The fur ruffled slightly, as if with a breeze. Although, the creature within the skin knew better. It was simply the air-lock brushing off any dust or foreign materials from the white-coats. It looked up as they came, speaking the human gibberish as usual. Ears flicked towards them regardless of the fact they could not understand their words.

The humans turned to it now, the creature's ears flattened against its short-furred skull. Eyes noted the change of expression as the humans gazed at him, wordlessly now. They nodded slightly and scribbled at their clipboards.
The creature whimpered as they drew a syringe from the drawer. Silver tip and oozing green liquid within. The creature closed its eyes, pressing its ears closer to the skull. No pain. Just ignore it. It'll go away.

The cold metal dug into the skin, through it, and into the flesh. Another whimper. Please stop. The liquid was released, searing, burning through the veins. Vision blurred with it. Dimmed, ebbed away with each beating of the heart. The white-coats spoke in their language to each other as the creature closed its eyes, snarling mouth going lax for the last time. One of them pressed their face to thick plexiglass of the cage and smiled cruely.

"What a tragedy." He snarled a human snarl and walked away with the other.