's throat. He wanted more than anything to watch Lyle's warm blood pour done onto the floor and his body to follow. He wanted Lyle dead.
Both Sapphire and Celles stepped in right after the first blood was drawn and where Gellar sank his sword into Lyle's skin, however not his throat his cheek.
Celles pulled Gellar back holding forcefully onto him she didn't want to see Gellar kill Lyle, although Lyle probably would have ended up killing or harming Gellar. She could not believe how much Gellar wanted Lyle to stay away from being happy with Sapphire. Celles saw the way Lyle looked at Sapphire and knew that Lyle wanted to more than anything talk to Sapphire, however Gellar was standing in the way. There was no two ways about it, Sapphire and Lyle were meant for each other, just like she and Gellar had been. But she would dump him, if he wouldn't stop being so dumb. What was she supposed to do? Watch over Gellar 24/7 in case Gellar tried to kill Lyle in his sleep?
Lyle watched Sapphire approach him and move in close enough for their bodies to touch. Her fingers began massaging his face where the six cm long cut was. Her hand left his face once the cut was a mere memory and grabbed his ass, which the others did not see. Lyle gave her a questioning look as Sapphire mouthed, "I wanted to feel your ass!"
Taking control Caran said, We're going to Kelsar and you Gellar stay as far away from Lyle as you possibly can!"
Ward couldn't really help himself anymore seeing how Gellar reacted in the presence of Lyle and bursted out laughing. He was laughing so hard he fell to the floor and being rolling around. The rest of them eyed him with curiosity and almost forgetting the scene. The two of them had been the biggest babies Ward had ever seen. A 28-year-old acting like a 10-year-old was something Ward didn't see every day. He couldn't believe Gellar of all people would put himself on Lyle's level. Lyle was definitely still a little boy... but Gellar?
"What?" Celles asked.
"Man are you ever a big baby Gellar! You should learn how to control yourself!"
"What's so funny about it? Maybe you could explain it to me so I could laugh with you."
"You almost killed a friend..."
"Friend? Ask him if he sees anybody as his friend?" Gellar retorted.
"I'm his very best friend," Sapphire said, her arms wrapping around Lyle, "Right Lyle?"
"Yes," Lyle said, wishing Sapphire had said more than just a best friend.
"And I'm his friend too," Celles answered.
"I may not show it, but I care for all of Lyle," Lyle said, surprising everyone.
Seeing through the show - it wasn't a show, Lyle had meant it sincerely, yet Gellar didn't believe it - Gellar said, "Cut the crap and let's get going."
"So we make it to Kelsar, right?"
Celles also began to laugh as she watched Sapphire grab onto Lyle's hand, but dropped it again as Sapphire saw the dirty look Gellar was giving Lyle. She couldn't get over the fact that her new boyfriend was a big baby. The others had thought the fight was over Lyle's behaviour, though the fight was over Lyle and Sapphire. Then if they all had known it would have been even funnier than it had been. Not only would they be laughing about Gellar, however also about Lyle's crush. Gellar was wrong, Lyle did not look at Sapphire with lust, he wanted her to become his friend. He wanted and needed more than anything her friendship and as Sapphire wanted there would turn out to be more, though Gellar was blocking the path. Gellar stupidly figured Lyle was only after sex and would rape Sapphire if he had the choice, Celles saw things differently, she saw that all Lyle needed was a friend. That's why Celles would suggest to Lyle to keep his mouth shut once around Gellar. She knew that Lyle was pissed at Gellar for not allowing him near Sapphire, but should wait for the two of them to be alone. And Celles would help too. She'd keep Gellar as busy as possible to keep Gellar away from Sapphire, so that Lyle and Sapphire could unite together and finally both be happy.
Just like Caran Sapphire knew there was more to the fight then met the eye. The two of them had a fight together and didn't want to alarm the others about it... Sapphire had to wonder if she had to do anything about it for Celles had most likely told Gellar about Sapphire's feelings for Lyle and being as he was Gellar probably just warned Lyle to stay away from her.
The trail to Kelsar from Calrad was no trail, which led through a forest. Instead through fields, which needed a good tending for as the creatures came out no one would take care of the land. There were rock paths leading the way and as Lyle and Sapphire discovered and later Gellar (and Celles) that there were little patches where the grass did not grow so high with a bench to sit down on, yet they were not completely benches, just wooden moss-grown planks, since they Hadn't had any maintenance.
They did not make it into Kelsar before sun down, two hours later, since they had found a couple of bodies, which Lyle and Ward had to search through. Disgusted Celles had turned her head, the bodies had been left in a state less to be desired. Not a fresh kill the people must have been dead for a couple of years. Ward had found money, what the two of them had been searching for, five hundred to be exact whereas Lyle had found two hundred and a necklace, which he offered to Sapphire, since there was a sapphire in the middle of it. Sapphire had taken his nice present, the necklace had been packaged up pretty good and she figured she could take it for the people were dead anyways. The others - Ward and Caran - had made fun of Lyle, only making Lyle blush, though to his surprise no one had seen him blush. Seven hundred GP had been a lot of money so Gellar figured that it must have been monsters who had ended the poor people's lives.
What stood out in the town of Kelsar was the beautiful church. Even in the moonlight Gellar could see the beautiful building stand ahead. After the war Gueramia had burnt down a lot of churches, since the priests goespeled stuff that went against his religion. Religion did not suit Gueramia therefor it was against the law, but some towns went against that law.
The town was smaller than Calrad with it's 12 houses and the church.
Lyle would not describe the town as being a town. More like a couple of houses crunched together in a spot. Heading into the towns they did not see one building which welcomed them.
"Where now fairless leader?" Lyle asked Gellar.
"Stop provoking me you little piece of..."
"The church," Caran said interrupting Gellar purposely.
Gellar walked up to the church and pulled the door open. The church was lit with over a thousand candles each one burning away someone's sins. It was the most beautiful building Gellar had ever set foot in: it's stainless glass windows with the ten commandments, the beautiful hand painted walls with the beautiful angels, paintings of God and not to forget of Angel Nathan, the angel who resembled Lyle. This had been Gellar's first time in such a magnificent building and wondered if after they returned order to the world if they'd be able to build churches all over the place.
"Thou shall not kill," Lyle quietly interpreted a picture.
"Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain" he said to the next picture.
"You know religion? Tell me what the other mean."
"Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour's," Lyle told her pointing to the appropriate pictures, but had no idea how he knew what they were.
Finally they arrived at the altar to see two doors.
"Where's the priest?" Ward asked.
"Here," a voice answered coming out from behind them.
The priest looked younger than any of them had pictured him, he was around 37, if even. Dirty blond short cutted hair, which fell over his opal shaped face. Wasn't overweight, though not underweight.
"We were looking for a place to stay. Considering this was a house of God we thought we'd be welcomed. If you want us to go..."
"No, you're guests. You look to be hungry," the priest said, observing them closely, his eyes resting upon Lyle who resembled Nathan. "You resemble Nathan."
"Everyone tells me that."
"Let's get you some food and I expect all of you have sins you may want to let out. My name is Khal."
The rest of them introduced themselves.
"Great father, I have lots of things to have forgiven," Ward said.
"I'll start with you. I'll tell my people to get food ready for you, you wait right here." Khal departed and came back a moment later. "What is your purpose?"
"We liberated Calden and on our way to Gueramia's summerhouse."
That name brought a memory to Sapphire. She began to pale as she saw the awful event happen again, as if she were reliving it.